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2011/2/1 9:22:36
Ghost House Complete series jonbez wrote:
I'm not sure if it would continue in a muvizu format or whether it would be in 2d cartoon style.

Maybe I'm biased, but I can't really imagine GH working in 2D. I really, really loved the look and feel of the 3D series. Not just the Muvizu stuff but the textures and all the custome made stuff too.

jonbez wrote:
I'll let you guys know if he plans to make another season.

Please do Jon, and do you have any plans to start any new animation projects? I really enjoy your vids, as does everyone here!

2011/1/31 13:24:18
Lights shining shapes There's no limit for set size - it just depends on how your computer can handle it.

Is there no way that you can reduce the size of you set?

Maybe by deleting some of the non-essential lights?
2011/1/31 12:43:01
Lights shining shapes Excellent! Can't wait for the end result. I'm very partial to a bit of Queen
2011/1/31 12:34:22
Lights shining shapes Yes this is possible - I made something to explain it here:
2011/1/31 9:36:40
Ghost House Complete series Excellent series!

I would recommend everyone to watch these at 720 on full screen to enjoy these episodes at the best quality.

The only question that remains is - will there be a second series???

rock on
2011/1/31 9:24:03
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Ziggy, Mysto,

Are you guys using an ATI graphics card? If so, this is a known issue, with ATI and the unreal engine, and it doesn't seem to affect just Muvizu. We are trying to find a fix for this in the next build.

2011/1/31 9:17:30
Mitch Benn Music Videos Hi Kodu - looks like you've been really busy!

My personal favourite is 'Please Dont Release This Song'
2011/1/28 16:52:29
Lights shining shapes Hi Quoling!

If you right click on the spotlight to edit the settings, there is an option to upload an image (the edit button next to the grey square).

Hope that helps!

2011/1/28 10:22:19
head/eyes movements and sliding on the ground This happened to me too, but it was unpredictable and hard to recreate.
It's something we will need to check for when the next build is ready for testing
2011/1/27 16:24:04
facial animation workaround I recorded the screen with Camtasia, and used the eye location attachment sliders to change the location of the eyes. The sliders were outwith the recorded area.

Plus a little bit of fiddling in Premiere
2011/1/27 15:12:08
facial animation workaround Ok ok time to spill the beans...now if you look very closely at the end of this animation, you might notice some subtle facial animations...

2011/1/26 14:28:44
facial animation workaround It's a nice little cheat for our impatient users!

I noticed another little trick that I may share here...
2011/1/25 13:47:36
facial animation workaround Hahaha! Nicely done dreeko, very inventive!!
2011/1/24 10:03:10
Move an object like a car.... Hi Wizplace,

This tutorial should help you out:

2011/1/21 10:26:28
hi guys Ah - sorry!

Benvento then! My Italian is more than a little bit rusty - maybe you can help with that...

Congratulations on your new job!

2011/1/21 10:06:49
hi guys Benvenuti Alakyr!

Glad you are enjoying our awesome programme

If you need any help just let us know.


2011/1/19 14:49:07
Logging in What you will have to do is go to your profile on the Muvizu site, select 'stills', select 'edit' then right click on the image and select 'save image as' and then choose somewhere to save it to on your computer.

Then you can import this file to your backdrop.
edited by Emily on 19/01/2011
2011/1/19 11:54:05
Band Members Great suggestions Peter, thanks!

Next release won't be till the end of march March (see here), but it's always good to get requests.
2011/1/19 11:51:04
Creating a story for new animated series... barrys wrote:
eat rancid food, dump a partner, find a new partner, get sunburnt, streak or design a jet-pack.

Sounds like someone had a good weekend then!
edited by Emily on 19/01/2011
2011/1/19 11:48:33
Hello mysto wrote:
Local forum for local people? Hmmmmm. Guess I'll have to move to Scotland. Would make me a bit more local. LOL

Hey Mysto - if you've not already sussed it out, it's a reference to 'The League of Gentlemen' - it's an excellent black comedy from the mid-nineties, I don't know if it was ever popular outside of the UK, but you should check it out. Tis very sinister.

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