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2024/7/12 19:35:52
Double Take the set craft Cool .......annoying spammers so .....bumpy bump
2024/5/16 22:15:26
Big Beef Dinner Applause.
2024/4/4 19:19:51
Runaway Rabbit a scene setting master
2024/3/24 9:32:17
From Scratch walk to the cave is a joy to behold.
2023/6/21 16:56:42
How It All Started The inclusion of a person moving about behind the wooden fence in their garden ,upper left of the screen as the credits roll. Those touches of detail always bring me back for more.
2023/5/24 19:30:06
Message From Beyond Seems unresolved is there a part 2?
2023/5/22 22:05:42
licence key not working Crikey! presumably they will honour their obligation to past purchasers. Duhh
Just so i understand

This problem doesn't arise if you buy Muvizu and install on a new win 11 machine.

but if you have a full copy of muvizu bought pre win 11 and install muvizu on a win 11 machine
you get watermark and other problems.
That's no goodWhaaaaa?
2023/4/29 22:43:46
The Journey Long kitchen colour debate? see rule 57b , Such meticulous attention to detail. Exemplory.
2023/2/6 21:52:32
Tavern Games Beautifully crafted once more. Superb. Subtle, detailed, layered shots creating convincing atmospheres.
2023/1/29 20:44:14
VR180 3D Muvizu Zombies applauseCool
2023/1/4 0:23:05
AI voice overs Wonderful. A Great share.
2022/11/29 20:40:56
Another Totally FREE Asset from Drewi. Rather amazingly this had a handful of downloads until the other day then suddenly shot up to over 200 virtually overnight.
Such a pain one can no longer upload assets here.
2022/9/23 19:05:34
Another Totally FREE Asset from Drewi.

Stop a war?
There are many Wars going on across our planet everyday. Muvizu reaches all corners of the globe. If you are affected by one, change the flags to whatever country. Remember to change the coffin and curtain flags. Film several of one flag then change flags and film again joining the films to make a powerful meme...peace out..drewi.

2022/8/19 18:25:46
“One Theory” Wonderful craft...scene work exemplary. Cool
What are you using to get an avi on the tv screen/monitor.
everything i have been trying of late fails.
2022/8/11 0:52:19
Akram Studio's THE ADVENTURER™ ( 2022 ) 3D Movie Herculean effort....So noble, So meritorious, A mastery of Muvizu Cinematography and more besides.
2022/8/10 23:26:07
Oh how i laughed. Worked on a set all day yesterday ...shot an avi for test everything worked fine.
Return today and i get 'object incorrect message' and the set wont load just goes to empty scene.
Was there ever a solution to this ...file editing?
Doubt it......oh how i laughed
2022/6/1 23:26:41
The Homeworld Inventive use of actions
2022/6/1 23:22:15
The Cruellest Cut As ever meticulous composition of splendid scenes .....
2022/5/19 19:45:09
Moving forward Funny old place that's for sure. I got here in its death throws and benefited from the years of hard work and dedication of its members who provided tutorials and work arounds to make the software Buzz, Throb and Zing. Some kind of War went on..Dunno? twas above my head? The talent went to 'Facebook Muvizu'. I would too but i cant abide Facebook always disliked it's bitty disjointed feel.
2022/4/8 18:27:24
Down To Earth Especially liked the use of meteor trails throughout and tracking station exterior/interior.
It is a despicable situation that these spammer sob's prevent you getting the views your efforts deserve.
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