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2016/10/21 3:01:38
Women wedding dress! PatMarrNC wrote:
Anyway, once you buy or make the dress, you can animate your bride in Poser and export a green screen which can be merged into your Muvizu project at the final edit.

While that would be a clever solution, I gotta admit that sounds like a lot of work just for a longer skirt! I suppose for a wedding dress you could import a big white bell shape and pass it off as an old-fashioned hoop skirt, and maybe for other "stiff" skirts like tutus you could get around the lack of cloth movement. Someday soon I gotta do some experimenting with that.

What I'd most like to see is more clothing options for the hero characters, and to get Sinister out of his default Mr. Burns pose! The heroes can be used for "normal" people a lot better than the potato heads, but they have these limitations that really hold you back. (It just seems weird to me that Sinister doesn't have a normal business suit, but Beefy does! I guess they were convinced we'd never want these characters for anything but superhero stories, but even then there might be times when you'd want your supervillain to wear a suit, like if he was a Lex Luther-kind of bad guy.)
2016/10/20 10:52:15
Women wedding dress! ziggy72 wrote:
the dress should be longer but the physics don't work right so it sits up on her hips like that (always has done, they've never fixed it).

I wonder, would it be possible to make a longer skirt that moves like cloth, and then import that as a belt? Or would it then not move right, or have some other problem?
2016/10/18 6:38:22
Women wedding dress!

Well, it's not exactly Vera Wang, but you can make a wedding dress of sorts from the assets in the program. (That's the buccaneer top and the harlequin gloves.) If you make everything white, it reads kind of bride-y. I just wish there was a way to make that skirt longer. You could also mod her torso to have a necklace or lacy sleeves. I didn't think to give her earrings.
2016/10/12 6:06:46
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Awesome sauce!! I'm sure I'll get plenty of use of 'em!
2016/10/11 6:01:57
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) ziggy72 wrote:
Get yer fat bellies here

I haven't been able to download these and open 'em up yet. These are just the bellies and not the maternity dresses, right?

In any case, thanks, Ziggy!
2016/10/8 5:37:20
NEW IN THE MUVIZU STORE..... The piano is certainly very impressive, but a whole new hairstyle for Mandy seems like a newsworthy item all by itself! May I ask what program you used to create it?
2016/10/8 5:34:27
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Wow, Ziggy, those are just great! Any chance we'll see the bellies too?
2016/9/30 11:40:54
Heroes bodies and animations. Sorry, you're stuck with those proportions. You can add parts on using attachments, but you can't slim the characters down or shorten their limbs.
2016/9/29 1:56:01
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Wow, Ziggy, those are amazing! Are you gonna post those in the store? Like I said, I'd buy 'em! (Would those work on other characters, like the superheroes or Mandy, or are they exclusive to the Aardman-esque folks?)

Thanks so much for the tips about working with 3D objects guys! I've been dealing with some health stuff the last couple of months and I've fallen way behind on my Muvizuing (Muvizuage? Muvizuery?) but once I get back into the swing I'll definitely be revisiting this info.
2016/9/27 23:30:17
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Would these be bellies with navels and stuff, or just belly shapes so they could be part of the character's clothes? I'd love a Beefy belly, but I think chubby bellies for the ladies would open up a lot of story possibilities too. In addition to pregnant ladies, it'd just offer a little more body diversity.

My big problem with trying to do this is that the models always import as gray (and much too big or too small) and they appear really far from the attachment point, so it's a real struggle to get them the right color, adjust them to the right size and get them in the right place. I'm sure I'm missing some obvious step here.

Speedking5, those characters look great! They make me think of the old underground comics. You've taken it far enough that people might not even guess they were made in Muvizu.

Clayster, I really hope you do get a chance to do something with this. Your designs are always really impressive and finished-looking.
2016/9/27 8:46:32
Special request to built 'Malay' character & Sets Hi Camycast! I'm no expert about Malay culture so I don't really know what to look for... but hopefully you'll find something useful in these links:

2016/9/26 4:55:50
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) It seems to me that one untapped way to customize Muvizu characters is through fat body parts we could add on. I'm talking about 3D pot bellies, bigger butts, bigger chests etc. The Beefy character, for instance, might read as a different kind of guy if he had a beer belly, and it's kind of surprising that we've gone this long without any pregnant bellies for the ladies. I think it'd be a problem if you were trying to make add-on chubby legs or something, that gets too complicated, but a belly that snaps on as a "belt" could work.

I've done a little experimenting myself with 3D programs, trying to make this happen, but I'm still a noob and it seems like some of the other artists here would probably do a much better job. If somebody wanted to make a "fat pack" and sell it in the store, I'd buy!
2016/9/25 8:57:44
Doris - The whole story Wow! I am very impressed.
2016/9/24 3:11:44
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? Ziggy, I'm really disappointed and I'm not going to engage with your trolling.
2016/9/23 3:32:19
Exactly how have Google screwed up Youtube? I thought this was going to be about the new system of "advertiser-friendly" content, where they're de-monetizing videos that feature swearing, "sexual humor" and more. Many popular Youtubers are watching their revenue dry up because of this, and there have been widespread cries of censorship.

Ziggy, I admire a lot of what you do here, but I gotta say the homophobic slur is really inappropriate. It's an offensive word and certainly doesn't fit the general friendly tone of the board. (Not trying to bring down the big p.c. hammer, and I'm hoping you were just using a bit of gamer-speak without really thinking it through.)
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2016/9/3 8:33:46
An open Letter to Muvizu's developers MrDrWho13 wrote:
There are free alternatives to Muvizu now, unlike when it started.

What would those alternatives be? I'm not aware of any 3D animation programs with anything like this level of customization, or ease of use.
2016/8/16 1:22:20
Surprise in the park Wow! Hold on to your butts!
2016/8/12 5:21:22
Crocodile Just amazing. I wouldn't even know this was a Muvizu character. He's so cute he looks like he could be in one of those morning shows for pre-school kids.

In this walking example I've used a second standard character with the feet attached, because Beefy doesn't have sockets for his feet.

Wait, a second character? So, there are two characters in that one gator skin?

In the one where he's talking and holding the bottle, I assume he's drinking Gatorade?
2016/8/11 5:21:20
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Sinister might be a good base for a dino. He always holds his arms like a velociraptor anyhow!
2016/8/11 0:26:26
Tropical birds: test 1 (The Bird the word) Would there be a way to swap the wings for dino-claws? Because with this sort of anatomy it seems like it's just a short jump from birds to a T-rex, and once dinosaurs are an option I think people will go crazy with them.
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