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2015/1/8 18:18:23
New User Here I have a commercial license for Muvizu and would LOVE to use it on our latest project. There are two features that, if they were available, would make this our go-to tool for animation.
1. Skelital FBX import. (with eyebrows/facial expressions!)
2. FBX animation import (for mocap, Perception Neuron)

I'm sure this is not trivial to do, but with these feature I believe Muvizu could, in its current form, go untouched for a while and provide tons of value. It would also give Muvizu a revenue opportunity by selling characters and animation packs (Daz3D business model).
I thought these were the features they were working on last Spring when many of us thought "Muvizu Pro" was coming out. Instead they released RenderDM. Unfortunately, that product relies on either keyframe animation (tedious) or imports from other products (Maya, 3DS Max)($$$!).
I understand they were targeting a different audience in order to put a business model together, but I think that the two features (mentioned above) added to Muvizu would be enough to get people to pay a lot for a "Pro" version. I know we've spent close to $1000 lately trying to find good software but have not been successful. I would have been happy to spend half that on a Muvizu Pro with the FBX import features; all other Muvizu features remaining the same.
I'm posting this in the hopes that Muvizu will read this and work on these features. I'm not sure if others agree with me, but I see these as killer features that would elevate Muvizu to another level while still retaining its ease-of-use and rapid production process.

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