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2010/10/11 21:22:57
Look here......................................... How do I make a character turn and look into the camera?
2010/8/21 8:55:52
Up load to muvizu When I watch the tutorial there appears to be an upload to muvizu feature which doesn't appear for me (and I am logged in).

Any ideas?

And the codecs on the examples are different to what I've got - are they PC dependent?

But it's proving good fun - and harder than it looks!
2010/8/21 8:33:56
animals I'd definitely like to see horses and dogs.

Having a western theme without a copy on a horse is hard!

And hitler's cat would be much better with a real cat!
2010/8/17 6:54:11
Widescreen How do I film in widescreen?
2010/8/14 7:34:14
Characters Can I superimpose people's faces onto the characters, or can I "cartoonize" an existing photograph?
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