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2010/8/18 23:54:40
Walking Slowly What is best way to make character walk slowly without stopping?

2010/8/18 23:51:02
Follow action with Cameras? Nice one thanks for reply. look forward to that
2010/8/17 22:55:42
Follow action with Cameras? is it possible to follow a character walking with a camera ?

I actually thought a character walking towards camera would be good but with some lights set up that the character would walk in and out of would look great, but cant make camera follow action.
If this isnt possible are there any suggestions as to a workaround.... i'm just playing around but think its a fantastic programme.
2010/8/16 10:08:29
Where are the generic characters? Turned off then back on again.....all good, I shoudl be in IT
2010/8/16 9:55:07
Where are the generic characters? Using Windows 7 64bit,
No joy with seeing any characters!
I tried to run the link but its not an .exe ...... how do i 'run' it please.
2010/8/14 9:41:59
Can you export AVI files or the like? HI,
Just downloading Muvizu and wondered if it is possible to export AVI files for high resolution and use them in Premiere Pro.


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