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2015/2/14 17:08:58
windows 8.1 crash Hey guys,
I'm in a soup with this. Lots o time wasted in trying to install this. I used the 500MB full version(free) and tried installing it. Similar problem, towards the absolute end, windows says "close program,this has stopped working,will notify if solution is found". Tried-
  • rebooting
  • turning on windows feature aspdotnet 4.5 under dotnet framework 4.5
  • reinstalling in different folders, even after uninstall
  • reinstalling with all the sdks or components suggested & also without them
failed. anyone has any solution? would be great help!

Note: I would mostly have default windows 8.1 setups as I haven't played with them as such. And I had got a notfication for .net4 installation saying .net 4 or its higher version is already installed, so it can't be done again.
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