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2015/4/17 15:06:04
voice changer Hey you guys should probably work on a voice modifier i can use from inside Muvizu
2015/4/15 17:44:12
Ride a motobike How do i get Beefy for my muvizu play
2015/4/15 17:37:57
Ride a motobike simonheffer wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:

3. Character sitting without floating.
All objects, like chairs, can be set to interact with characters, or not to interact. Right click on the chair, uncheck 'can be stood on', and your character will sit on/through the chair.

If the chair is now the wrong height for the character you'd need to use a floating+invisible ground plane to lift the character up. You may need that for the bike too, I guess.

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