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2015/11/19 19:19:08
Market place urbanlamb wrote:

Okay gonna say something about this as well. Not all moguls are good at all things. So in the end I think it should be digimania that screens content for their store. I can also say that likely there are content providers out there who would refuse to take part in a store with peer control.

At the moment I appear to be picking things apart, but I want to ensure that if people are spending money they get their money's worth and what they purchase is appropriate for use in a real time engine and more specifically muvizu's engine.

For price I honestly think this should be up to the seller in part keeping in mind that there is likely a minimum price that would make sense due to the various costs involved with moving money around.

I agree with you about Moguls (why I said 5 out of 10). Ha.

You are likely right about avoiding peer review since I doubt you'd ever manage to agree or find time to deal with the imagined deluge of content. Or it would go to someone's head and we'd have to make a Megalomania Muvizu movie.

I'd still like a better rating system that shows how many people gave stars to a product. Maybe it will build out from the sparse base of review info that exists so far. I'm thinking of Amazon and how I buy stuff from there.

A lot of the content systems, like Reallusion, use points that reduce the number of micro transactions of cash. You buy points once and spend them in dribs and drabs without processing fees. I've never looked into the mechanics of it but now I see why they use it.
2015/11/19 18:38:10
Market place I guess it also boils down to how large the market is. Judging by the number of forum posters and downloads of even the greatest free assets, I have to wonder if the finer details matter just yet.

By this stage of the game Muvizu should rely more on the "Moguls" as a screening panel for anyone wanting to sell content. They could determine quality and do a poll on a suggested price after getting access to the assets on an honour basis. (Won't ever use unless they buy it.) Or it could be something presented in a film for everyone in the forum to vote on. (Needing a set number of thumbs up.)

The current system of seeing just a few comments on the product page really don't encourage me to buy. The approval stamp of at least five out of ten experts here would.
2015/11/18 20:40:44
Market place PCollimonster wrote:
Hi All

Thank you for your comments and ideas.

There are some challenges we face here at Muvizu HQ regarding transaction fees from our payment gateways, and how we package the assets.

With all payment gateways there is a set transaction fee and then a percentage of the transaction. The transaction fee and percentage fluctuates depending on the type of payment and also the type of credit card used. There is also European VAT regulations which have to be adhered to for purchases from inside the EU.

With this in mind it makes more sense to sell higher value assets or a collection of assets to form a pack.

We have been discussing the idea of standardising the definition of what a pack contains and also the global pricing structure.

In regards to distribution as well as the .com site we will give the creator the option to have the assets sold on our overseas distributors sites, and if the content is suitable via our distribution networks into the educational technology market.

Exciting times.

I work with 2d/3d program devs on marketing and SEO. One of them uses https://www.paddle.com/pricing and they seem quite happy with the setup that is UK based. You might consider it as an option since it removes the issue of low priced items transaction costs.
2015/11/13 22:47:47
African Village Set Wanted Again, I've yet to figure all this cross program interaction out but it seems that Dogwaffle Howler can produce all kinds of trees for scenery and such if you want to avoid licensed use problems. In fact, they have some great particle stuff and other eye candy that must surely be able to be integrated in some manner that is currently beyond the scope of my pea brain.

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2015/11/12 15:52:28
FBX UDK editor stuff. Ha. I'm such an idiot. I'd yet to grasp that .set is the Muvizu extension and not .project or .muvz

I also imagined that the free assets were more of an environment content pack like a backdrop rather than a full project.

Is there a Hall of Shame page where I can ask such asinine questions in the future?

Thanks for not instantly revoking my forum access.
2015/11/12 0:45:20
FBX UDK editor stuff. Thanks for the great info I found while looking for the answer to what will seem quite stupid I'm sure. I do wish I could have found the answer searching so as to avoid this humiliation.

For the life of me I can't see how to import the .set files from the content store. I've downloaded them but can't see the tab in Muvizu for importing anything but .ase or .fbx

I can't just click on them because it seems that my Canvas drawing program uses that extension as well.
2015/11/12 0:33:00
Hitfilm express 3 I bought the full version after discovering you don't get much credit for an upgrade of essential packs bought to accompany the free version. ie. Let's say you spend $60 on add-ons and then wish to buy the full program for $299 that has them built in. You get less than half that $60 as a credit.

I prefer to spend now over losing money later, even if I never take full advantage of the program.
2015/10/6 21:42:11
Update - content store As a purchaser of dozens of similar programs, and an SEO specialist, I find myself perplexed to see that Muvizu isn't colossally more prominent and popular.

I haven't taken the time to fully analyze what might be causing the problem, but I'm likely to wear out my welcome offering suggestions over time. Nothing to do with the technical side, just marketing.

I do realize that the entire process is quite complex and not every great idea bears fruit. I've had several duds when it comes to some of my own websites and brainstorms but I believe my unique perspective, along with the long-time wisdom of the program's key supporters could not only keep this project alive but thriving.

Anyway, I ramble. I love the program and hope to see it live long and prosper. That's why I'm humbly asking for a bit of leeway when it comes to mentioning even the concept of improvement changes. No one likes to be told they should change the nappies on their beautiful baby.
2015/10/6 0:13:32
Coming Soon... fazz68 wrote:

Super Human Intervention and Termination Enforcers

I love the spy era set and acronym gag as well as the two more polished front-facing characters on the right. Their faces alone tell a story but the garb provides character background. Chubby Mustafa is harder to read from just one frame.
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2015/10/5 23:10:02
Saw this TV commercial tonight I'm sorry to hear about your insomnia since you must have been awake at 3 am to see this kind of scammy "Results not typical" infomercial drivel. Or maybe it was on an Internet TV station with even less viewers.

Since I now realize my worst efforts can be nationally televised, I'm actually less inspired to use the program. Muvizu should sue them for devaluation of trademark.

You could even start a new forum for the "Worst Commercial Muvizu Examples" with this as the first, and hopefully last, entry.
2015/10/5 22:52:44
my first (and last?) animation Keep at it, for sure.

I certainly liked the long line of characters and the camera panning within the airport. The increased music tempo at the beginning didn't quite match the uneventful bus ride though. Are you synching the entire sound track of a B/W movie I'm not familiar with?

Feel free to scorn my first attempt if I'm ever brave enough to post one. You are already better than me.
2015/10/5 21:17:59
Just stay cool I liked it as well. Even blobbish friendly Aliens have their limits. I especially liked his calm dialogue and the suspense that came from wondering where he went.

Had he been more agitated, it would have spoiled the surprise. Good job.
2015/10/5 20:46:48
Jar Heads: Episode One (Call for Backup) I agree that it was really good. I laughed several times but also noticed the audio situation. The storm troopers was a great concept but I would have left out the Crusty the Clown hairdo on the one soldier since it added a secondary jump of conceptual reality if such a thing makes any sense. (Earth soldiers/Space troopers/Simpsons).

I can only hope to attain your level of skill, so please take it as an observation and not a critique.
2015/10/4 21:26:55
Content store opens it's doors! First let me thank all of the contributors for their donations to the Muvizu world. I must then confess to being a software junkie who spends more time simply updating all my programs than I do creating anything. Ha.

I have the latest Poser, iClone, CrazyTalk, Anime Studio and others I can't even remember but I haven't stop laughing at the Muvizu productions you devotees have made. Inspirational to be sure, so I hope to find the time to make at least myself laugh at something I create. Just reading all the comments and seeing the names of the most generous and talented makes me want to try.

This last day was spent downloading content that I thought I might have to pay for at some point. I'm clearly as Scottish as this company, even if I am in Canada.
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