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2017/4/7 22:14:43
3DWarehouse no longer support dwnload to Sketchup8 I needed a bugle or a trumpet so I went the handy dandy to look for some models...I found some that I liked but after 3 attempts and 3 different models - when I went to download the model in Sketchup 8 format...the only formats supported were from Sketchup 2017 thru 2014?!

Anyone else noticed this issue since the Muvizu ase | "ZiggyMesh" only uses Sketchup 8:

Looking at this thread also says stick with Sketchup8:

Any suggestions or workarounds?

with appreciation,
2017/2/13 17:24:51
Failed to load object from file Here is the reply from Support:

Jamie Hill (Digimania Ltd)
13 Feb, 10:36 WET
Hi ,
Thanks for sending your set to me. There is nothing I can do to recover it. Once this error happens it is the end for the file.
The best practice is to save incremental versions, such as -001, -002, etc
2017/2/10 19:41:33
Failed to load object from file I just got nailed by this bug & sending the file to support...
2017/2/3 15:44:41
<POW!> letter effect? @Ikes - yep - that was it..ty!
@Pat - thanks for the additional ideas!
2017/2/2 16:06:01
<POW!> letter effect? I thought I saw the ability to do a lettered "<POW!>" effect when characters fight - i.e. when a punch connects - the letters <POW!> flash for moment...

Is there something like that in MZU?

with appreciation,
2017/1/24 23:42:09
Export MZU potato head as fbx? Phenomenal! Thanks for the quick reply & pointer!
2017/1/24 22:02:20
Export MZU potato head as fbx? We often speak about importing fbx characters or objects from other 3D software into Muvizu (MZU) *but* is there a way to reverse and instead import the MZU characters (where are they stored and in what format?) into another 3D software like Maya or Blender?

Make sense?

thank you,
2017/1/19 21:30:59
ratio & resolution for .avi in skydome? I noticed you can use .avi files for the sky in the skydome.

Is there guidance and what the resolution / dimensions are?

I saw this thread for skydome imgs: - is it the same for .avi?

BTW - I've resized some of my imgs for the skydome (Width = 2048px Height = 512px Res = 72) and not having success yet. Perhaps it's because I haven't figured out adjusting the res settings in my editor?).

Any tips on the .avi video or static imgs would be greatly appreciated,
2017/1/19 21:18:31
Trick to simplify multi dialog & audio tracks Before, I put all my clips into Audacity (which I think most people still do), export from Audacity as a single file, import that audio file into Muvizu *but* if the timing was off or wanted to change something - it was back to Audacity again - very painful!

Here's a little trick I've found that perhaps will help others too:

What I do now is:

1 - Add all my dialogs to my multiple characters as separate audio clips on the timeline & get the timing the way I like it.

2 - Render the scene as an Img Sequence - this produces a single .wav of all the previous, various audio clips into 1 audio file.

3 - use that new, single .wav file to do my dialogue syncing.

Hope that helps,

2017/1/17 14:11:23
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs

BTW - I was using the new IE aka "Microsoft Edge" to copy & paste imgs. Chrome didn't work for me either but Firefox did (maybe it's a Windows 10 thing?). Thanks to Ikes for the tip!
2017/1/16 19:23:01
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs You have to use a female potato head.
2017/1/15 21:24:18
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs PatMarrNC - thanks for validating. I did send this question to support and will post what they respond Cool
2017/1/15 19:36:41
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs PatMarrNC - thanks for the quick reply. I am seeing the Costumes menu the potato head character but it is not showing that choice of pants ...only when I go to the decals tab/uv textures do I see the choice of pants I want. That pic I showed (btw - how do you get the pic to embed in the post instead of having to click on the broken img box? I put in an http:// url...) is from the Chinese history pack in the MZU it can be done

2017/1/15 19:13:56
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs

How do I change a potato head character to have pants from the Chinese History Pack like in the above picture? I've tried changing the "costume/bottom" but it is other pant style (knickers?). Then - as described above in Ikes 18/12/2016 post, I went to the character's "decals" tab/custom texture/UV templates/Asian man - saw the pants that I want ("Legs2") - but it doesn't add those pants to the character?!

Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
2016/12/27 23:42:58
Question about Asian & South Asian character packs Hmp. I bought & installed the South Asian pack. I created an asian character named Shanti, & edit...then decals tab & click custom texture...

When I click on the UV templates - all the standard Characters show but *none* of the Asian characters?!

Did I miss something?

with appreciation,
edited by CloudNinja on 27/12/2016
2016/11/1 16:11:35
Capes for Standard Characters? Ziggy - possible to get the cape you used or send the link from SketchUp? I looked at SketchUp, TurboSquid, etc - not finding any capes...

appreciation in advance,
2016/10/31 15:17:07
Exporting from Sketchup or Blender -- Oct 2016 Perrrrrrfect!

Thank you for the quick reply & link!
2016/10/31 14:17:09
Exporting from Sketchup or Blender -- Oct 2016 Does anyone have a link or zip file to download SketchUp 8? I've looked in the "download older versions" as well other places to get a virus free .exe but no luck...

appreciation in advance,
2016/9/21 22:08:11
license issues I got an E2 I right clicked the MZU icon & selected "Run as Admin" - that didn't work.
Then I went to the properties of the MZU icon, checked "Always run as admin" then clicked "Apply" & "ok" - that didn't work...

Any other possibilities?

thank you,
2016/9/15 15:11:52
Can Muvizu run using multiple video cards? Here's the response I got from support (quick response - thanks Jamie!)

Jamie Hill (Digimania Ltd)
15 Sep, 10:39 WEST
Hi - If your graphics card are SLI or similar technology from AMD, which lets you combine 2 or more then you might have a chance.
If you can do this, you will need to check your driver software and configure how Muvizu is run. It's not something that we've tested or designed into Muvizu but the Unreal engine may be supported.
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