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2016/3/8 19:03:10
Black line at top of screen after rendering? How do you output as mp4? What version of Muvizu is that?
2016/3/8 18:58:29
Black line at top of screen after rendering? Hmmmmmm. I am now rendering my output using TGA (avoids the codec issue - correct?) AND I deleted my NVidia driver i.e. the drivers for the "Display Adapters" (scared the snot out of me) allowing Windows to update with the latest/greatest.
As a follow-up, I clicked to update the driver with a dialog that says I have the latest:
Driver Provider: NVIDIA
Driver Date 11/5/2015
Driver Version
I even restarted/rebooted my PC...
The black lines are STILL there :0(.....
Any other suggestions?
thank you,
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2016/3/8 2:37:32
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? mrmuviz - thanks for the tips..I tried:
- exporting my wav audio as 256kbps MP3 & then using that mp3 as the audio file
- making sure my MUVIZU layers in VEGAS and go to properties and make sure they are 25p
My final output still has a lag......
2016/3/8 1:17:00
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? ziggy72 - I'll look into the plug in Twixtor right after this post - thanks!
My 2 questions would be -
1 - Muvizu is my source so the FPS is 25 - correct?
2- if I'm importing my tga sequence into Vegas @ 25fps - why would there be a lag in the audio? Is it because of my project settings being @ "4K 2160-50p (3840x2160, 50.000 fps)"? btw - I've previously changed the project setting to 25 fps & it still lags....
with appreciation,
2016/3/7 23:08:16
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? MrDrWho13 - thank you for the quick response (as always).
I rendered a short clip and uploaded it to YouTube - still is out of sync.....
FYI - when I export from Sony Vegas to video - I'm using the mp4 / Sony AVC/MVC / Internet 1920x1080-30p template.....
do you know what settings in Vegas should I use given my video card?
Another "test":
I just imported the image sequence and wav file into HiFilm 3.0 Express using the 1080p Full HD @ PAL 25 fps template - same issue.
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2016/3/7 22:25:06
Img sequence & wav file audio sync in Sony Vegas? I've been working with outputting my Muvizu scenes in TGA format & importing them into Sony Vegas @ 25 FPS (the overall project settings is using the "4K 2160-50p (3840x2160, 50.000 fps)" template.
The challenge I'm running into is that when I import the Muvizu wav file into Vegas - it does not always sync the audio from the wav file with the lip sync of the TGA Img sequence?!
I've worked for almost 2 days trying different combinations of FPS or re-rendering - no success.
I've had one, no issue render so far i.e. where the wav file & the img sequence properly synced - I'm wondering that it maybe is all dependent on a no glitch render from Muvizu rather than dependent on what setting I use when importing to Sony Vegas?
Another sanity check question - whatever I see in the Sony Vegas preview window is what I should see in the final output - correct? Seems a bit choppy to me when watching the video in the Sony preview window).
(btw - my I upgraded my video card to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti)
Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
thank you,
2016/2/29 20:17:00
Black line at top of screen after rendering? So if it's a nvidia driver issue - does that mean I'm the only one that is going to see the "flickering black lines" because its affecting my monitor OR did those black lines become "baked" into the rendered video as well?
Not sure if that makes sense...
2016/2/25 22:43:05
Output as PNG? MrDrWho13 - thank you as always...
To confirm:
1 - when I get the "a new version..." dialog box & I click "Yes" - it will ask me where I want it to install vs. automatically updating?
2 - In the save dialog, I only have the TGA or All files option - no png. I tried setting it to all files & typing .png as the extension but MZU stopped the rendering (hope that makes sense).
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2016/2/25 22:25:25
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? MrDrWho13 - thank you for the quick reply & education - HUGELY helpful!
2016/2/25 21:55:28
Best settings for DVD/Cinematic quality? Previously, I had been rendering my final video using Windows Movie Maker in HD quality in 1920 x 1080 pixels & a bit rate of 24.19 Mbps.
Now I'm using Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 13. Terms like PAL (for the UK?) & NTSC (NA?), 25fps or 50fps (frames per sec - got it - but the final video seems sharper @ 50 fps?) - it's all tech terms right now that I'm slowly educating myself on....

My goal is to burn my final video to DVD and get as high quality / cinematic look as possible to be played on laptops, large (HD) screens / home theaters.
Looking at all the different options the Sony Vegas offers in rendering - right now I've chosen "4K 2160-50p (3840x2160, 50.000 fps)" because the looks the best...but I'm guessing this might be overkill?

Also - what is the original fps that Muvizu records in regardless of how the output is rendered (avi/tga)?
with appreciation,
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2016/2/24 2:37:29
Output as PNG? I haven't upgraded my Muvizu+ since Oct...I am trying working with outputting my video as TGA but running into problems with darker was suggested to output as a PNG file...
When did output type as PNG become available?
I'm a bit nervous to upgrade to the latest vers of Muvizu because I'm in the middle of a project and worried that there might be some compatibility issues with the earlier sets I've created if I upgrtade...
If I do run into would I "roll back" to the previous vers (so to speak)?
with appreciation,
2016/2/24 1:03:10
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting ziggy72 - how are you able to make those settings on import? I'm only able to import the TGA file, then apply the different edits/effects you mentioned.....
with appreciation,
2016/2/24 0:21:24
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? Some added notes to this amazing tutorial by MrDrWho13:
Being a complete newbie to editing in Sony Vegas - I didn't know how to set the "transparency" in Vegas as mentioned in the steps below - here's how:
Hover your mouse pointer at the top edge of the clip that you want to make semi-transparent and a hand labelled 'Opacity is 100%' appears. Holding the left button pull down and the opacity of the clip will reduce (it's transparency will increase). The whole clip will then be at the transparency chosen.
A possible shortcut rather than copy the .set file & deleting the character before rendering it again as the "without":
1 - render the "With" scene as described below.
2 - edit the character/object in Muvizu so that the character is no longer visible (edit the character and uncheck the "Visible" box) - then render the scene the 2nd time as your "without".
Thanks for the advice and hope that helps too,
2016/2/23 23:27:11
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? AMAZING - THANK YOU!
2016/2/23 22:49:09
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting
Thanks for the quick reply!

Hmmmm...still not there...

Here's my Vegas import settings:
BTW - Muvizu doesn't have a png option, only TGA (I haven't upgraded since Oct 2015)

Here's my Vegas Render/output settings:

Much appreciated!

2016/2/23 21:26:15
Dark TGA output & recommended Vegas render setting I'm rendering my Muvizu scene in TGA output, importing those TGA files into Vegas Movie Studio Platinum to be rendering from Vegas as a video.
My final video is much darker than when I previously did avi/video output from Muvizu?!
Any guidance on:
1 - the Vegas import settings of the TGA files?
2 - the Vegas "Make Movie" settings if I want HD or DVD quality video?
with appreciation,
2016/2/23 20:38:00
Quickest Muvizu output type & Vegas editing? Thanks Ziggy72...I've output/rendered a 3 sec scene in Muvizu as TGA (w/o the depth pass), when I went to import the TGA files in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum using "Image Sequence", but Vegas didn't "see" the TGA I imported it into Vegas using TARGA ...but in the Vegas timeline, the files loaded with each TGA file being 15 secs long?!
What did I miss?
thank you,cn

UPDATE/NEVERTMIND - I had to add this step when using the Image Sequence setting in Vegas
"Choose the first TGA. At the bottom of the open screen, click on the check box for "open still image sequence" -- notice to the right of this, you can choose your range of the sequence."

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2016/2/23 19:56:16
Quickest Muvizu output type & Vegas editing? Hi - my scenes tend to be 1 - 6 mins long but Muvizu has a limit of 26 sec for avi video output. I'd love to be able to output/render an entire 1-6 min scene and maybe even cut down the rendering time. So my questions are:
1 - what is the quickest way to output a scene in Muvizu? Video/avi or TGA?
2 - if I use Sony Vegas - can I take a series of uncompressed avi or TGA from Muvizu and render them as 1 long HD video using Sony Vegas?
with appreciation,
2016/2/23 16:18:23
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? MrDrWho13 - thanks for the update and links. I'm going to PM you a question....
2016/2/22 20:02:51
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? Much appreciated MrDrWho13...
BTW - am I out of luck to be able to do this if I don't have Vegas or Coral? (still saving for it ;0))........
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