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2016/2/22 19:50:11
Make a character PARTIALLY visible? Howdy all -
I'm working on a scene where my character is wearing an "invisible cloak" BUT I want the camera/audience to see a PARTIALLY visible character (vs. going completely invisible)....
Any thoughts, tips, tricks or general sage advice?
with appreciation,
2016/2/16 3:31:34
Black line at top of screen after rendering? On a couple of my sets in the avi file after rendering, suddenly I have a horizontal, black line that is a couple of millimeters thick and is flickering at top of the monitor screen ....
It's a bit distracting and makes all the hard work look totally unprofessional...any ideas as to why I might be having this flickering black line at the top of my screen? It doesn't show before the rendering only after......I'm using the following setting when I render:
- output type = Video
- Codec = Logitech Video (1420) (i420)
- Anti-aliasing is checked
- Frame size = 1920 x 1080
I haven't had this issue when rendering scenes before and now it is creeping in.......
appreciation in advance,
2016/2/7 16:31:34
Action: make a character drink from a glass? Hi - I'm trying to have the action where the character drinks from a'd think that would be one of the actions offered ....
I'm trying different camera angles and using other actions to make it look like the character is drinking from a cup but it's not that great...any suggestions?
with appreciation,
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2016/1/21 1:17:51
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? Do you mean "solid" like the "potato head" characters have vs. fluid like Mandy has?
If I'm understanding you correctly, you would be able to create a long skirt that could be used on a Mandy character, but the skirt would be "solid" like the skirts on the Woman (potato head) character....correct?
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2016/1/19 19:03:07
Hire MZU modeler to make longer skirts? I'd like to hire someone to make skirts for the "Woman" & "Mandy" characters that are:
- "A line"
- go down 2-3 inches past the knee with no slits
- can be customized with different colors or custom textures.

Is that possible and is anyone able/interested?
2016/1/19 16:07:02
Mandy's UV? I contacted support and they provided me the file. I'm not sure why they just don't post it...maybe I'll ask permission to load the file somewhere for the community to get access to any rate - if you ask support - they will send it!
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2016/1/19 16:05:45
Reducing bust size on Mandy? I'd like to make my Mandy character flat chested - the way the "woman" character is - how is that possible to do?
appreciation in advance,
2015/12/29 1:32:45
Mandy's UV? Howdy all - I'm looking for Mandy's UV & I see I wasn't the only one:
Still not seeing it in the new content my only option to contact support OR is there a link/resource I'm just not seeing?
appreciation in advance,
2015/11/19 15:50:13
Keeping Muvizu "fresh"? HELP! My Muvizu is becoming very sluggish despite loading different small & large scenes + plug an upgraded video card....I remember a thread about needing to re-install or keep a fresh copy next to your original install periodically (?!?!?)
Any thoughts or guidance on this?
thank you,
2015/9/30 19:49:28
Update - content store Hi - not trying to rain on the parade here - just confirming - so the "Store" launched and basically what we have is:
1 - "Muvizu Play +" application (which was available for purchase prior to the Store launch)
2 - "Chemistry Pack" - NEW! Very cool although I'm curious how this got chosen as the first content pack to be released vs. more common scenarios like a medieval village or insert-your-fav-historic-time-period-or-scene here...
3 - all of the content from the "Gallery" but rebranded as the "Store"...I'm appreciative to not have to pay for what was FREE previously...
Um, that's it? Any new characters ("Mandy" doesn't officially count since she was available before if you have MP+)? And now "Another pack will be on its way, but probably not for a little while"?!
Forgive me for seeming to be underwhelmed - but did I miss something? Is this what all the excitement and anticipation was about?
I hope more content packs as well as new characters are about to be released but more sooner than later...
Did I miss something here?
Also - I would caution about (over) charging for content add an example: iClone seems like a great & relatively cheap animation software but they rigged it (terrible pun intended) so that you need all the add-ons to really do something cool and it becomes a fortune - BIG turn off....
2015/9/30 6:03:43
Update - content store Any updates/news about this from the Staff, Moguls or Testers?
2015/9/18 19:37:23
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? Thanks everyone - this was EXTREMELY helpful!
@MDW13 - yes, my APU & graphics card are in conflict - my graphics card overides my APU.
Thanks again!
2015/9/17 17:36:23
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? ukBerty - Very helpful - esp. the link to the video card benchmark so I now I have better context - thank you!
The question now becomes, what models would I need to upgrade to make a noticeable difference? Is there a huge difference to spend $800 for a top of the line GTX 980 or $250 for the GeForce GTX 680 (which is the next level of upgrade from my GT 630 in the G3D mark top 10)?

2015/9/17 15:39:11
Help with recommended hardware 4 MZu? Hi - I see that my PC really becomes sluggish & needs to reboot whenever I render or make a video; also some scenes seem to take forever to load...I've read the recommended specs here: - but unfortunately, I'm not a true geek :0).

Below are my PC's specs, could anyone be kind enough to recommend what I can do to significantly increase my PCs performace so that I don't have to reboot, can load or render scenes faster, etc?

My PC specs:
- Win 8.1 64 bit
- Processor: AMD A10-6700 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 3.70 GHz
- RAM: 8G
- Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 630
- DirectX vers 11

Appreciation in advance,
2015/9/16 17:54:25
Update - content store Hi! Is the mid-Sept release targeted for this week or next week?

thank you!
2015/9/11 1:17:19
Dreeko's soft toon shading? Hi Dreeko & MZu forum - I've seen (& marveled) at Dreeko's clips & love the "soft" toon shading found in clips like these:

Thanks to some tips I got from ukBerty, I turn ambient lighting off & do my own lighting plus I have been playing with the "Depth of Field" settings on the camera...but it still does not look quite "toony" enough - like this flat-out-amazing Amun Ra clip (ukBerty):
Is it because Dreeko's scene are all dark? But even if so, they still have that this:

Is it because of some sort of post FX software touch up?
Thank you, thank you!!!!
2015/9/8 23:30:30
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? from the frying pan into the fire...I just did the math...only being able to do 10-20 secs at a time when each of my scenes are 1-2 mins long - 1) I'm afraid it will not be seamless and look choppy after editing 2) that's snot load of space 2g per 20 secs!!!!
What are other options? Use tga? Can you educate me a bit on the other MZu video option pros & cons?
Can I use Nero media software to edit a tga? Will the end quality be as good as the uncompressed avi?

thank you, thank you...
2015/9/8 23:08:32
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? Ahhhhhh, so glad I'm not (completely) insane....a few weeks ago, I also couldn't play the uncompressed format and that's one of the reasons why I switched to the Microsoft video msvc codec...then today...I did a test clip (having forgotten my previous failure) using uncompressed avi for a short, test clip (10 secs) & it worked...then I did the larger clip (1 min & didn't think it was 2G as you previously warned) and it failed...reminding me of my previous failure and leaving me scratching my head saying "but wait, didn't this uncompressed avi work an hour ago?!"
Thanks for restoring my sanity!
Back to rendering shorter clips in uncompressed avi.....
2015/9/8 21:58:07
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? Whoops - ok - now how do I play the uncompressed avi? It won't play in VLC or Win7 media player....I tried loading it into Nero Recode - nada....

thanks again,
2015/9/8 19:05:58
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? I rendered the clip again using uncompressed video and that did the trick - thanks MDW13 & ukBerty for the quick and helpful replies!
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