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2015/9/8 17:15:38
Lighting causing "rainbows" / shiny circles? Hi - could the forum take a quick peek at the 30 sec clip here and notice that there is a "shiny gloss" / rainbow circles on:
1 - the middle, brown toon building
2 - the "Apt 3A" wall
3 - the toon door being opened
My settings are:
I've turned my "Ambient Light" setting to "0"% and only using "Directional light" combined with "Point Light" - for sure the "Point Light" is causing the shininess on the apt 3A" wall...but why?
My Make Video settings are: output: "Video"; Codec "Microsoft video msvc"
My video card is a NVIDIA GeForce GT 630 (pretty decent card - no?!).
The frustrating thing is that this doesn't show in the MZu camera view - only after rendering - so it's a bit of a pain to trouble shoot...any help or insight is greatly appreciated!
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2015/8/28 17:23:11
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? Thanks everyone for the input and clarification - both on what the issues are and my understanding of the tut ;0)....
"fbx objects will always float on import, thats the way muvizu is and they will always spawn in mid air theres nothing you can do to change that. "
Well, if there's nothing I can do, there's nothing I can do....'cept going back to importing them 1 by 1 (I'm building a medieval village)....
Glad to have the community's support - thank you!
BTW - there some different topics along these lines like importing animated FBX objects & using those animations in MZu, any ideas on how to make it look like a MZu character is waist deep in the ocean/beach, surrounded by waves, etc...but I'll start a separate topics for those....
thanks again,
2015/8/27 0:24:13
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? ukBerty & ziggy72 - tks for the quick replies...a bit more of detail if you could regarding:

@ukBerty - I have too many object to tell if they are below the X axis when it exports. Also - I wated the tut - that was great for setting collision for 1 object but what about for 100?! Also - at the end of the video, the imported object into MuZu still was 1) floating 2) went into a spaz dance....which is a great seque to ....

@Zigg72 - I unchecked "Keep Upright", then unchecked "floats in the air" - so instead of a spaz dance, my object did the "sprayed cockroach flips on its back and kick legs up in the air while dying" dance....just like the end of the above tut BTW...

thanks again for any additional details...
2015/8/26 20:27:15
Import objects to NOT float/snap to grid/ground? Hi - until now I've been importing objects 1 by 1 and it wasn't a hassel to manually lower (or let fall) the imported object to the ground.

Now the challenge is that I just imported dozens of objects as part of a set - and they are all floating...

I've tried:
1 - lowering the model on the XYZ axis BEFORE exporting/importing into MZu.
2 - select all imported objects in MZu, "group"ing them - but unable to "drag" or move them to the ground.
3 - unchecking "floats in the air" drops each object - but sends each object into a wobble, spaz dance (what is that?!).

So I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to either:
1 - import the object so that it is at ground level of MZu after import?
2 - raise the "ground" of Muvizu?
3 - why are the objects having spasms after I uncheck "floats in the air"?

with appreciation,
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2015/8/26 15:19:57
Export FBX + mesh from UE4 into Muvizu? UrbanLamb - Thanks for the quick reply. I started digging in last night...will be taking you up on your offer to ask more questions ;0).
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2015/8/25 23:36:37
Export FBX + mesh from UE4 into Muvizu? I've been sifting through the forums and videos to understand importing assets #nufsaid #newbieblues ;0)....
There are many assets in Unity that I'd like to leverage for Muvizu.
I can export my Unity assets as an FBX object (or a wavefront obj); I can import that FBX file with the static mesh into Unreal 4....(I tried a horse and house). I figure since Muvizu is based on the UR game engine - maybe that would make importing easier?
How do I import the static meshes with of an FBX object OR and wavefront Obj with the .MTL texture file into Muvizu?

I'm using Muvizu Play+...

Sorry to beat an old horse but any help is appreciated....
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2015/8/21 5:00:23
still unable to lengthen skirts OR can I lengthen Hi - I need to lengthen the skirts of the women characters. I've read some earlier postings saying that this can NOT be done - but those posts are from a year ago...has anything changed in the functionality or has anyone discovered a trick to lengthen the skirts?

BTW - besides the skirts being longer (some of the new characters come with long skirts) - the skirts CAN'T have a slit that allows you to see the legs when walking.....

I played with the UV files - no luck there...

Any suggestions as to if this is possible and how to do it OR no - it's not possible and I should stop wasting my time...

thank you in advance,
2015/8/21 3:32:15
Upgrade again? I just upgraded!? Awesome - thanks for the clarification MDW13!
2015/8/19 17:35:50
how to carry a duffel bag over the shoulder? Perfect - thank you ukBerty & drewi!
2015/8/19 16:57:54
Upgrade again? I just upgraded!? Hi - I updated to the "latest" version of Muvizu less than 2 weeks ago - now I'm getting the dialog box saying "A newer version of Muvizu is available. Would you like to install now?"
So my questions are:
1 - do I really need to upgrade again if I upgraded 2 weeks ago (i.e. has HQ added new stuff since 2 weeks ago)?
2 - how do I know what vers of Muvizu I currently have now vs. the version that will be installed?
3 - will I lose files or will any of the sets or "Favorities" (objects & characters) I've created be overwritten if I upgrade?
thank you,
2015/8/18 16:16:51
how to carry a duffel bag over the shoulder? ukBerty (Chris - it's Av ;0)) - yep, changng the order of operations to where I had him walk first then do the wringing of the hands gives the impression (using the camera angle from above and viewing the characters back) of him slinging the bag over his shoulder and slouching Santa style with it!

What do you mean by "I use the "object" action quite a bit for people carrying things in front of them" - do you mean animating the object so that it "follows" the walking of the character?

The carrying in front of the chest I'm looking for is that the character actually "hugs" or holds with their hands the object in front of their chest. I could import the object and attach it to the character's hands but it doesn't quite have that hug/carrying look - make sense?

thank you,
cn aka Av
2015/8/18 3:08:56
how to carry a duffel bag over the shoulder? Wonder if I could get some help from the community ......
I imported & created a duffle bag object and can position the duffle bag onto the left shoulder...the problem I'm having is - I can't make the character grab the duffle bag (think of Santa Claus carrying his bag of toys with 2 hands holding the top of the bag with the rest going over his shoulder & onto his back).
I tried using the "evil hands wringing" character action, which gave the impression of the slouched over look I want BUT when I had the character walk like that, he had a weird, "evil" walking style instead of carrying the bag.....
I'd even be happy if I could get the character to look like he was holding the duffle bag in the front of his chest like when you carry a box...but haven't figured it out
Any suggestions?
thank you,
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