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2015/8/24 16:27:39
Audio issue Thanks, Dylly - appreciate your taking the time to reply. I use a Plantronics headset which has worked well in the past. I'll tinker around and see what I can come up with. Thanks again!

2015/8/22 20:34:03
Audio issue Hi, I'm trying to record audio for a character in Muvizu - everything works fine EXCEPT for the fact that I can barely hear my voice.

1) I turned up the volume all the way in muvizu
2) I checked my headset using the skype audio test and everything worked loudly and clearly.
3) I do have a sound effect on the muvizu timeline - I'm a new user and am wondering if that might be the conflict? I can hear the sound effect fine but not my audio recording.

Please advise.

Thanks, Scott
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