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2016/10/8 16:36:48
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) Get yer fat bellies here

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2016/10/8 13:49:15
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) The problem with the belly is that I'd have to make a set with every combination for every character because we can't upload objects any more. I'll tidy up the UV and post it as a link to my Onedrive account later on today so everyone can download it.
2016/10/7 14:41:06
3D artists: Chubby bellies (and other parts) So I put up a kind of maternity dress - http://www.muvizu.com/Set/46985/Maternity-Dress

Only works on standard 'potato heads', and takes a bit of adjustment to get it to sit right depending on what the character is doing. But hey, it's better than nothing I guess
2016/10/6 20:08:43
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy Hitfilm Pro's object importer puts many 3d packages to shame. I just turned up the reflectivity when I imported it and it looks immediately good. I downloaded the model from somewhere, can't remember, Renderosity maybe.
2016/10/6 17:52:27
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy That explains it then... Big Grin
2016/10/6 16:18:16
Chemistry pack problems Under the 'properties' bit of each object do you not see a 'dominant colour' bar?
2016/10/6 16:15:03
Lion character I re-downloaded the latest version, re-installed, and still can't load the set without the 'unknown format' error. Anyone else having issues?
2016/10/6 16:13:29
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy The ship was called Andromeda, but I had no idea where it comes from. It just looked kinda nasty when you make it all black and shiny like that What series/film is it from?
2016/10/6 16:12:02
More Star Wars? Very nice Clayster, they look the part for sure.
2016/10/4 16:01:52
Opaque Parts Of The Galaxy Hi everyone - here is a music video I made. It'll be up on the Gallery soon, but if you can't wait...

Listen to it LOUD
2016/10/3 20:42:00
Resource Nightmare with lighting What video card do you have? Muvizu needs a high spec video card, always has.
2016/10/3 17:55:37
Import items First step is to unzip them - if you don't get the 'extract all' option when you right click, you need an extractor. I'd recommend 7-Zip.


After that, you Import the file into Muvizu Play (the free version doesn't import) as long as it's an ASE or FBX file. And no, there's no 'dig' action - you will have to fake it.
2016/10/3 14:49:27
Fantasy Pack 2 That is some fancy texturin' you got goin' on there Clayster, top work.

2016/10/2 10:39:19
error saving the scene Confirmed - I also used the UN helmet in a set, and now can't load it (didn't realise that was the problem object, thought it was an object I'd imported). Already sent it in, and they can load it fine in the new build of Muvizu, so you'll probably just have to wait for that. Oddly, I have 4 sets using the exact same helmet, and only 1 gives a problem.
2016/9/30 23:49:26
Help! I made a classroom set you can use : http://www.muvizu.com/Set/35460/Schoolroom-DT1-Mk-2

Actually, scratch that, use this one instead : http://www.muvizu.com/Set/32094/Schoolroom-DT1
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2016/9/30 16:43:49
Heaven Bound Test Render Very very nice. And sparkley
2016/9/30 11:41:11
Heroes bodies and animations. Unfortunately you can't change the shape of the characters bodies (I too hate the ridiculous legs on the Heroine character - she can't even sit down properly!). The skirt physics have been erratic since they were introduced, especially the 'big' skirt which tends to sit up around her waist. This may be fixed at some point, along with the ties, and the keyframing rotation, and etc etc...
2016/9/29 21:17:07
Am I missing something? Yeah, it's easy to get caught up in the fun of making the movie and you just think 'later' for the details. You'll get there Incidentally, there's a Star Trek bridge set (called 1701 for legal reasons ) that you may find handy...
2016/9/29 20:39:28
Am I missing something? Ambitious for a 1st! You put yourself at a disadvantage straight away by uploading at 360p - most people won't watch something that low resolution these days because it looks so bad - 720p is the goal. It's a bit chaotic and it was hard to work out who Jack was as you didn't give us a close up on him when he was first mentioned (the back of this head doesn't count). Some very odd colour choices too (but hey, it's a fairytale so fair enough). At the beginning, the King puts his arm through the throne more than once - if an action does this and you can't get around it, move the camera to hide the clipping. Never show the audience your mistakes! Good effort for your first movie though, and I'm sure you'll only get better with practise
2016/9/29 20:22:15
Am I missing something? Hi Daddycoolj - the good news is that you're not missing anything. The bad news is also that you're not missing anything...

You cannot suspend or elevate a character without them standing on something - the thing they stand on can be set to 'not visible' of course, but they have to stand on something.

The timeline editing problem with changing the length of actions is one of the most commonly asked for features for the very reasons you mention - not going to happen any time soon, I would wager. In order to help with managing actions, it's always best to just trigger the action and then immediately hit an Idle animation - this gives you a starting point and an end point to help you queue up the actions a little better on the timeline. Hope that helps. Going to watch your movie now
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