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2013/4/25 23:36:51
the avengers radio series Like the way they laid out the page - really nice, suits it so well. Congrats Fazz! Applause
2013/4/24 21:16:18
Crash on Zoom I zoom in/out on the Timeline using the keys - the hyphen and equals keys, next to backspace.
2013/4/24 19:56:16
Crash on Zoom So, thought I'd try out Play properly now that it's a bit more fixed. First thing to test was the keyboard zoom - it used to stick halfway. So, I use the keys to zoom all the way in, then all the way out and :

...and it does it every time, even on a set with just one dude in it. Oh well, back to 23b then. Give us a shout when Play works, will ya?
2013/4/23 20:48:49
What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? MrDrWho13 wrote:
I also get many of the sounds from freesound.org

D'oh! Forgot to mention freesound.org - excellent and essential resource, I second that one
2013/4/23 20:01:25
What Video/Audio Editors/Sites do YOU use? WHY? EEFilmz wrote:
Thanks to the cool people who posted here! wow I thought everyone would post!? So much for solidarity huh?

Ooh, that sounds like a challenge

For video editing and my final output, I use Sony Vegas Pro 11, partly because I won it (thanks Muvizu HQ) but mostly because it isn't Premiere. Vegas is easy to learn (I think) and kind of obvious in it's execution when dealing with multiple tracks. The interface is bland though, but it's not really concerned with being pretty. It just does it's job really well.

For audio editing, I use the little known GoldWave program. It's kind of like Audacity, but with a much more intuitive interface and quick selection/editing tools.

As for sites, there are very very many But the main ones I can't do without are :

www.cgtextures.com (free registration, up to 15mb per day downloads of any textures, quality stuff).

www.1001fonts.com (for when you just can't find the font that fits...)

www.renderosity.com (good Free section for downloading 3D models)

www.sharecg.com (excellent free resource for images, textures and models)

Google 3D Warehouse is also essential to download models for use in Sketchup. Other than that, it's just Photoshop and Final Draft (for screenwriting). Hope this helps someone
2013/4/21 18:36:25
So much potential, so many bugs ukBerty wrote:
All I see is that it's a lot harder to identify your shits as there are so many files.

No, I think the wrong word here is 'files' - it should be 'flies' Big Grin
2013/4/20 18:23:59
So much potential, so many bugs ekholbrook wrote:
Plus, the codec I'm saving out to, the quality was really quite good, no noticeable blotches or hiccups or "compression" looking areas and if I weigh that file size (128 megs for a 6 minute, 1280x720 clip!) compared to 4+gigs for the uncompressed (if it even worked), was a no brainer.

Yes, that's great if that's the finished movie, but didn't you then have to convert it into something else to get Premiere to edit it? I'd be interested to know what format and size of file you put into Premiere. Cos I'm nosey
2013/4/19 18:55:56
Time to say goodbye. Good luck with the your future projects - round of applause everyone! Applause
2013/4/19 18:48:55
So much potential, so many bugs Damn, I don't have any other codec packs installed, just k-lite and nout else, so that won't work! I'll try downloading the latest versions of k-lite and Lag, see if that helps. Otherwise, I can just stick with uncompressed - hasn't done me any harm so far Big Grin
2013/4/18 21:14:47
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion "Show if animated" - looks so obvious now you've shown us it, Neil Brilliant stuff!
2013/4/18 20:36:46
Animating properties smoothly How about this - you have, under Property Speed, a drop down menu, and on this are the speed curves you can use. A straight line would be linear, set by a number to indicate the speed (which would be constant, like we have now). A curved line could start slow, speed up, then slow down again (or vice-versa). A wobbly curve would go fast-slow-fast-slow etc. Different shapes would give you a preset type of acceleration/deceleration, and it's sort of obvious so shouldn't confuse anyone. Essentially I'm saying that we should nick the way Sony Vegas visually represents fading sound and video, but use it for moving stuff
2013/4/18 20:23:26
So much potential, so many bugs Marco_D wrote:
Definitely the codecs you installed and the Lagarith Lossless codec are the best to use. In my humble personal opinion

I've tried using the Lag codec, but it always give me a COM Surrogate error message from windows as soon as it tries to 'see' the file and put a thumbnail on it (and fails - can still load it up in Vegas, and the file size is good, but windows keeps generating COM Surrogate error messages in the background). I've had a look through the settings in the klite pack, but can't see anything that helps. Have you ever had this error, Marco?
2013/4/18 19:14:40
Failure to plan is planning to fail! WozToons wrote:
All the advice says don't commit to production until everything is clearly planned and worked out. How many of us actually put that into practise?

<meekly puts up hand>
2013/4/17 21:16:59
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion Yes, quite right Urban, I should really have said "my version of UrbanLamb's idea". My bad
2013/4/17 20:26:52
Double click camera window - CRASH Can't make this happen either - I hadn't allowed Play to update yet, so was trying it in it's original trim. Ran it again, allowed it to update...and still couldn't get it to crash via right clicking/editing on anything.

I never updated .NET or anything when installing (reinstalling it would just wipe out any windows updates which would have to be downloaded again, surely?) and I'm using Win7 x64 with 23b installed as well.
2013/4/17 20:07:49
Showing off my chopper Nice - would having a higher frame rate in the original avi increase the (apparent) rotation speed, do you think? hmm...
2013/4/17 19:59:22
Muvizu:Play 1.0 timeline discussion EEFilmz wrote:
LOVE the SCENE WINDOW and ALL that it does, like being able to select a ton of items at once and select to animate the same objcet property in one click like I did with the bikes, and then just adjust the timing in the timeline slightly

Didn't ever think of doing that - nice one EEF!

EEFilmz wrote:
What if you took the old layout, plus the added features that now exist like snapping etc whatever (I haven't used it so I dunno), and display Timeline and scene window together side-by-side with linked-usage capabilities of the scene window with the Timeline?

Yes, yes, bloody yes! That is much better than my version
2013/4/16 21:54:02
Superman Episode 4 is done Okay, yes, Llamas with Hats was funny (especially the boat one) so I take back what I said about animals wearing hats Big Grin
2013/4/16 20:01:16
Superman Episode 4 is done Regards duration, I think that the story sets it's own time limit really. If you were to cut the Superman episodes down into, say, 10 minute chunks, it would be too fragmented because it wasn't written that way. And you've have to re-explain where you were up to in the plot before each part, which would occupy even more time...

Let your projects find their own length, I would advocate (to everyone), and don't worry about the opinions of those who lack the attention span to formulate an intelligent opinion in the first place. If people like what you're doing, they'll watch it all - regardless of duration. If they don't, then leave them to their 2 minute vids of cats in hats or whatever moronic trend is happening at the moment, you don't need them
2013/4/16 19:45:58
So much potential, so many bugs ekholbrook wrote:
4) Does not utilize multiple cores, so the app was churning away when I went to save out the final movie, yet only 25% of the CPU was being used. A little disappointing. And more so because of # 5 below

Yeah, I complained about this one ages ago - it's a limitation of the Unreal engine, and without moving to a different game engine is unlikely to change (in the near future at least).

ekholbrook wrote:
5) Saving out uncompressed AVI, the resulting movie is invalid. This last one just pushed me over the edge. It created a 4gig file for a 6 minute clip that took nearly 3 hours to generated. Obviously no GPU processing going on to help out here, not using all cores. But of course the killer is...I CAN"T PLAY THE MOVIE!!

59 seconds - that's your limit per clip. Of course, Muvizu can output up to 20 minutes in one shot, but there's a file size limitation in windows which messes up playback of files larger than 2gb with audio, and using the high-end codecs always creates enormous (but nice looking) files. Compile your sub 1 minute clips in a video editor, then export it from that instead. Muvizu isn't good at creating a final edit. If you really need longer shots, then use a lesser codec to keep the file size down below the 2gb cutoff.

As for your other problems, you can get around a lot of that by using the older 23b version of Muvizu, not the new Muvizu Play which has...issues Hope any of this helps.
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