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2013/4/11 22:07:42
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
Maybe like this?

Yeah, that kinda thing
2013/4/11 20:29:16
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Dreeko wrote:
Surely it would be better to only have the timeline for an object etc created once it has been animated ( or directed as we call it) rather than the second in appears on set?

I shudder to think what Ukberty's and Ziggy72's timelines look like!

You know Dreeko, I didn't even try. I posted in this thread early on, after a quick mess around with Play, got Rosie to roll her eyes (brilliant looking when you can animate the eye size too!!), then closed Play and went back to work on my latest set with the 23b version. Then, watched with growing horror/bemusement/happiness/frustration in equal measure as this thread just got bigger and bigger with problems, some good bits, then bugs, more bugs, bugs on bugs, and the final realisation (as UrbanLamb pointed out) that the Timeline is just wrong for Muvizu. Might be right for something else, yeah, but not this program.

Another thing I realised after Neil's post (which was indeed very welcome, thanks dude) was that something I complained about ages ago (the vast expanses of wasted space on the old timeline) has been sorted, but now it seems like I'm complaining the other way and in fact it's too dense and tiny. Then it hit me - when I upgraded my machine with a (damn fine) video card, I also upgraded my monitor so that I could use the program in 1080p, not the 720 I'd used before. The full HD resolution is great, but it scales everything right down, and so the new Timeline now looks unusably tiny (to me anyway). Also, I'm not sitting a foot away from the screen like you do when at a desk.

Anyway, regardless of font sizes, having those tiny controls under the Timeline doesn't work at all - they should be bigger, and probably at the top of the Timeline window, closer to the centre of the screen where they are easily accessible. If you really want to keep newbies informed, show them the buttons to press. Can't hurt

Rambling on a bit, but all I really wanted to say was this - Dreeko's right. He's spot on, in everything he said in his post. If it ain't animated, I ain't interested - get it off the Timeline.
Neil wrote:
I can see how showing everything by default can be frankly a bit poo if you have a large set, but we have to consider the opposite problem of an inexperienced user opening the timeline for the first time and seeing it completely empty and not knowing how to (or realising they can) make things visible.

What about the camera? If you start anew, there is always 1 camera. Always. So, when a newbie sees the Timeline for the first time, and the only thing on it is Camera 1, and he looks at his set and it's blank except for a single camera... Well, if you can't work that one out then you shouldn't be allowed out of the house, let alone near a PC. If you want to have the flexibility to have absolutely everything on the Timeline the user could want, just add that as a right click option - "Add to Timeline". The item's track would be added, regardless of whether it was animated or not. All animated items are added to the Timeline by default as soon as you hit Record. How about that?

(the paperback edition of this post will be availlable soon)
2013/4/10 19:24:39
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback ukBerty wrote:
If I copy and paste the character then the direction works again, but all movement and actions seem to be lost (is that right Ziggy - I thought they came over with a copy now ??).

I was just referring to copying and pasting within the same set, where they used to adopt different starting expressions regardless of the expression slider setting, whereas now they don't. I would assume they still lose all actions and movement, same as before, when copied and pasted. I don't mind that so much - at least now we can wipe the smile off their faces!
2013/4/10 19:17:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback MrDrWho13 wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Also, I worked out that the movie I'm working on is half an hour, and I typically use at least 4 cameras per shot, each shot can't last more than a minute due to the file size issue (which is still there, I checked), and it has to be the highest quality, so to do it without the logo works out as...£1800?! Whaaaaa?

Well, lets hope that you make lots of cash with it when you sell it to Pixar or something! ;-)

Actually DW13, my alarmed looking smiley was in reference to the fact that my movie is not going to happen, not with this method of pricing. Flat rate, one off, or nothing. It's just the way I make movies - I generate a ton of footage and direct it though editing (like real films, funnily enough). The current pricing method is of no consequence to me, unfortunately, as I'm never going to use it. If there's not going to be a 'pro' version, then this movie's not going to happen.
2013/4/10 0:04:12
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback One more thing - thanks for adding the 'hands behind the back' pose as Handcuffed, but I really need it to work on a sitting character. Is that do-able? Also, I worked out that the movie I'm working on is half an hour, and I typically use at least 4 cameras per shot, each shot can't last more than a minute due to the file size issue (which is still there, I checked), and it has to be the highest quality, so to do it without the logo works out as...£1800?! Whaaaaa?
2013/4/9 21:29:04
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback toonarama wrote:
Ziggy - they are in assets > content packs

Ah, so they are, thanks Toon - I thought when I downloaded the Full version of Muvizu it included all the content packs. Off to meddle
2013/4/9 20:55:39
Muvizu:Play (V1.0) Feedback Initial thought after a quick mess around - They fixed the eye size problem!! You can animate eye size AND eye movement without them wiping each other out! Dreeko, it's finally happened!! And you can snap to Cue Points if you want - Mysto!! They heard you! Big Grin And Expressiveness actually means what it says - turn it down to nothing, and you have an (almost) neutral expression - brilliant. Also, now the characters have predictable expressions after copying and pasting - so very very welcome...as is having a scale bar relating to size, rather than to...to whatever it was supposed to relate to before

The fonts are still too small, and the Timeline looks tiny on a 1080 display, but the filter is a cool idea and also very welcome. Actually, why are the icons so small? I use the keyboard to control it anyway, but why make the play/stop/record buttons so tiny? I feel some newbies will lose the plot at first sight of the new Timeline (assuming they have good enough eyesight to actually read it, of course )

It's all looking good though, and Rosie has some good looks - lovin' the physics on the hair and clothes, really nice.

One question though - were are the Costumes & Clothes add-ons?
2013/4/6 13:32:23
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me ukBerty, I'm using the older exporter (for techncal reasons) so if the newer Muvizu one has a different location or name then please someone chip in and let Vincent know

Also Vincent, igonore the Collada stuff for now, not really needed.
2013/4/5 23:36:04
Coming Soon... Mmm, lovely lovely dark...
2013/4/5 19:20:49
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... You need to download the ASE plugin for Sketchup, here :

And you need Sketchup, which is free and located here :

Copy the muvizuaseexporter.rb file into the Sketchup Plugins folder.

Load your mouse model, or whatever you got from 3D Warehouse, into Sketchup and export it as an ASE file (from the Plugins menu, HardPCM Exporter For Unreal Tournament).

Then watch this tutorial :http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17248/Tutorial-06-Building-sets-Importing-3D-models

It gets easier after that, honest
2013/4/3 20:26:21
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... You can also copy and paste objects/characters/etc between sets (as long as it's in the same session, and you don't close Muvizu). If you want to make a mouse then Sketchup or Blender is a good way to start, or download one from here :


It's all free
2013/4/3 20:23:00
Glasses? Actually, by 'expand' I meant click on the little arrow to drop down the options, but double clicking works too
2013/4/2 23:24:49
Glasses? Right click on him, then from Appearance expand Face, then select Glasses for your choices.
2013/4/2 19:55:58
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 WallabyWanks wrote:
Oh Alright Ill Take That off Then Next Episode.

That should keep the Muvizu gods happy
2013/4/2 19:43:58
I cannot add a 'mouse'.... Hi Imich. You're right, there should really be a mouse in there, but until there is you can either download one from Google 3D Warehouse, or make one yourself. Either way, you'd best start by watching this tutorial :http://www.muvizu.com/Video/17248/Tutorial-06-Building-sets-Importing-3D-models
2013/4/1 18:21:00
The Wallaby Way Episode 1 Yeah, very nice, but I don't think Muvizu will take too kindly to you obscuring the logo - it's there for a reason.
2013/3/29 18:03:49
How do I make a character "float" and lie down? Hi Canuck - your post reminded me a great tutorial video Dreeko put up ages ago regards this very subject :


Hope that helps
2013/3/29 18:01:52
what muvizu software should i download for window7 Hi CM, try the x32 bit version instead, it will work in either 32 or 64 bit versions of Windows (whereas the x64 bit version doesn't).
2013/3/28 21:41:06
ASE importer link Actually Lulu, all my .rb files show up with white icons too. You only get an icon on a file if Windows knows what kind of file it is, and Windows doesn't usually 'get' .rb files. Regardless, copy it into your plugins folder, it will work all the same because Sketchup knows what kind of file it is (icon or not).
2013/3/25 19:40:35
Edit Environment sloped sky backgrounds? That actually works quite well, although you have to scale the fighter down to reduce the 'warp' effect of the sphere through the camera. I think that's about as big a dome as you'll be able to import into Muvizu. Maybe two half domes, with a gap inbetween,so you can still see the stars on the skyglobe? That might give you 360 degree coverage while hiding the floor and the texture 'pinch' at the top of the skyglobe...
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