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2012/10/17 20:12:29
new user Hi perri, welcome aboard

We don't usually do object trading on here (copyright issues, intellectual property, etc etc) so your best bet is to import it yourself using Sketchup - this covers it


If that's not your bag, or you can't get anyone to make one for you (horses are tricky) then start pleading with Muvizu to include horses (or a quadruped character with interchangeable heads/tails, which is my vote personally. Lots of animals out there could be covered by just one new character...). There's a lot of different requests across the forums, as I'm sure you're already noticed, so patience is advised
2012/10/17 19:59:12
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! theKodu wrote:
A little bit of a classic styled screenshot for a video I'm working on

Nice - so very very dark... look forward to it
2012/10/17 0:56:05
Superhero Adventures Episode 2 It's a little glitchy still, but as I promised, here is my first take on making the cape ripple (a bit).

I'll post a tutorial or something as to how it's done, but suffice to say it's a trick not a solution
2012/10/17 0:51:28
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. EEfilmz, I didn't see your message on my set file - you have to remember that Muvizu doesn't message you when someone posts a comment on any assets you upload. Unless you check every one of your uploaded items every day, there's no way to keep tabs if someone asks a question. Anyway, the 'object too small' message is quite common with 0.22b, and isn't anything to worry about (I use a lot of imported objects, and Muvizu objects )

As for Sketchup, I'd advise trying again. Really, if you want the whole Movie thing to happen, you've got to take the initiative. True, over half the objects you try wont work with Muvizu, but the other half will and they'll make your film work. There's no substitute for the laborious tedium of sifting through dozens of different models to find that perfect one that just works, and Muvizu likes. It's all worth it, trust me!
2012/10/16 21:27:07
I'd LOVE to see a Hollywood MOVIE FILMmakers PAK.. Google Warehouse for Sketchup. Tons of stuff like this on there, download it, import it, job done. Waiting for Team Muvizu to leap into (rendered) action on a specific themed request is not really a viable option considering that they have a thousand other options to sort out too Learn to use Sketchup (it's dead easy, really, if you only want to use it for importing) and Muvizu becomes less inhibiting in it's limitations. Highly, highly recommend it.
2012/10/16 21:18:46
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! "would make now make sense" ?!! Oops - always review what you've written, people, or else you get that!
2012/10/16 20:01:36
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Here's my entry. What do you think? I call it: 'The living dead'

edited by MrDrWho13 on 16/10/2012

Hell yeah, that's better! Should've left the original up though, so that we could see the progression (and so that my original response would make now make sense ) but nevermind, that's good!
2012/10/15 20:15:22
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! MrDrWho13 wrote:
Here's my entry. What do you think? I call it: 'The living dead'

I reckon you need more - it isn't Muvizu-ish enough. To go on the main page, I think you need to show something that sells the idea of what Muvizu can do. Also, the arm could just be a detached arm, stuck in a clenched fist, sitting there in the ground - the colour tells you it's dead, how do we know it's living? That's your challenge right there, my friend!
2012/10/15 19:13:41
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects Jamie wrote:
I can't see any problems with the Medieval tent, the texture works fine for me, do you have a screen shot of the problem? Did you import it with id texture enabled?

D'oh! Forgot to turn on id textures, tent's fine, thanks Jamie. But the other models mentioned are still not selectable, id or not. Oddly though, you can still see them on the Scene Window - you can select them, edit them, you just can't move them or interact with them in any other way.
2012/10/14 6:21:33
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! WozToons wrote:
Might be wise to add the logo.

The loading pictures don't have the Muvizu logo on them, so I would expect it's not needed in this case. Anyway, Muvizu HQ can always put it back on if they want
2012/10/14 1:41:45
Spooky Halloween #1 challenge! I call it "Digging Up Daddy"

2012/10/13 16:58:22
Non Selectable Muvizu Objects Okay, try this one - download then import in the mediæval castle wall 02 model. Now try and select it. No joy? Okay, try Filling station billboard then - not only not selectable after import, but the texture has gone wrong. Texture also askew on the mediæval tent model too, although at least you can select it. My point is, I think you need to revisit the 3D assets to check why they're no longer working correctly with the current version(s) of Muvizu, and how many have these problems (I found 3 after trying 8 models...)

I was going to build a castle, y'see, which is how I found out. I already knew the billboard didn't work (sent Jamie an email about it ages ago) but didn't realise it applies to some of the other Muvizu objects too.
2012/10/12 20:24:14
Never able to import Video...Need Help Step 1+.... You know, I'm becoming more and more convinced that a recent Windows update screwed everyone's codecs to some degree (mine included, as it happens). Wether the default ones work or you have to install the K-lite ones, just go with whatever Muvizu and your editors are happy to work with. It's a black art, all this codec stuff! Good to know your life has become less stressful
2012/10/11 20:15:59
Darth Vader In any non-hero Characters Appearance tab, look under Face >Face Mask then Space Villain <cough> The lawyers got twitchy there for a moment...
2012/10/11 20:09:42
The CrucifiXion Ver 2 EEFilmz wrote:
I always get confused on those pages, they make it so you accidentally download from some 3rd party AD! which ones are the actual Links I need?

You're absolutely right EEF, I forgot about all those screens with 2 million DOWNLOAD NOW! buttons on them. I've gotten so used to them, I just cut to the chase. The basic codec pack link (which was at the end of a chain of 3 pages!) is here :


Big blue button on the right, can't miss it - that's the actual file link.

And same again for the 64 bit version :


I hope this helps everyone who struggles to download these things through the wall of spam.
2012/10/10 19:40:09
The CrucifiXion Ver 2 Download this one first (basic pack) :

Then the 64 bit ones too, at the bottom of the list. Install the basic pack, restart machine, install the 64 bit ones, then you should be fine.
2012/10/9 20:47:23
Spikes appearing I also had these spikes appear on my old ATI video card when it was under any kind of load (which is why I ditched it and went with the Nvidia instead). Is your card clocked at all, Berty? Since it only happens after a while, it could just be heat related.
2012/10/7 22:03:32
How do i personalize superhero costumes? Freeman wrote:
I also think cut miniskirt use transparent color but in the uv map the skirt there is not.

You're right, there is no UV map for the skirt, you just use a .png file and select it as the skirt texture directly inside Muvizu. Just click on the Skirt colour box, and choose your texture from your PC. This only works on the 'old' Muvizu characters, the Heroine character does not currently support transparent textures on the skirt.

As for the superheroes textures, I don't know what you mean - there is a head, legs, torsoe, and left & right hand textures (for Beefy alone). There are a whole bunch of other UV textures for his clothes too, but all the new hero characters have these basic 5 UV maps.
2012/10/7 16:56:12
How do i personalize superhero costumes? Freeman wrote:
i want to change length skirt and transform to miniskirt.

This one's quite easy - create your textured file for the skirt, but leave the bottom 2/3 blank (transparent) on the .png file. When you apply this as a texture on the skirt, it becomes a mini skirt.
2012/10/4 11:41:24
dress texture problem :) This has been a bit of an issue for a while now. Doesn't seem to happen all the time, on every skirt. The lighting you use seems to exaggerate the effect too, so it's worth seeing how it looks in different lights.
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