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2011/3/1 22:47:30
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! artpen wrote:
RESULT- ONE BROKEN CAMCORDER , One Crap movie of action man break dancing badlyCursing

So yes , Muvizu is AWESOME

HA! Exactly right, we had the will but zero equipment to do it (would still love to have seen your video though! ) Awesome indeed!
2011/3/1 20:59:04
Key Mapping I can also highly recommend this bizarre looking peripheral.

I couldn't fly around my set without it! (good for games too, and you can program the keys/stick to be whatever you like)
2011/3/1 20:24:35
this Muvizu is AWESOME!! bigwally wrote:
I've waited almost 40 years for something like Muvizu. Everything else was too clumsy to be of any use. I've even created real animation on an old Atari 8-bit computer back in the early 90's. Muvizu is the shizz!

I first tried to do computer animation on my brother's ZX Spectrum 48k. In 1981. Seriously. You could rewrite text blocks (8x8 pixel grid) and change each text block in a sequence to fake something moving. Painful, painful process. Took a week of trial and error to get a walk cycle for the bottom half of a single character (the top half just a pixel grid pretending to be a picture) and then I gave up. And then I, too, discovered the joys of the Atari ST. Great machine - my first renders, fractals, music sequencers, and then I got distracted and spent most of my time playing Midwinter. Fun though!
2011/3/1 20:13:43
Uploaded sets and 3d assets Sorry to intrude, just passing by, saw a place to say 'I've built and uploaded a set' and I thought Hey! That Dreeko's a very impatient chap, isn't he? The mere mention of object packs and he wants to know everything NOW! Gimme! Now! Gotta go build sets Now! Go D!

Anyway, uploaded the Hipster Bebop Junkies set and just wanted to point out that the picture doesn't really reflect how much stuff is lying around, especially down the dark end of the street. Bit of a dump down there, if that's what yer after. And the colours really would need to be redone on a lot of the objects to make them look a bit more normal.

PS have you ever noticed that Dreeko's puppet eyes follow you around the room? And the forum?
2011/2/28 19:34:58
Sonotones. New video clip Excellent first attempt - liked the little end bit too
2011/2/23 19:49:21
My First Effort freakmoomin wrote:
pyrrho wrote:
claireq wrote:
I can sense good things to come from you in the future

Good grief, Claire's gone all Deanna Troi on us again.


The woman who almost single handedly brought star trek to its knees.......Troi not claire

Oh, you're wrong there Freakmoomin - Deanna only ever sensed 'great pain', or 'great sorrow', or 'loss, terrible loss'. Honestly, she had the worst superpower you can have! And she never sensed the bloody solution to anything, daft bint.
2011/2/22 21:12:25
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Neil wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
@Neil Hang on a minute, I'm with Dreeko here - the eye size and eye look are on separate tracks on the timeline, with separate blocks to show the actions - how can one overwrite the other? I know they're on the same tab to control them, but even so, even there they are independant of each other. Confused

They're on separate tracks, but because they're on the same "direct dialog", they're linked and can't be recorded individually. Don't shout at me, I didn't write that bit.

Hey, I'm not shouting, merely grumbling
2011/2/22 21:06:59
Grrr. Damn the disappearing tie! Yeah, with you on that one Dreeko - had the same problem with my producer in the Troggs Tapes. Tried to cut around it, but couldn't really hide it. Clipping in general is a problem - will the new engine upgrade help at all, guys?
2011/2/22 0:01:25
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn @Neil Hang on a minute, I'm with Dreeko here - the eye size and eye look are on separate tracks on the timeline, with separate blocks to show the actions - how can one overwrite the other? I know they're on the same tab to control them, but even so, even there they are independant of each other. Confused
2011/2/21 23:51:02
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Dreeko wrote:

Sorry mate, out of stock...
2011/2/19 19:29:18
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn I've had a similar issue with the eyelid animations sometimes disappearing if I do them before I animate the eyes, and then sometimes the eye animations disappear if I do the lids first - never worked it out, and could never repeat it. Never had the head movements disappear like that though...very odd.
2011/2/16 20:34:03
Interface & Timeline Something else I just thought of - would it be possible to have the avatar picture on the the left here show an icon on it, or something like that, to let us know whether or not we're a fan of that person? The reason I ask is that I keep forgetting who I've already 'Become A Fan' of, and it would save me going and checking.
2011/2/14 21:18:26
Ziggys new animation Thanks muthaf**ker!
2011/2/14 20:09:41
Ziggys new animation First off, a huge thankyou to Toonarama for taking the time to create a post to promote someone else's work (how's that for autruism!).

Secondly, I understood when I posted it that there might be a teensy weensy bit of a problem with the language although, like Pyrroh, I'm a little surprised that this particular clip should have caused a problem so quickly, when there are other very sweary Muvizu vids out there. Such is life.

The site will change, warnings will be issued for naughty clips, so it's not really all that bad. As long as you can still see it on YT, I'm happy.

@Freakmoomin - my reason for doing the movie was to bring this wonderful stupidity to the world - most people I've talked to about it had never heard of the Troggs Tapes either, and this will not do! Gotta sprinkle some fairydust over the bastards!
2011/2/11 17:31:07
Sad old man Brilliant - the only thing that would have made it sadder would've been doing it in black & white (but that's just me I think!). Like Freakmoomin said, beautifully shot too. What was the music, by the way?
2011/2/11 17:27:37
Interface & Timeline Neil wrote:
The camera windows also have yesterday's drag-and-drop functionality so you can drag a camera texture straight out of the camera window and onto a texture property in an edit dialog.

You can do what!?! Now you're just freaking us out, man!
2011/2/10 23:44:33
Interface & Timeline @ Neil - I wont go through them all again, but suffice to say I'm well happy at the proposed changes/updates and glad to think I'm contributing to something that will make all our lives easier (potentially, at least!) in the future. Couple of observations on your list :

Yes, I'd still turn off the mouse prompts even if I had a hundred screens (I actually use 2 just now, so being able to spread Muvizu around will be excellent)

Can't get us guns, eh? Point me at these Vince and Barry characters, I have posts to write!

2011/2/9 22:02:41
Colour picker/eyedropper Awesome news! Well, to sad cases like me and Dreeko anyway To everyone else I'm sure it'll just be a nice little feature!
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2011/2/8 21:57:53
Colour picker/eyedropper Neil wrote:
I'm unfamiliar with Word's Format Painter, could you please describe it? Ta. .

Sure - you select a block of text, click on the Format Painter button, and whatever you click on next has the same font, colour, size, etc applied to it as the first block of text. I could see something similiar in Muvizu, where the 'format' of one object could be applied to another (and not just colour, perhaps).

Neil wrote:
Have you used the custom colours in the colour picker? I understand that it's not what you're looking for, but would allow you to copy colours from one object to another without having to write down RGB values.

Actually I haven't - I don't quite know what you mean (must've missed that tutorial somewhere!). Hang on...

Oh right, you can drag the colour off the top and down onto the swatches. I did not know you could do that. Nice. Is that what you mean by using the custom colours?
2011/2/8 19:51:55
Colour picker/eyedropper @ Neil Thanks for the (in-depth!) reply, and I see what you mean about the difficulty of how to do it. Personally, I usually just want to make one object the same colour as another, like the Format Painter in Word and the like, so I can clone the colour scheme from, say, one guitar to another. Is that more do-able, you think?
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