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2011/1/30 14:26:39
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Oh dear, I seem to be finding more stuff...

This time, it's a wierd effect only seen at distance - I have a fat man character with a beard (not the fake option) and he looks fine in Unlit mode, but when he's Lit his beard dissapears the further the camera gets from him (a block at a time). This effect also appears to effect eyelids and faces at distance when Lit - you can actually see it in Freshsmint's Police Academy vid (the female officer has a white block of missing skin under her eyes). I'm shooting around it for now, but...help!
2011/1/25 22:36:40
facial animation workaround Finally, we can animate Spock AND Roger Moore!
2011/1/25 22:34:27
Opacity workaround Brilliant, thanks for that! Although, you might actually want a glass vehicle for some reason...Wonder Woman's plane, perhaps? Anyway, off to break the windows out of an old Capri!
2011/1/24 0:06:29
Opacity workaround Good Posting

Nice one - any ideas on how you could get car windows to do the same? I'd really love to have cars you can see into. Is there something in Sketchup I can change to enable the opacity to work? I've tried every import option to get them, and it just aint happening.
2011/1/23 15:08:23
Creating a story for new animated series... Excellent link Hoots Mon - thanks!
2011/1/21 23:09:44
bleeding edge beta and things that made me go hmmn Me again, with another gripe (sorry). When you import an object from Sketchup or whatever, if the list of colours in the object properties window are too long the scale bars are out of sight, and therefore not able to be changed. Also can't make it float in the air or be stood on (I assume those controls are still there too, just can't see them). Could we have an option to flick the bottom (non colour) controls up to the side of the properties window? Or am I just missing an obvious way to reach these contols?
2011/1/21 21:43:56
BIGGER CAMERA WINDOW I use two monitors as well, so big thumbs up for that!!
2011/1/18 20:24:14
Ghost House episode 6 Yup, brilliant it is - and I bet not many people seen the end joke. People have no patience.
2011/1/18 20:12:18
Ghost house episode 5 ...And speaking of bollocks, just look at the comments on youtube - people slagging each other off, nothing to do with anything! At least here (on Muvizu) people manage to remain civil and on-topic. Bloody hate youtube. Anyway, great episode!
2011/1/18 19:53:19
Ghost house episode 4 Michael Mann - that's who leaves me comatose. Michael Bay, Michael Winner, hmm... starting to see a pattern here?
2011/1/18 0:42:41
Ghost House episode 3 Why ain't these on Muvizu's gallery? Anyway, excellent stuff.
2011/1/18 0:24:58
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters F**cking brilliant. Just getting in the spirit
2011/1/18 0:23:33
Hello Yes, it's a local forum for local people...
2011/1/15 22:54:56
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters I know this topic has been quiet for a while, but I'd like to first of all agree with Matt's suggestion (look up a couple of posts, I'm not going to quote it again ya lazy people!) and ask for some clarification on adult language. I'm about to start a new animation, which has wall to wall swearing in it (for comedic purposes, you understand) and I would like it to be listed here on the good ship Muvizu, not just on YouTube (assuming they haven't randomly closed my account again). I was intending to start it's description with a BIG WARNING ABOUT BAD LANGUAGE anyway, but will that suffice?
2011/1/9 21:54:29
Can lip-sync be made more precise? Also, you can just fake it - record yourself speaking the lines of a song (without any music, and as in- time as possible) and use that to animate the lip sync, then overdub the actual music track later. Looks better, I think.
2011/1/3 22:15:56
moviereshape Yup, that is freaky - but it does explain how they make David Schwimmer look human
2010/12/29 20:59:25
This Side of Midnight He wont, he's a spammer - he's posted 4 identical links in random threads. Camels? Click at your own risk I guess.
2010/12/27 1:03:27
fix poor quality audio I've also found that pointing the mic at your throat, rather than your mouth, improves the overall sound and avoids the hard "puh" sound that you'll sometimes get. And I use Goldwave to clean up my audio - does a nice job of pop/click removal as well as noise reduction.
2010/12/17 18:39:23
MachinExpo / Muvizu Competition. Deadline Dec 10th It is a great video, and a worthy winner. Nice one.

(I was going to enter a movie too, but halfway through I realised I'd written a monster that would take months to realise, and then I realised I'd misunderstood the competition's intent anyway- they meant holidays as in Christmas, Easter, etc, not the vacations I had envisaged - do'h!! Still going to make it though. At some point.)
2010/12/14 20:15:37
Awesome stop-motion Lego animation Ultra violence and kids toys - what a brilliant combination!

@mysto Sounds like an interesting idea actually, you should try something and see how it goes.
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