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2016/10/3 19:41:34
Resource Nightmare with lighting Why , pray tell, is this little program such a resource hog? I can run an old Unreal server and open up another copy and join my own game while watching Youtube videos on this same computer while having facebook open but when I add lighting to say an outdoor area and I mean just ambient lighting to the enviroment it all goes to crap almost. It becomes very uncontrollable and I just decided to render a 5 minute clip with the lights on in 720 and when I checked 25 minutes later it had 9 hours and 59 minutes to go. I for sure do not have a top of the line machine but I make Vegas videos nightly for someone who does broadcasting and while the videos render I watch videos and what-not and some of these videos are up to 2 hours in length. When Muvizu runs with lights on and rendering I cannot hardly control my mouse on the desktop. Whats up with this?
I made maps for old unreal online video game for about 15 years on and off and I have a current map that is probably the largest map ever conceived in the game editor. I ran it on my server several months ago and joined my own game and it ran smooth across the internet.
I don't understand this resource hog. Do I need to set Muvizu to above normal priority in the task manager and just let it do it's thing?
2016/10/3 15:36:13
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble
2016/10/3 15:35:43
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble
2016/10/3 15:35:12
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble
2016/10/3 15:34:44
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble
2016/10/3 15:34:10
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble
2016/10/3 15:33:35
Not a Video but It is an Ensemble Ok so I put together this ensemble cast of some of the past and present characters in The Walking Dead series. I have just begun the tedious task of coloring the rest of the head and only have about 3 or 4 done in that manner. Some do not really need it since I hid several with hair and various other things and just blended the color approximate to the face. The characters that usually have special weapons have them and carry them in their hands Daryl-Crossbow, Rick-Python, Morgan-Staff, Michonne-Katana, Governor-AK-47, Merle-Prosthetic and Negan-Bat. Merle even has a jar full of the blue Meth they referenced from the Braking Bad series from the same network.

2016/9/30 2:55:48
Am I missing something? Nope !! Not North Carolina here but instead L.A. ~ Lower Alabama. Grew up with Andy. I am at the young age of 60 and have always been an Andy Griffith fan.
2016/9/29 20:58:04
Am I missing something? ziggy72 wrote:
It's a bit chaotic and it was hard to work out who Jack was as you didn't give us a close up on him when he was first mentioned (the back of this head doesn't count).

Jack was meant to be introduced in a slow manner because it is not revealed until later just how short he is compared to the Princess.
Yea I had several mistakes in the clip. Some were timing issues while others were like what you said about the arm thru the chair.
I had so many hours in it by the time near the end and I saw that arm thing I just said heck with it since it was a first and I was excited to get it out. I am taking more time with the little things now as I learn this stuff.
2016/9/29 20:49:21
Am I missing something? Yea thanks for the tips. I had to use invisible blocks in the scene with the gold car because the characters fell thru and the tiniest blocks would not go anywhere inside. I had to seat both characters outside the vehicle and use camera angle to mask it mostly. When I made this it was a couple weeks ago and I have learned so much more about the program already including lighting. This is a way too much fun program for someone with a lot of time on their hands. LOL !!
I had only played with the free version of the program about a week and told myself you just gotta buy it !!
Since getting this software I have learned some of the delicacies of sketchup, splashup for importing real faces, gimp and of course Muvizu. This thing sure has put me thru the paces in a month's time.
I am planning out a Star Trek muvie now. I have imported and saved so much Star Trek stuff from the Sketchup warehouse that I had to create a folder just for the items. I managed to bring in whole Star Trek Bridges, engineering decks and various other large, but scaled-down, things like cities and what-not. Got big plans for this next one.
I am sure there will be many little ones in-between but Star Trek is slapping at me hard since I grew up on the stuff. LOL
2016/9/29 19:51:19
Help With Sony Vegas I use Sony Vegas pro exclusively. I output Muvizu in the regular MP4 format and it loads right into Vegas with no problems. I output in Vegas in Mainconcept avc and it always works like a charm with any file I throw at it.

Well I feel stupid as a newbie answering a 4 year old question. LOL I will leave it here anyway.
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2016/9/29 19:45:50
Am I missing something? Hey guys !! I have only been working with Muvizu for a few short weeks but feel like I have actually come a long way. In this short time I have also become familiar with sketchup and importing models into Muvizu.
I have come across a few situations already where you are trying to place a character within a fairly complex model and because of either too many collision points or the lack of them I have wanted to just float a character slightly above an area or item without the use of invisible objects because they can actually become lost and you cannot regain control of said object again i.e. invisible block. Is there no physics to just suspend a character in the air without the use of other objects?
Another question I have is on timeline editing. Let's say you are wanting to edit a character action and it is packed up against other actions on both sides. Is there not a way to shorten the duration of that action so that it can be adjusted? I have right-clicked on the offending action and it brings up edit or delete. I choose edit but all that is available to edit is the start position. The duration time is not editable in my paid version of Muvizu. It would be so nice to just be able to split the action and delete one of the two sections like you can do in such programs as Sony Vegas. Am I just missing something about this edit action function. Can you do it from only a certain timeline like tools/timeline or maybe direct/timeline. If this function is not available to be able to shorten an existing action etc... The software sure needs to have this option.
My first Muvie !!
yes I did borrow from some already made sets afterall it was my first time.
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