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2017/12/8 2:18:41
Licence Key Not working anymore You're not alone. Exact same thing happened to me. Last message I got from support 12-1-17 was,

"You need to wait, we now have a bit of software problems, after the web site can be downloaded after the use of
I hope you will wait patiently
If the website is restored, we will contact you by mail

Best Regards
Customer service
2016/4/25 21:27:08
Flying Airplanes Wow! Thanks for that valuable tip. That could be useful in a lot of ways.
2016/4/25 21:21:02
Flying Airplanes PatMarrNC wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
3) a third option might be to see if you can find or model a 3d prop, and use keyframes to move it in the Muvizu environment.

I've had trouble in the past with rotating objects in Muvizu, it seems they have a 360 degree limit, so you could turn it once, but you might have to turn it back again. Animating it with the old system may still work though.

did you experience that with keyframes? if so, hmmmm.
But, if that's true, by putting the prop in its own layer all you need is one 360 degree rotation exported as video to use as a backdrop texture, and the perpetual animation will take care of it

You know, it seems like somebody would have created a spinning propeller and put it in the store by now. Same for spinning wheels on a car. There's all sorts of boiler-plate scenes that come up all the time that would be greatly appreciated in an accessory pack

Which prompts a question: if a set contains a backdrop with an AVI animation of a spinning prop or a rotating wheel... could that backdrop/animation be saved in favourites and used again in other projects? If so, that would be a good way to put these solutions in a SET that could be made available to others.

That it would!
2016/4/25 17:28:37
Flying Airplanes PatMarrNC wrote:
yeah, for a plane scene, if you put clouds on a backdrop, and set the backdrop's animation to move the clouds toward the tail of the plane, even though the plane is not moving, the relative motion between the plane and the clouds will create the illusion that it's the plane that's moving past the clouds, instead of the other way around.

You've already noticed that trying to move the vehicle causes other problems, so in muvizu moving the background is generally an easier and more controlled way of getting the effect you want.

But it *IS* possible to move vehicles too. It all depends on how you you choose to present the scene to your audience. Creativity goes in every direction. ;-)
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Thanks, Pat. I was hoping to be able to lock the two items. Thanks for the example too. Now, I just gotta find a spinning propeller!
2016/4/23 22:25:41
Flying Airplanes How do you keep a character in the cockpit with the airplane moving?
2016/1/29 12:30:08
Beefy Man Does anyone know how to remove those swirls that move around this character?
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