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2019/7/18 22:52:31
Write a letter Thanx a million, ikes. It worked! I looked everywhere for the action without luck. I thought Boardroom was Bathroom and didn´t look there....
2019/7/17 20:40:07
Write a letter Is it possible to get a character to write a letter with a pen? I have noticed that there is a pen but no action ...
2019/7/17 20:29:08
Write a letter Is it possible to get a character to write a letter with a pen? I have noticed that there is a pen but no action for it...
2019/3/25 19:40:10
w3 error They have fixed it now. It´s a server issue. No need for a tutorial here....
2019/3/25 19:36:56
Error Code W3 Got this message from Muvizu:
Hi Amissimal,

We are really glad you like Muvizu. And appreciate your advice. We are working on promotion and planning the upgrade of Muvizu.

Please keep having faith in Muvizu.

If you have any question, please feel free to email us.

Best Regards
The Muvizu Team
Address: Room 04-110, No.398 Huoshan Road, EBA, T2, 5/F, Yangpu, Shanghai 上海市杨浦区霍山路398号光大安石中心T2栋5层04-110
2019/3/19 4:51:15
Error W2 totemalf wrote:
They have finally answered my mail and activated my license.

Must we acitvate Muvizu every month now...?!
2019/3/19 4:44:46
Error Code W3 Seems like old buggy Muvizu is back. Can´t activate the **** once again....I am sooooooooooo tired.
2018/12/15 18:11:09
Make a sitting person stand up Well, I managed to resolve it by making a new scene and delete the characters actions.
2018/12/14 7:10:01
Make a sitting person stand up As the title suggest; is it possible to make a sitting person to satnd up?

I can´t make a sitting guitarist to play so he must stand up.

I can get the person to stand up from the chair and move a few meters,

but then he sits down again....
2018/12/13 1:08:59
Everything old is new again You should be able to re-install your assets. Most of them, anyway.

Go to your Profil.

Click on My Products.

Re-install them again.

I managed to do so.
2018/12/13 1:02:51
Rendering animation as MP4s Guess not
2018/12/8 0:51:38
Rendering animation as MP4s MrDrWho13 wrote:
I've just created this wiki page outlining how the image sequence output works.

The link´s missing?
2017/5/23 9:14:45
Indy Jones and the Temple of Zu Impressive, but I notice a lot of noice in the audio...(sorry for my bad english)
2017/2/9 17:01:42
What Muvizu needs next are quadruped animals Count me in
I long for cats, birds and some spiders, for a start....
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