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2017/1/13 16:55:12
Need help for african village and caracter I wonder whatever happened to REBEL.. his sets are all top-notch! but in the time I've been on the forum, he has never posted
2017/1/13 16:52:59
Style for the toolbox drewi wrote:
This looks like it's at least one for the toolbox.
Free today only.
Check out the video on the download page.
STyle...250mb download

thanks Drewi! I got the notice but deleted it without looking at the demo... now that I've seen the demo, it does look like something I would use...
2017/1/13 16:47:07
sale on Silo 2.3.1 here's a link to all of the models I used to create the CIVIL WAR sets. This zip file contains the SIB files (silo project) OBJ, FBX, MTL, textures, UVMaps, refernce pics etc etc ... its pretty much the whole modelling part of the project folder.

I should warn you that its not organized, and it may (OK, it WILL) look like a total mess. It will even contain graphics I DL for reference but didn't even use.

For beginners: it has all of the FBX files, so you can add the attachments and accessories to your own characters

for modellers: it has the OBJ files and UVMaps, so you can edit them to your own needs. You are free to use this stuff in any way you want, including selling derivative works made from it.

for those who recently bought SILO: in most cases the SILO file is included, so you can study it and see how the materials, UV map etc is all related to the final product.
2017/1/13 2:27:40
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity Nahton wrote:
Great tutorial Pat. I wish it had been around when I first tried Muvizu a few years ago.

Thanks Nahton! I figure there will always be new people trying Muvizu since it is very affordable and easy to use... and when they do, all the same questions will arise over and over again. So now that we know what topics typically get a lot of questions, it makes sense to start addressing any that aren't already explained in other tutorials.
2017/1/13 1:16:51
First Animation with Muvizu I like the multiple software approach! It gives you more options and a fresh look as well!
2017/1/12 23:17:09
Another first-timer - Music vid at "Sleazy's" wow, good job, PurpleDrazi! You had to overcome a lot of obstacles to get that first video finished! Not to mention knowing how to use the DAW software for recording the song! You are well on your way to becoming a multi media guru!

FWIW, you sound an awful lot like a guy I know who posts original songs on the Band In A Box forum. Amazing similarity!
2017/1/12 23:10:18
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity PurpleDrazi wrote:
To go back to the pitch-shifting done to get the other voices - another really useful tool that is in some audio software or via plug-ins (can audacity take vst plug-ins?), is the formant shifter - this is better at shifting male to female or vice versa as it changes the harmonics in the voice, not just pitch. Formants are big part of why male and female voices at the same pitch still sound distinctly male or female.

great suggestion, PurpleDrazi! Can you recommend a VST with formant shifting? I have a plugin called melodyne which has formant shifting.. I'll have to add it to the Audacity plugin directory and give it a test!
2017/1/12 13:20:03
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity IanS wrote:
Superb tutorial PatMarrNC, you've definitely got a knack for this

Thanks Ian! Very kind of you to offer me that encouragement! I do appreciate it!
2017/1/12 13:19:00
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity primaveranz wrote:
Yah wee tawllybam sassenach! Uh've a gude mine, tae mak ye watch this the noo :-

But I wouldn't be that cruel really

Wow... Primaveranz... am I interpreting the evidence correctly when I conclude that you wrote that standup routine then animated it? It would have been an awesome animation project even if you just animated somebody else's recorded act... but if you wrote and performed AND animated the whole deal, that is spectacular! LOTS of talent on display there! And it's truly funny and engaging too!

Thanks for sharing! More, more!
2017/1/12 4:44:50
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity @BigWally
unfortunately, my staccato accent is probably hard for EVERYBODY to understand!
And you are so good natured, I'm sure nobody would ever read ill intent into any of your comments!

I'll take you up on your pretty girl voice when a project requires one! Thanks for the offer! (I happen to know you have a mic that generates very clean output!)

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2017/1/12 4:15:45
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity gee, you sure know how to say all the stuff I want to hear, Rocque! Thank you for your kindness!

Ya da Ma'am!
2017/1/12 4:01:35
sale on Silo 2.3.1 I'm still a little confused.. when you say you are loading them down from here... can you provide a link to what you are downloading?
2017/1/12 3:59:30
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price gee, thanks for the kind words, Chas... I really do appreciate the encouragement! You are more than welcome to use or abuse or refactor or modify or make derivative works of anything I put in the store. I love to see videos that have items I made in them!

But you might want to set your sights a lot higher than my skillset... there are some really amazing creators here, and I'm not one of them. Watch all the videos in the gallery and you'll see some nice work!
2017/1/12 2:09:15
My First 3D Video roroduck wrote:

Thanks so much for the welcome and the valuable input. You are a mind reader as I had to decide between dramactic presentation (that would be great) and the easier pseudo lecture format. At this point I just wanted to go through the whole process and see where I need to learn the most.

My ultimate goal is to animate one of my novels. That will be done dramactic style for sure and I'm already working on scripts and camera cuts for that.

I have one of two more installments of Alessandro to complete that story and then on to the novel.

I agree wholeheartedly about the value of going through the whole process! I think there is great wisdom in jumping right in with an attainable goal that lets you overcome the whole spectrum of scaled down obstacles. Finishing a project is energizing!

And yeah, if you are a novelist, this is probably the best place to start working toward the goal of animating it! There are a couple of long-standing stories in process by forum members that should be released this year, and I think they'll blow you away when you see what's possible.
2017/1/12 1:59:10
sale on Silo 2.3.1 galahad1957 wrote:
I have the trial version of silo but cannot get the muvizu models loaded into it. when I click load scene I can't find the fbx down loads anywhere. what am I doing wrong?

where did you get the Muvizu models, and what format are they in? They need to be OBJ format...
2017/1/11 23:35:28
My First 3D Video Hi Roroduck, and welcome to the forum! Man, that's a pretty ambitious first video! I like a lot of things about it, but I have to admit that I'm not a big fan of those automated voices. I understand the appeal though, since I'm so bad at remembering words when I make my videos. There is definitely an advantage to taking whatever time is necessary to get the script right, then let the words flow uninterrupted.

Interesting concept to make it like a TED talk... but I have to wonder if another approach (like the content shown on the screens) might have made it less like a history class and more like a movie. (I guess some people like history classes, but I prefer movies)

I see that this is just part one and there's more to come! I look forward to seeing the rest of the story! Nice job so far!
2017/1/11 23:11:01
First Animation with Muvizu welcome, Gabe! Good first video! I look forward to seeing more! Tell us a little about how you used the different software that played a part in the project.
2017/1/11 23:08:42
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price there isn't a lot of info out there on the topic... here's something, but not much:
2017/1/11 19:23:32
Poser 11 for 49.00 US Sale Price
I learned how to lip sync once character, however, there are scenes where I have two or more characters. I would appreciate anyone explaining to me how to upload my dialog files so that I can have more than one person speaking in project.

This question has come up several times lately, so I might make a tutorial on how to use Audacity to create dialog for Muvizu. Stay tuned. I'll post it in this thread when it's finished.

as promised, here's a link to a tutorial:
2017/1/11 19:20:32
How to create dialog tracks with Audacity There are lots of ways to create audio tracks for your characters' dialog. Here's one of them:
(You'll be able to see the menus better if you watch it full screen)

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