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2016/8/9 18:10:36
MUVIZU.. the best deal in town! Smith Micro/Anime Studio/Moho announced their latest upgrade opportunity today. I mention it here for purposes of comparison.

They want $199 USD to upgrade from last years version! ($399 for full purchase) This upgrade adds minimal new content and features.

If I bought everything that Muvizu added to the store this year, it would add up to far less than $199 USD, and I'm guessing it would be more useful stuff.

I find Muvizu far easier to use, and I have to wonder why they have priced it so low in comparison to similar products. I would guess that its because they want to make entry affordable, then use store sales to generate income in a steady ongoing stream. But if that's the plan, I'd expect to see new products being introduced all the time.

to Muvizu decision-makers: You are sitting on a cash cow here... all you need is to put items in the store that people want at prices that justify your development costs and money will start to flow. With a clear demand for quadrapeds and no demand for VR, I don't understand the decision to devote resources in a direction where the demand is small while neglecting development for ideas that have strong user appeal.
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2016/8/9 17:15:47
Birdies! clayster2012 wrote:
ok thanks ikes,you inspired me with this!

Ikes should start a business of inspiring people ;-)
2016/8/9 0:01:28
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! ziggy72 wrote:
Have you tried the horror actions? Might be something 'undead' in there. Other than that I was thinking of the robot, but he walks (and breathes!) like everyone else.

I've been busy with a music project, so I haven't tried anything yet... the idea of unbent legs jsut occurred to and I thought it was worth asking before spending a lot of time... y'all seem to have the options memorized!

Good idea on the horror actions.. I bet there's a way to makes zombies and mummies walk that way... thanks for the idea!
2016/8/8 22:47:51
Quadrupeds NEW with only ONE character ! hmmmm... wording like what is shown in section 2.2.3 is normally intended to keep people from pirating the intellectual property for independent use that doesn't include them. But in your case you'd still be using it to create animations... which you are licensed to do. If editing the XML voids the license, then everyone who has ever made the edit that enables alpha channel in video is in violation already.

But, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the reason for all this is because they're working on their own quadrapeds.
Hey, we can hope.

Speaking of which... I spent much of the weekend playing with Eugene's ideas here. I tried attaching thicker legs to the characters feet, but the vector follows the foot angle, not the leg... so when he bends his leg the top of the fake leg shoots outside the body.

Does anybody know if any of the actions involve walking with stiff (unbent or minimally bent legs? If so, I think I could make something work.
2016/8/8 22:22:53
Chicken test from Sinister gee Ikes.. whether or not Muvizu ever puts it on your avatar or not, it looks like you have the grass roots support of the forum!
2016/8/8 17:14:29
Chicken test from Sinister clayster2012 wrote:
I'm all For This Idea.... everyone......ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..ikes ol buddy I think you would be a great asset to the forum and muviu as one of the members in rank!

in fact.... he's already a great asset to the forum! That's probably the best reason why he should be a mogul!

Ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..
Ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..
Ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..
Ikes for mogul..mogul...mogul...mogul..
2016/8/8 17:09:08
Beautyqueen hair littlegene wrote:

Is this link still working for the hair


I just clicked on it, and it downloaded something... so my guess is "yeah"

(Right click on the link, then choose SAVE LINK AS...)
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2016/8/8 15:55:33
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. regarding Milkshape's ability to export ASE...

I Downloaded Milkshape a while ago, but never installed it (learning curve paralysis). Also my hard drive was getting full.

Now I added 3 terabytes of hard drive, so I'm reconsidering what to install. Can somebody who uses Milkshape give me an idea about how long it takes to export in ASE format from that software? I like the format because it does surface smoothing and it allows alpha and has the ability to assign multiple textures etc.

But exporting from Sketchup is much slower than blenders FBX export. If Milkshapes built-in export is faster than Sketchup's plugin export, I'll have to give it a try.

Your thoughts?
2016/8/8 15:43:21
Week 1 of Visual Effects for Guerrilla Filmmakers I'm afraid I'll be starting this a week or more late. But the good news is that the curriculum doesn't require everybody to participate at the same time. Works for me.
2016/8/8 15:42:06
Birdies! another great Ikes idea! You inspired me to create my own set of animated eyes (which will be a necessary step in creating some of the custom characters I'm working on)

I hope these birds are going to the store too... I'm sure a lot of people will buy them
2016/8/8 15:29:47
Chicken test from Sinister awesome! Thanks again Ikes! I'm going to buy mine now!

to the forum members and to the staff at Muvizu:
We should seriously be lobbying for Ikes as mogul. He is talented, knowledgeable about the product, innovative and he shares what he learns, so he also helps the user community.
Given the fact that many of the existing moguls appear to have moved on, ordaining him (now that we have Clayster in the ranks) creates a presence on the forum of people who represent the product well and keep forum enthusiasm and excitement high.
2016/8/7 23:14:45
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) or, if you put the announcer's clip on the layer ABOVE the other clip, you can resize it and move it to the top left corner for a nice "picture-in-picture" effect
2016/8/7 23:08:18
The most Ridiculous Road Trip Ever! very cool, Clayster... you are the master of multiple techniques! Lots of interesting things going on there!
2016/8/7 22:56:23
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) one way to make a split screen effect:

1) put the announcer's video clip above or below whatever clip you want it to display with.

2) Align them on the timeline so they start and finish at the same time.

3) click on each one of the clips and CONTROL > TRANSFORM > POSITION (slide one of the clips to the left, and the other clip to the right)

4) size the wo clips so they fit the space in a pleasing way and you have a nice little split screen!
2016/8/7 22:47:10
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. found it in the export FBX dialog (Geometries > smoothing > face )

Thanks guys!
2016/8/7 22:02:29
Assigna Material for an imported FBX prop. ziggy72 wrote:
Blender's FBX exporter works well enough with Muvizu that you can retain the textures - export your model as an OBJ with materials, import into blender, export as FBX (Smoothing set to Faces not Normals) and your model should import into Muvizu with textures intact. Should

Where do you find this Blender setting "Smoothing set to faces?"
2016/8/7 20:59:43
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) Ha! "Daerie Air!" You have my sense of humor!

You used a lot of interesting effects here Rocque! I liked the way you start with the rain on the window, then out the announcer as a refraction inside a raindrop. I also liked the keyframing of the plane flying in.
2016/8/7 18:08:48
Birdies! ikes wrote:

Thanks! I modelled and textured the eyes in my 3d modeller. You can then later in muvizu pick and keyframe another texture for the imported fbx mesh under the character proporties.

Cool! Again, the implications are huge! This same technique could be used to make static models talk. A collection of phenome images could be prepared, then applied with keyframes as needed. The same basic phenome images, once created, could be used for a variety of different characters
2016/8/7 17:39:27
Birdies! MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC wrote:
ikes wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Looks good!
Are the eyes Muvizu eyes or animated textures?

Thanks! The eyes are Animated textures. The muvizu eyes can not come out far enough and are to small.

on a backdrop?

Hey wouldn't it be cool to have a round backdrop, specifically for animating eyes

Uh... you can use the sphere shape and put a texture on it.
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good point! I tend to forget about the usefulness of the primitive objects! Thanks for the follow-up!

that really opens up a lot of possibilities, especially if the texture can still be animated when the object is used as an attachment
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I tried this, but when picking attachments there is no path to the built-in Muvizu primitive shapes. Bummer, because their adaptability and scalability of textures is very good!

But, in process of testing I discovered that any ol' set of sphere saved as FBX can have keyframable texures applied to create moving eyes. In fact, you can even apply AVI video textures to your own model (doesn't have to be a backdrop... I didn't realize that until now)

Upshot is that you can make an AVI of eyes that blink and randomly look around and then use it as the texture for your eyes. Because eyes like that can be sized an put wherever you need them, you aren't as limited position-wise when using small characters inside critter suits.

In fact, now that the transparent AVI feature is fixed, it might be possible to create a quadraped's legs with static rectangular blocks... then apply a series of leg animation AVIs to the blocks as textures.

You could create a series of different leg animations.. walking, running, standing still, scratching fleas etc... then swap them in and out as needed with keyframes.

( Much kudos to whoever does this first. )
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2016/8/7 17:34:58
Birdies! ikes wrote:
MrDrWho13 wrote:
Looks good!
Are the eyes Muvizu eyes or animated textures?

Thanks! The eyes are Animated textures. The muvizu eyes can not come out far enough and are to small.

on a backdrop?

Hey wouldn't it be cool to have a round backdrop, specifically for animating eyes

(Excellent concept and execution, Ikes!)
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