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2016/8/2 23:19:13
Chicken test from Sinister ikes wrote:
If you give the character an "object" action before a walk, it holds it's arms in front and doesn't swing them out of the attached body.

now THERE'S a bit of useful information! Thanks again Ikes!

(I wonder if there are any other actions that limit arm movement..... )

I wish I wasn't right in the middle of something else that requires my attention, because all this is getting me excited about playing with Muvizu!
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2016/8/2 20:31:45
Chicken test from Sinister ikes wrote:
Many thanks to you all! I have to say that I did not model the chicken myself, I downloaded it from I see now it's actually for personal use only, so this model is not really useable for anything. It was more of a test to see how it reacted in broke up state. It does open up more possibilities for other characters/animals. I can't put it in the store then I'm affraid.

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oh, we're not letting you off the hook that easily! No-sir! This is too good for no follow up! ;-)

You'll just have to model your own chicken. Even something elementary without the cool textures would let us see what you did.
2016/8/2 20:28:15
Middle East objects [Collaboration?] ikes wrote:
Anticip wrote:
Longer dress would also be great ! Up to the feet.

That's not a possibility in muvizu. You could model a dress yourself, but that would cause problems with the legs going through, when she walks.

but, if you frame your shots carefully, you can use longer skirts for scenes when the character is standing still, while showing the upper part of the character when she's walking. That way, it is implied that she always wears the longer skirt, even though it isn't shown in every shot.
2016/8/2 15:18:10
Chicken test from Sinister primaveranz wrote:
I'm seeing a Velociraptor in the near future

sinister would be a good base for a T Rex since they both hold their "hands" in about the same way
2016/8/1 22:35:27
Chicken test from Sinister you realize this means we need a new birds pack containing every kind of bird known to man

(nice modelling and texturing on the chicken attachments, by the way...)
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2016/8/1 22:33:30
Chicken test from Sinister Wow, Ikes! This is unbelievable! In fact, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it...
You are one of those rare people who thinks outside the box and sees options nobody else sees! I'm very impressed!

This illustrates what could be possible (even with quadrapeds) if we ever get a utility character that can be rendered invisible while its attachments remain visible

I'm blown away by your chickens.. you da man!!
2016/8/1 13:43:37
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu.
And the snapping should have an option to align the walls in a straight line.

EXACTLY! Now that you mention it, an angle parameter would make it really useful.

zero degrees would connect them in a straight line, +/- 90 degrees would connect them as a corner

Plus, there should be another option that lets you win the lottery if you have it checked, because that's about the same likelihood as getting a snap function for backdrops. ;-)
2016/8/1 5:01:02
Things I'd like to see in Muvizu. after beating my head against a wall for most of the weekend, I finally have a feature that I want added badly enough to make a pest of myself in order to get it: a snap function for backdrops.

In fact, there should be a toggle for it so snap can be turned off if you don't want it. But basically, if you get two backdrops within a certain distance from one another, I want the edges to connect and stay there.

I'd also like the backdrops to stop acting like a 4 year old who's being tickled when you try to move them.
2016/7/31 21:26:51
Guitar Hero And Reservoir Dogs: Muvizu Edition Luigi, this is AWESOME!

I love the slow motion walk at the beginning! And the visual pun "reservoir DOGS" Ha! Goood one!
2016/7/31 21:25:29
Stand while holding cup. also, for people who don't use 3D modelling software... remember you can simulate a lot of things with regular ol' 2D graphic on a backdrop. I often google what I want ("arm holding cell phone") > right click > save as graphic file

Then I use the masking tool in my graphics program to protect what I want to keep while deleting everything else to a transparent background. > save as PNG, not as JPG (otherwise you'll lose the transparency)

Put the graphic on a backdrop, and since the background is transparent, you won't see anything but the arm and cell phone

set the physics of the backdrop to make it float... that way you can size it and position it anywhere it needs to be in your scene.

For speed, nothing beats using 2d graphics on a backdrop. (except maybe using props that already exist... but it's definitely faster than creating your own 3d objects. )

If you can draw, then the sky is the limit, because then you can make any 2d graphic you'll ever need!
2016/7/30 21:53:01
Has anyone made a movie with the Asian characters? no, those aren't Muvizu characters
2016/7/30 16:10:41
Stand while holding cup. a fairly new option when you need a particular pose (now that we have the OBJ models for many characters) is to edit one of the models into whatever pose you need, color it to match the character in your scene, then remove the head.

The newer characters can be made invisible except for their heads... so you could attach the model as hat or necklace, reposition it, and it would hold whatever pose you need while providing a "living" head that can engage in conversation.
2016/7/29 3:06:18
20 Second Film Competition (Summer theme) you know nothing's going to turn out okay when there are that many empty seats on the plane, but you still get stuck sitting next to another passenger.
2016/7/28 15:38:50
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. I also saw a "life hack" video in which a guy used flexible copper tubing, an aquarium pump, and a picnic cooler/ice chest filled with ice to cycle the ice water thru the copper tubing... (which can be coiled into a relatively flat surface)

His application was to mount the tubing to a fan for the purpose of cooling a room, but it could be used for a platform on which to set a laptop. Or not.

So many crazy @$$ ideas, so little time. ;-)
2016/7/28 15:31:24
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. looking at that graphics card benchmark list, I see that my card is pretty far down the list. It raises the question of "how much should I spend on a pastime that doesn't generate income?" The pursuit of better technology creates a financial black hole that can easily outgrow one's ability to feed it.

Still... those benchmark numbers have a way of getting one's attention....
2016/7/28 15:12:58
Words / Letters depending on your application of the text... there are 3D letters that can be added as follows:

CREATE > OBJECTS > ABSTRACT > (scroll down to letters and pick them one at a time)

These letters can be sized and grouped like any other object. Color, glow and visibility of the letters can be keyframed.
2016/7/28 3:16:51
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. walmart sells a pad you put under laptops to keep them cool. Not sure how it works
2016/7/28 0:10:30
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. how do you determine the power supply requirements?
2016/7/27 23:19:00
help - biting off more than computer can chew.. do you see a noticeable difference?
Did you have to upgrade your power supply to drive the graphics card?

useful benchmark /price chart for anybody looking to swap graphics cards
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2016/7/27 19:20:01
help - biting off more than computer can chew..
but that was before I upgraded my computer,

so... what did you get? We all wanna know...

(total specs)
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