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2016/7/12 19:29:27
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? youtube has changed their policy on copyright material. Now instead of removing it, they put ads on it and compensate the copyright holder, keep a cut for themselves, and don't hassle the person who posted it. .. so everybody wins.

But a new day is dawning for content creators (including people like us)...
you can set up your youtube account to make money off anything to which you own all the rights. youtube places the ads, so you don't have to worry about selling advertising.

It's not a lot of money, but the shelf life of video is practically forever, and the longer its out there being watched the more you can make. Especially if you figure out how to drive traffic to your videos.

you can post videos that contain somebody else's intellectual property, but then you can't monetize it. So there is an incentive to start weaning ourselves off the use of music, franchised characters and themes, or any other content that would mean the ad money from all your hard work will go to the copyright holder of whatever snippet you used.
2016/7/12 12:52:14
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) do we have 5 contest entries yet?

if not, is there anyone out there who is still working on an entry? As I recall, from the beginning when the topic came up there were only 7 people who expressed an interest in a contest if the prize consisted of assets
2016/7/12 4:17:30
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup drewi wrote:
cheers for response mrdrwho
this is what happens when that file is put into 2015 sketchup tools directory.

I just noticed that the script that works for me in version 2015 has NO parentheses at all on this line. I must have fixed it and forgot that I did, because my backup copy still has the parentheses.
2016/7/12 4:07:25
To Urbanlamb Regarding Radio Shows? another person who has done a great job of taking archived radio shows and turning them into AWESOME Muvizu stories is BigWally, who works from Firesign Theater's NICK DANGER stories:

2016/7/11 20:50:51
ASE conversion in newer versions of Sketchup AWESOME

This will come up again, so I'm glad somebody solved it. I guess we need to start archiving different versions of the ASE exporter that work with different versions of Sketchup.
2016/7/11 5:30:08
Another finger Pistols Crack up " Indian Name" maaaaaaan, that is wrong wrong wrong on so many levels! LOL!

yet, I like it. ;-)
2016/7/10 16:31:29
New South Asian character pack available! confident people tend to be outspoken. On a forum full of smart, creative people it's inevitable that the occasional misunderstanding will arise. That's normal and to be expected.

The difference between forums full of mature adults and forums full of feisty young 'uns is that the kids seem to embrace conflict and throw gasoline on every fire. Therefore forums populated mostly by people under a certain age are often full of flame wars that never end, alliances, taking sides etc.

It's a testimony to the calibre of people on a forum if when a misunderstanding arises, people discuss it openly, and a day later everybody still likes everybody else. If politicians would learn that trick, there would be no wars.

good job, forum people... y'all are AWESOME <-Exclamation point
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2016/7/10 16:19:01
Realistic Water Fall very cool <-exclamation point
2016/7/10 6:13:49
New South Asian character pack available! Wally,

I like your positive conclusion to the exchange...

the way I see it, freedom of speech is a two way street. Those who have criticisms should be allowed to voice them.. and those who see things differently are exactly as justified in saying what they think. So in the end, nobody should feel like they shouldn't express their opinion ever again.

It's been my experience on forums that the key to open communication is making sure nobody's dignity is challenged... because when that happens, people get defensive and things get awkward.

I think this was a pretty benign exchange... no ill intent in either direction. Just two different points of view. To whatever extent we can be comfortable with that, there will never be problems.
2016/7/10 5:59:58
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) PatMarrNC wrote:
clayster2012 wrote:
Ok everyone, Rocque Has just made the first entry with her submission,and she did a wonderful job, let's more submissions everyone!

I should wrap mine up this weekend.

check your messages, Clayster, I've sent you the link to my entry...
2016/7/9 16:59:37
Finger Pistols Are dangerous Casting WOW, Clayster, that looks awesome <-(imagine two exclamation points here... stupid keyboard won't make one)

I like everything about it... where do you get your ideas for your scenes? I wouldn't even know where to start....

Can't wait to see your video, and especially looking forward to hearing the voice acting talents of the various forum friends
2016/7/9 16:53:50
New South Asian character pack available!
(it appears i have engaged in yet more discussion bad me)
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discussion is good. I hope it continues.
2016/7/9 16:49:24
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition)
no you must of spilled your!

uh... that's probably true Clayster... I'm always drinking coffee when I'm on the computer, and I'm very clumsy

on a different topic:
there's a contest for song writers every February that requires participants to write a new song every day for the month... 28 songs in 28 days. Most song writers labor over their babies forever, never feeling like it's finished yet. This contest forces them to create the HABIT of creativity, and people swear that the contest helps to get over the fear of releasing their songs.

This doesn't mean that we should encourage people to submit inferior work by rushing them with deadlines... rather it means that we agree to differentiate between EXERCISES (which help us to learn in a friendly and less-critical environment) and FINISHED PRODUCTS (which might be submitted to a customer, and need to be free from obvious flaws)

It has been my observation that people who are afraid to take risks and learn from their mistakes tend to give up before they ever reach the degree of proficiency they are capable of achieving. For that reason, anything we can do to encourage one another to take creative risks on a regular basis is good for all of us. If we practice regularly, expertise will inevitably follow in time.
2016/7/9 16:15:50
New South Asian character pack available! <soapbox>

In a healthy forum, everybody is free to express their opinion because there is no censorship. The other side of that coin is that people may disagree with us sometimes. Personally, I see that as a good thing, and a very small price to pay for free speech.

Urban Lamb, your presence here is greatly valued, made even more precious by its recent scarceness. You bring lots of good information to the forum, and I would hate to see you withhold your presence over a perceived criticism. Nevertheless, you are an autonomous adult who is free to make that choice for herself. I hope you choose to stay.

All forums have a mix of conversation that runs the full gamut between praise and criticism of the product. Both are typically true to some extent, and both are necessary. In both cases, it's the users expressing their true thoughts, and wise developers should take note of what their users are saying.

At the end of the day, whether we agree with others or whether we like what they say, we should be glad they have the freedom to say it. And to whatever extent we can all be comfortable with opposing views, the more open and informative a forum will tend to be.

2016/7/9 15:45:27
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Rocque wrote:
Thanks for the kind words, Clayster. I learned so much from this competition. I have probably said that more than once, but I am not sure if I would have another animation finished if it was not for this event. Thanks for hosting it. I look forward to seeing what everyone enters. It will be fun to see the different takes on humor.

I'm a member of a bunch of different creative forums, and a common theme among creative types is the difficulty of getting inspired enough to continue making projects and honing production skills.

To that end, contests and challenges create a reason for people to create new content by a specific deadline. Some contests go so far as to require the completion of many projects in a short period of time, which forces artists to abandon the fear of releasing something that isn't perfect in every way. Such contests are about keeping up momentum, which leads to more familiarity with the creative process and the software being used in it.

It's like the photographer who takes a thousand pictures to get one award-winning shot, most artists of all kinds benefit from practice. They can always go back later and refine the ideas that "worked" as a rushed contest entry

All of my videos so far have been exercises along those line... and there are mistakes and flaws in all of them... but I see that as being a necessary part of keeping up my momentum in order to learn how all this stuff works.

I look forward to seeing all the videos that get submitted for the Clayster's contest

(there should be an exclamation point at the end of that last sentence, but my keyboard won't make it... must be toast crumbs...)
2016/7/9 4:39:11
anyone done muvizu videoclip in chinese language? monkey_wyk wrote:
anyone done muvizu videoclip in chinese language? unable to find any via youtube..

greetings, Monkey_Wyk, and welcome to the forum..

I've never seen any, but the Muvizu staff may be aware of some. opefully somebody will see this thread and reply.
2016/7/9 4:34:46
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) clayster2012 wrote:
Ok everyone, Rocque Has just made the first entry with her submission,and she did a wonderful job, let's more submissions everyone!

I should wrap mine up this weekend.
2016/7/8 22:58:35
Free Money! clayster2012 wrote:
yea but for some reason its not in the store yet.

Its been my experience that when I upload items to the store, unless I email and pester about it, it never gets approved. And I hate to pester, so my last 2 uploads from weeks ago still haven't hit the store.

That's why I asked if there was a 62 page limit for store items
2016/7/7 19:11:39
New South Asian character pack available! urbanlamb wrote:
I dont want to you know be a bit of a downer here, but....

too late!
2016/7/7 19:09:50
New South Asian character pack available! bigwally wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
Is it just me or do they look Mexican?


Based on the names they have been given and the clothing, they appear to represent people from India
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