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2016/7/5 22:39:03
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE "Gorilla" film makers?

2016/7/5 21:55:07
New South Asian character pack available! ziggy72 wrote:
Hang on, are we counting thumbs here...? Big Grin

let's just call them "digits", and the semantics get a lot easier... ;-)

On a different note:
If we're going to have to activate every time we buy something, Muvizu is going to have to rethink the idea of "Maximum number of activations" or poor Jamie will spend all of his time helping people get their latest purchase installed after they run out of "max activations allowed"

On yet another different note:
I wonder how long it will be before we get UV maps for the new characters.. to my knowledge we still don't have any for the 1st set of Asian characters
2016/7/5 21:48:36
Gorilla Film Makers Course for FREE Signed up!

Thanks for the push, Rocque... you're turning into a regular forum cheerleader! You need a nickname!
(How about Rocque Raccoon?)

2016/7/5 18:13:22
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater oh, $35 ain't exactly free, but for a reasonably powerful modelling package that save as ASE that's a very reasonable price
2016/7/5 18:11:08
New South Asian character pack available! ziggy72 wrote:
LOL but I just noticed as well - they're mutants! FIVE Fingers?! What kind of self respecting cartoon character has more than 4 fingers?!

how can we use 5 finger characters in the same story with 3 finger characters???

2016/7/5 13:38:09
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater clayster2012 wrote:
Lol..ok well milkshape has a free trial, I think 17 days, I would try it first to see if you would be at ease with it, but it isn't very hard to learn, when I get time I'll throw a few tuts at yaw, just got to decide what kind to start with first.

oh.. I thought it was free. If it has a price tag AND its no longer supported, I don't want to pay for a whole new learning curve. So go with whatever software works for Rocque
2016/7/5 0:10:18
HIT FILM SALE June 30 - July 4 $100 off last chance.. sale ends today!
2016/7/4 18:36:47
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater clayster2012 wrote:
Rocque wrote:

Note to Clayster: 5 minutes to create your set? When you have some spare time, can you make some tutorials on your set making magic?

Ok what kind of tutorial would you like to see?

I guess the next question would be: "and in what modelling app?" since the step by step procedures would be different depending on what program you're using.

For me, a generic description of what needs to be done just doesn't cut it.. I need step by step "click this button then select that option..." instructions.

Milkshape is free, and it has an ASE export capability, and I know you use that app quite a bit... so I vote that if you ever make a tutorial , you should make it with Milkshape in mind.
2016/7/4 17:08:02
62 pages in store assets.... I've been on the forum for about a year now, and it seems like there have always been 62 pages to the store's assets display. Yet I know that in the year I've been here, a LOT of new assets have been added to the store.

Does that mean something has to drop off the list in order for something else to be added? Or am I wrong about the observation that there have been 62 pages for the past year?
2016/7/4 16:26:22
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater Rocque wrote:
It has been a long time since I have seen a ticket seller outside a cinema. I imagine that some never will and wonder why it is there in your scene. Hopefully they will find out the history behind having the ticket seller outside. The Pantages Theater in Hollywood still has that old time feel to it (or at least it did the last time I was there to see a play).

Your sets remind me of a time when life was less threatening, and going to see a movie was more fun.

ah, Rocque... you need to get outside California more often! Heah in the South it's still fun and non-threatening to go see a movie! And the tickets here are still bought at the front of the theater, sold by real people. In fact, I've gone to the cinema in several different states... even once in California... , and I bought my ticket out front from a real person at each of the theaters
2016/7/4 16:01:17
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater
Note to Clayster: 5 minutes to create your set?

yeah Clayster.. that's insanely fast. I couldn't even decide what I want to do in 5 minutes, let alone do it.

Excellent work too.. both of them!

Tonyob67, Nice work on the glass enclosure around the attendant!
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2016/7/4 15:53:39
Finally got my first Muvizu video done wow, LOTS of interesting techniques and effects in that! You may be a newbie to Muvizu, but you are clearly NOT new to whatever software you used for effects (speaking of that.. what DID you use? Hit Film?)

I'm impressed.
2016/7/3 22:17:53
Make Me Laugh ( Comedy Competition) Maybe in a formal contest the time frames would be enforced strictly because there might be thousands of entries and they'd need a way to weed out some entries... but I think it's safe to say that for this contest the time constraints could easily be taken as a guideline more than as a rule.

With only a handful of potential submissions I doubt seriously that the Clayster would reject somebody's video because it was over or under the time he recommended in his project definition.

Speaking for myself, I'm going to execute my idea, and however long that takes is how long the video will be.
2016/7/3 16:05:43
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater it may be worth mentioning that you can also highlight all the blocks you've stacked and GROUP them together. That way you can't accidentally change attributes of a single piece and explode the whole project. Unfortunately, you can't save groups in Favourites, which makes it harder to reuse your painstaking work
2016/7/3 1:50:47
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater ziggy72 wrote:
They are really useful those abstract shapes and blocks... until the collision physics implode your set. That's why they don't get used so much. I built a building using just blocks in one of my sets, and it was like working on an unexploded bomb while shooting. It's this one If you want to have some fun, download it and resize one of the blocks at the base of the building... Big Grin

you're right about that! Better get the sizes right as you stack, because trying to resize anything that touches anything else is sure to make you angry.

But... collision can also be your friend when using the primitives. Whereas a full model of a building would need to have the collision minimized in order to put people inside it, you can create enclosed areas with blocks and people can immediately enter and move around inside the enclosure.

I'm not suggesting that using the basic shapes is best practice, but there was just a 50% off sale, and we've already seen several new people on the forum. The blocks provide a very good way for people to add stuff to their sets just using what's built into Muvizu, without having to learn modelling right away. Modelling has its own learning curve, and I think most people prefer to deal with one of those at a time. .
2016/7/2 20:31:12
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater I just spent a couple of hours experimenting with the primitive shapes in Muvizu, and they are REALLY useful! Even if someone already knows how to model, an awful lot of stuff can be built very quickly this way.

I especially like the way these shapes accept textures... you can control the size of the texture which is very useful.

A short cylinder with a wood fence texture becomes an instant wooden barrel.
A longer cylinder with a bark texture makes a great looking log.
A cube with a brick texture makes a great building block for assembling a building.

You can even apply textures that contain alpha areas (but not alpha that has alpha set to some opacity between zero and 100.. under about 30% the color disappears completely, and much more than 30% the color becomes solid)

But if you make a piece of sheet glass in a modelling program and assign a 30% opaque color to it and save a ASE, the glass look works, and you can use that as windows in whatever buildings you might make with primitives
2016/7/2 15:15:01
Hello, I need a cinema or movie theater even for those who don't have modelling skills, it's possible to do quite a lot by loading primitive shapes (like square blocks) and resizing them and applying textures to them. There are also 3D letters built into Muvizu that can be used to make the CINEMA sign. That bottom example could be totally created in Muvizu with primitives, textures and letters.

Actually, since you already have an image of two cinemas, you can also apply one of them as a texture to a large backdrop, and presto! Instant cinema! To make it look 3D, you could load a primitive block first and size it as large as it will go (to create the squareness of a building) You might be able to apply the photo directly to the block as a texture, but if not, place a backdrop in front of the block and apply the photo as texture to it.
2016/7/2 15:04:43
My newest one without subtitles, I'm afraid I didn't get much out of that one.
But I liked the way you integrated real footage with animated footage, and the scene with lots of storm troopers was cool. I'm assuming that most of them were 2D graphics (I didn't see anybody but the front line breathing or moving)
2016/7/2 14:57:53
El reten alcoholimetro Although I don't understand Spanish, I think I you did a good job of communicating your message in pictures. I liked the way you framed your scenes, the car animations (from the front and from above, 2 different techniques) I also think it was a very clever concept, and probably quite accurate.

You'll probably get more views if you include engllish subtitles.

Nice job! I think you should be very proud of this video!
2016/7/1 11:49:28
Sketchup export model to Muvizu Play and AVI tips good information Machiya! Thanks!
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