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2016/4/5 23:23:01
Finger Pistols Are dangerous 2 (Quick Draw) Clayster, that was awesome! I loved the keyframe animation in the horse and the crowing rooster! It's a really good match with the MUVIZU look due to the way you modelled the characters!

How did you do the circling eagle? Same way?

On a different note, I liked the miscellaneous little touches you added throughout:

1) Recurring theme of the sleeping snoring dude

2) the way you set the viewer's anticipation with the squirrel getting the nut references, then threw us a curve right at the end with a literal interpretation

3) I liked the way you used the horse as an ambient character, not really doing anything except making the scene look more "westerny"

4) naturally, a little unexpected horse poop is usually good for a smile or two

I'm very impressed... since the keyframe pack was introduced, I don't remember seeing anybody else use it to create claymation style movement in static characters! You've broken new ground here, and set the stage for a lot more of the same, now that we all see what can be done with keyframes!
2016/4/4 13:04:34
some combustibles drewi wrote:
cheers Pat.........cough!! splutter!! choke!! cough!!!
in real life my brother had a pipe for his birthday recently,he doesn't smoke, he wanted it purely as a theatrical prop so he could do a range of gestures with it whilst dealing with customers in his place of work.

now that you've said that I can see what your models are! A pipe, cigarette etc.. (I don't smoke either, so I just wasn't sure how to understand the word "combustibles" ;-)

Very cool and timely, since the question just came up about how to make a Muvizu character smoke a cigarette!

(I like the way your brother thinks!)
2016/4/4 3:11:44
Some new animated foilage? braj wrote:
I think I'll bow out of this forum and community now, it is way too small, mostly I'd only be talking to you and you are trying to make me go away, so... Bye.
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edited by braj on 04/04/2016

Braj.. please accept my apology! I certainly am NOT trying to make you go away!

Re-reading what I wrote I can see how it could come across as condescending, but that wasn't my intent! My point was just to offer a 3rd party perspective, with no expectation that you would agree with it. But to some extent you must agree, or you wouldn't be planning to buy iclone at some point.

In the final analysis, all the choices are yours.But if you leave, don't leave with the idea that I disrespect you, because that would not be true. As stated on many occasions already, I think the stuff you're doing is downright amazing. I enjoy seeing it, and I think your various ideas are brilliant!

I guess what I was doing was the same thing I would do on a musician forum if I knew a guy was interested in buying some new gear, but he was reluctant for the usual wife reasons. I'd paint a scenario where the obvious conclusion was for him to go ahead and go for it. Life is too short to spend it wishing for stuff (or features) that you don't have... but COULD have for a few bucks.

Yes, I know all this is none of my business... but when my wife died 3 years ago, it changed the way I think about deferred happiness. That's all I'll say, except to add that I sincerely hope you stay.
2016/4/4 2:47:14
FAT MAN OBJ file It has been talked about in the past that it might be useful to have a reference model to load into a modelling program in order to size accessories and attachments without quite as much trial and error. Here is a link to a set of two FAT MAN OBJ files: One of them is sized for making ASE attachments, and the other is sized for making FBX attachments.

With the software I use, If I size to this model, the attachment comes into MUVIZU pretty close the first time, with very little resizing and rotation adjustment varies depending on the accessory. But I suspect that not all modelling programs handle sizing the same way, so you'll probably need to resize both of these to get the right ratio for your modelling program. Or not... (fingers crossed)

Let me know if this is useful.. if it is, I may go ahead and rough out approximations of the whole character set (as time allows)

Likewise, if you don't find it useful, please let me know that too so I don't spend a lot of time making more useless stuff.
<--click the little square for a visual
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2016/4/3 23:54:43
Some new animated foilage? braj wrote:
But if you don't want the default cartoony trees, you are stuck. Some upgraded foliage would be nice. Alternately, if we could add textures to the existing ones, that would make for a lot more variety as well.


I want to start by saying how much I respect your creativity, and your ability to think up clever ways to make Muvizu do what you want. I envy that, and I hold that ability in very high regard. Its something you just don't see in a lot of people, but you have it in abundance. Having said that...

Based on the things you say and the trouble you go to in order to make Muvizu not look like Muvizu, I have to think you're spinning your wheels on a product that isn't what you really want.

Pretty much everything you say you want is already available in iclone, and NOT available in Muvizu.

The Muvizu environment is cartoony. All of the accessories are cartoony. The actions are exaggerated, cartoon style. Except for projects directed by people who are willing to model virtually every prop in their videos in order to get a different look and feel, Muvizu productions are destined to look cartoony. If you don't want cartoony, then you have basically two choices:

1) resign yourself to modelling every prop in every scene in order to get the look you want or
2) switch to a product that natively offers the look and feel you're after

My suggestion for you is to put iclone on your charge card so you can have it today and pay as time allows. Right now there's a sale and you can get Iclone 6 plus the 3d exchange and some other stuff for $349.. the 3d exchange is what lets you import models, and I'm thinking you would want that.
2016/4/3 18:24:42
Nuts Amok #3 thanks for the clear description! It worked VERY well! Great job all around!
2016/4/3 16:07:11
Changing duration and other points ritsmer wrote:
To solve sole of these issues I have 2 mice of the very same model (Logitech G3) and their speeds is set differently using the program Eithermouse.
That gives one fast-but-not-so-precise movement-accelerated mouse - plus another very-slow-but-more-precise mouse.The fast mouse has movement acceleration because else it would be too troublesome to work with my 40" UHD + 30" half-UHD desktop.

2016/4/3 16:02:49
Nuts Amok #3 emergencysquirrel wrote:
ziggy72 wrote:
This is trippy... love how you varied the lighting to match the real world. Freaky fun Big Grin

Thanks Ziggy, yeah, the lighting is the trick to creating realism. In the bus scene I had a moving backdrop casting shadows on the characters to simulate the moving light from outside the bus, then it slows and stops as the bus does. But the masking is the hard work: frame-by-bleeding-frame!!

VERY CLEVER stuff you're doing! I notice you even lined up the shadows to match the length and direction of the real shadows in your video! GREAT attention to detail!

Please say more about the backdrop casting shadows in the bus... I'm not sure I understand what you did there....
2016/4/3 15:57:27
Camera Cuts Rocque wrote:
Now if I can get the camera cuts down and make something where more than one camera actually shows up in the time line, I will be happy.

I'm not sure what you're looking for in the timeline, but there won't be a separate channel for each camera... just an event marker / keyframe that denotes a change... something you can slide around on the timeline to change the moment at which the camera changes

Over an hour later and I can not get the camera cut thing right. I have one camera no matter how much I switch them in prepare, direct, and record.

I once had a situation that I thought was exactly what you're talking about... I was changing cameras, but in the Camera window, I could only see one camera's output. Turns out I had neglected to click the ACTIVE tab on the CAMERAS window. (Unless you do that, the camera window will always show whatever camera #1 sees)

Could that possibly be what's going on?
2016/4/3 15:37:09
Nuts Amok #3 ziggy72 wrote:
This is trippy... love how you varied the lighting to match the real world. Freaky fun Big Grin

I would never have noticed that in a million years... but I'm very impressed that your experience with the software enabled you to notice it immediately, and understand exactly what you were noticing. At BEST, I MIGHT have thought "Hmmm, something I like about this, but I can't define what it is..."
2016/4/3 7:15:01
Three (count 'em) three camera angles! You have some interesting stuff going on in this series... looks great to me... although, based on the snippets you've provided so far, I haven't figured out where the plot is going. It really is fascinating to watch Muvizu characters walking around in the real world. I look forward to seeing the finished project!
2016/4/3 7:09:22
Nuts Amok #3 wow, you've really got the technique of adding Muvizu characters to real video footage down to a science! This looks totally believable... right down to the shadows on the sidewalk!

My only disappointment is that it was only 2 minutes long! I was ready to watch longer!
2016/4/3 1:37:06
animation fans HOLY MOLY! Check out this other product by the same company!

This would be great for people who don't know how to model, but they still want to create custom content for Muvizu!
2016/4/2 21:25:17
animation fans WOO HOO! ;-)

I found out how to make the background transparent so foliage images can be used in MUVIZU and you can see through the foliage as characters walk behind a bush or tree!

This video is a tutorial for a sister product called Howler... Particle9 is a subset of Howler, so the menus won't be the same, but the concept will work in Particle 9, you may have to experiment with the brush tool settings

Speaking of Howler... in my opinion this is one of the most innovative software packages I've seen in a long time! It's very object oriented and rules based, and the user can create their own rule sets that define how foliage and brushes and 3D landscapes and virtually everything is created!

And they have a way of starting with a flat graphic of fractal noise, then adding peaks and valleys to it based on light and dark colors to produce 3D topography, which can be exported as a Wavefront OBJ file! That would be very useful with Muvizu!

Given my philosophy that finding software which plays well with other software is the preferred way to build a strong set of creative options and tools for your video-making toolbox, I rate this software very highly! It adds capability that Muvizu doesn't have natively, so used together the result is bigger than the sum of the parts
2016/4/2 17:12:44
some combustibles great idea posting content like that on dropbox now that MUVIZU doesn't host models! You're right ... having the props available to use in a variety of ways opens more possibilities than getting them in a set where they are already used in a predefined way.
2016/4/2 17:07:21
Changing duration and other points ukBerty wrote:
primaveranz wrote:
.....but the ability to change the duration of an action on the timeline by dragging the end of the "block" would still make a huge difference to the ability to create accurate animations.

It's not quite the same but I always record actions by hitting the action I want then I press idle as fast as I possibly can. This terminates the action.

You can then adjust the position of that idle block to terminate the action where you want.

Depending on the action you can get some pretty good results this way.....

that's an excellent idea Berty! The idle block effectively becomes the tail end of the action that can be moved around! Maybe an "official muvizu" solution would be to set up the actions so that an IDLE event was inserted immediately after the event was inserted.. that would give even slowpokes like me the maximum control over the duration of the action.

Of course, we can just keep manually doing it... but the older I get, the harder it is for me to respond quickly. If I ever catch on fire, I might not realize it for 15 or 20 minutes.... ;-)
2016/4/2 4:23:22
Changing duration and other points primaveranz wrote:
the ability to change the duration of an action on the timeline by dragging the end of the "block" would still make a huge difference to the ability to create accurate animations.


several little timeline adaptations like what you just suggested would be wonderful.

<broken record>Copy and paste on the timeline would be great too. </broken record>
2016/4/1 23:33:12
animation fans cool stuff, Braj! I probably wouldn't have thought to do that in a million years!

SO many interesting ways to use this software!
2016/4/1 21:48:36
animation fans drewi wrote:
Pat... return to the Gaotd download page and read the users seems there are no layers in this version.
There are directions to an '8.2 dog waffle learning addition' which does have the plant particle brushes and may have layers. i don't know what restrictions it may have though.

I was planning to save foreground, Background and middle ground as separate graphics with transparent BG, then create distance between them by putting them on widescreen backdrops positioned at different Z depths... so for my purpose I don't need the program that generates the foliage to have its own layers.

I emailed the owner and he claims its possible to do what I want, but I didn't get a warm fuzzy feeling that it would be as easy to obtain a transparent BG as it is in most graphic programs.

The full blown program with layers and a whole lot more features that the particle generator costs $47.99 USD ( no upgrade available from the free version)... if I can figure out how to get the transparency I need, that's a no brainer.
2016/4/1 19:15:42
animation fans mysto wrote:
A great find PatMarrNC! I'll definitely get some use out of this one!

Me too, if I can figure out how to put the trees and bushes and grass on a transparent background... so far, nothing I've tried has worked. I know its got to be possible because they have tutorials on using the alpha channel, but they don't seem to have done agood job of keeping their documentation consistent with the current version, so the examples are almost all from previous versions, and the current version doesn't look that way!
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