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2015/11/19 20:05:47
Market place regarding pricing:

I seem to recall from my college economics class that you have to experiment to find the "sweet spot"

Price an item too high, and even people who want it won't buy it.
Price it too low, and people think it's poor quality and pass over it.
Reduce the price slightly and some people will buy it, while others won't.

A time honoured marketing trick is to price high, then have periodic sales. The high price sends a message that this is good stuff that you can only afford in your dreams. Then, when it suddenly becomes affordable on sale, nearly everybody who ever wanted it will buy it.

My own threshold is $99 USD... most of the software I've ever bought has been priced at $200 USD or more, but reduced briefly to $99. At that ratio between list price and sale price, I generally feel like I've gotten a valuable item for a desirable price, and I JUMP at the opportunity!

For smaller purchases, $10 USD is a no brainer for me (if I want it). If I don't need it, no price will make me buy... not even free. The trick there is making accessories that a lot of people will want .

The sale approach is less workable if you offer the sale price every day. That just sends the same message as a store with a perpetual "going out of business" sign in the window. It makes people think you are a loser who is going out of business because of poor quality items you can't get rid of at any price.

Ideally, offering the 50% off price once or twice per year at most, works best.... with smaller reductions of 10% or 20% throughout the year (but not perpetually)

Another approach for this site (due to the "per transaction" fee) might be to offer discounts when somebody buys multiple asset packs in one transaction. This rewards the buyer for spending more. And anybody who has ever bought a car knows that once you accept the idea of laying down a large chunk of cash... it is very easy to justify spending more than you originally intended.
2015/11/19 18:38:51
Market place a note to content creators:

It is a generally accepted truth that the people who sold picks and shovels to gold prospectors made more money than most of the prospectors.

Today the people who sell accessories to the arts usually make more money than the artists. The reason is that people who sell accessories are selling tools to actualize a dream of success, whereas the artist is just selling an end product. It is easier to sell dreams than products.

Content creators should put this thought in the back of their minds and fully understand what they are making available. You make it once but sell it many times... so as long as MUVIZU is an active product, every asset pack you create can potentially be a source of recurring income.

Every new MUVIZU customer is also a potential new asset pack customer. I'm not sure how many worldwide customers MUVIZU has now, but I'd bet it's a very large number.... and growing!

A Pack priced at $10 USD would yield about $9 USD after transaction fees. You could potentially sell the same pack thousands of times. With multiple asset packs in the store, you could do quite well. And the flow of cash would never really end, because there will always be new customers who need new content.

But be cautious about infringing on well-known themes like super heroes, Star Wars, TV shows etc... make your content "in the style of" but avoid specific identifiers like logos, trademarks etc or you could be setting yourself up for legal action.
2015/11/19 18:13:40
Market place Hi everybody.. Pat Marr from USA here...

I love the idea of an assets marketplace, both as seller and as buyer. I also like the idea of rules that would standardize such things as quality, the price of an asset pack, the definition of an asset pack (theme, # of assets, type of assets etc) and maybe a standardized purchasing medium, such as PayPal.

If you had to choose only one, PayPal has become the defacto currency for online transactions. But they do take a pretty big chunk of the transaction, plus a minimum charge of about $0.60 USD which basically means that the entire proceeds from the sale of a $0.60 item would go to PayPal, not to the seller. Costs like this are usually "per transaction" which is why it's better to bundle a bunch of assets into a collection (asset pack) to sell as one transaction. If the store continues to offer free content, it should probably be presented as individual items that wouldn't be priced high enough to justify the transaction fee.

Having said all that, I'll regurgitate my standard warning about free content. This position is arguable... but many people feel that by making music available for free, Napster totally undermined the perceived value of music. Whether we like it or not, there is a demonstrated correlation between price and perceived value. Giving stuff away can come back to bite you.

I think that asset packs priced in the range of $10 USD that contain a theme, skins for several characters, plus theme based props, vehicles, scenery (and maybe even some audio files for background music) would be useful enough (yet inexpensive enough) to keep the money flowing.... I also think that by focusing on full packs, marginally competent modellers would be less likely to submit, while the really good modellers would have a way to be rewarded for their diligence and talent.
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2015/11/10 0:02:48
can't buy expansion packs without buying muvizu + thanks urbanlamb!
2015/11/9 23:47:52
can't buy expansion packs without buying muvizu + I already bought a license for MUVIZU plus not too long ago. Today I tried to purchase the keyframe expansion pack and the chemistry pack, and the store added another license for MUVIZU plus to my order, and won't let me remove it. A message appears saying:

"There are content pack(s) in your basket that require a Muvizu:Play+ licence so you cannot remove this from your basket."

But I'm logged in as myself, and I'd hope that the system knows who already has a license... right?

Surely it isn't true that I have to keep buying the main program every time I buy anything else. Any suggestions?
2015/10/16 20:11:59
my IMPORT button is missing... I just tried to import an object... but when I click CREATE > OBJECT at the bottom of the dialog box, only the CREATE button is present. The IMPORT button that is clearly evident in the WIKI page about importing objects is not there.

Yes, I have the full version.

Until now, I've only imported objects that get appended to a character (like hats. ). No problems there.

This is the first time I've tried to import a free standing object, and I'm dead in the water. Did a change to the program remove the button perhaps? Maybe importing objects happens differently now? Help!
2015/10/8 1:59:07
blob teeth... can they be hidden or removed? can blob teeth be hidden or removed? I'm tying to transform them into kittens and those blob teeth just don't work for a kitten
2015/10/1 15:14:56
Content store opens it's doors! I Like the store concept, and I think it will be a good thing for Digimania, content creators AND customers!
2015/10/1 15:12:32
Content store opens it's doors! MrDrWho13 wrote:
PatMarrNC, that's what Jamie said. The users will eventually be able to sell their own content. Or did I mis-understand what you said?

maybe I'm the one who is not understanding. I interpreted Jamie's statement to mean NEW content could be sold, but the stuff that's in the store now will continue to be free.

If that is not correct, then I apologize.
2015/10/1 15:09:42
Content store opens it's doors! one more thought about why the web store should NOT have free content:

I'm a musician. It is my hope that venues will hire me and give me money. Unfortunately, there are so many musicians who are starved for attention that they will play for free...

Now that the venues have become accustomed to getting live music for free, they are unwilling to pay ANYBODY, even if the music is better.

Once you start giving stuff away, that becomes the price people expect, and it becomes increasingly hard to get money for it. Its all about perceived value... giving stuff away sends the message that you don't value it... so why should they?

Better to put a ridiculously high price tag on it, then have sales, so people feel like they are getting something valuable for a good price.

Or at least, in the case of the web store, there should be SOME price on everything, even if it's only $1. Unlike a product in a store that has to be bought every single time before it can be marked up and resold, digital media can be sold over and over without further investment. So in time you can sell the same $1 item a thousand or more times. Or give it away a thousand times.

Your call.
2015/10/1 15:00:00
Content store opens it's doors! Also... again, my opinion... if you are going to have a web store, you really need to accept paypal. It has become the defacto currency for internet transactions. The hugeness of eBay has increased the likelihood that potential buyers already have paypal. And it *IS* safer than using credit cards online.
2015/10/1 14:55:36
Content store opens it's doors! Cool! Thanks for the update!

Just a thought... please don't stone me if you disagree...

A lot of the stores assets were created by diligent, helpful, creative users. Going forward, such contributions can be sold. But it looks like all that past work will continue to be free.

Why not give those contributing members the option of charging for their work? Some may still want it to be free... but some may want to take advantage of the new store concept for their legacy work. Even if you split the price 50/50, everybody benefits.

Regarding the obvious argument about charging for content that was once free:
All of the faithful users who have been here for years have probably already downloaded most of the free content. So, to start charging for it wouldn't penalize the veteran users...

You could even set a date and say "after this date all resources will have a price tag". That would give the faithful users a chance to get everything while its still free... but new users from this time forward would find a business model that is more consistent with other web-store based products: an inexpensive entry level product, and a store full of inexpensive add-on resources.

Principle: Behavior that is rewarded tends to be repeated. By allowing the people who have worked so hard creating content to get compensation for their past work, you will be encouraging more resource creation. And THAT is what ultimately makes products like MUVIZU valuable to customers! The more content that is available, the more useful the product becomes.

If Digimania is responsible for all content creation, the store will grow at a MUCH slower rate than if MANY users contribute assets. And if Digimania is basically freed from the task of content creation, they will be able to focus on the software, pursuing new features. Like quadrapeds. (ba-boom! tsssh!) ;-) I couldn't resist.

I can only speak for myself... but if the price of resources remains low, its not that much different than being free. $10 or $20 is chump change if I want something. So even at low prices, you should be able to generate income for content creators AND Digimania
2015/10/1 0:22:51
my first (and last?) animation I thought that was very well done! Great camera moves and suspense-building!
2015/9/30 20:14:02
Update - content store all true statements cloudninja...

yet it remains true that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

What excites me here is not so much the immediate potential for new stuff as the demonstration that Digimania has decided to keep the product alive. Any movement at all means the horse ain't dead yet. ;-)

And yes, that pleases me.
2015/9/30 18:45:14
Update - content store I'm just glad to see new development on this amazing program! In my opinion it is superior to similar products that cost ten times as much! They could easily charge more for the product, and it would still be a bargain!

However, there are a variety of marketing schemes. A certain music creation software (Reaper I think is its name) has a low entry level price, but they make their money by selling accessories after people get the product for practically nothing.

In my opinion, since Muvizu has made it so easy to get the full version, they should at least monetize the product through sale of add-on content. In that context, I am especially pleased to see the store, because it suggests new revenue that will keep MUVIZU around for a long time to come.
2015/9/30 18:29:07
Update - content store Cool!

Where can we find an official announcement? As of this writing I haven't received an email or seen anything here on the forum...

ohhhh, I see.. just click STORE on the header menu! Awesome!

"Let's go look and see what's there" he said enthusiastically....
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2015/9/28 23:51:52
Update - content store If we had quadrapeds, I'd create a dead horse so I could beat it. ;-)

"mid August" became "mid Sept" which became "by the end of the month"
Now it's pretty much the end of the month. Any news?

I'm not complaining here, just curious. I love this software and as soon as new stuff becomes available, I want it. ;-)
2015/9/24 20:11:33
software bundling idea here's a link to some videos that give you an overview of that product:

(I'm not affiliated with the company, except as an enthusiastic user. )
2015/9/24 20:06:30
software bundling idea if you decide to contact them, most of my interaction with them about this idea has gone through an employee in marketing whose name is CALLIE. She is young and open-minded about new ideas... but of course, she isn't the final decision-maker. Good starting point, though...

I don't have her email address, but I'd guess the support page I provided in the last post could get you close enough. Its a pretty small company considering its huge market share.
2015/9/24 19:59:30
software bundling idea I am also trying to get them to open a forum on their website to showcase videos, jingles, animations, youtube presentations etc that use Band In a Box music to support the video.

A little cross pollination between the world of video producers and the world of audio producers seems like a no-brainer.

In fact, I can scarcely believe that more music software companies don't collaborate with video companies to nail down the multimedia market!

At present you probably get referrals from people in video forums who see MUVIZU clips and then follow up and buy your product (that's how *I* found out about it... a youtube animation group)

Once MUVIZU starts showing up in a sustained way on audio forums too, it will surely lead to more referrals. Especially since you have already done so much work to support music animations!
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