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2015/8/25 18:40:12
New characters and animations Here's one idea that would open up a truck load of possibilities: Think of MUVIZU as one module in a larger system, then acquire more modules that are really good at doing the things MUVIZU can't do.

For example, AnimeStudio has an entry level product that is VERY affordable. It offers frame by frame and bone animation, a character creator, lots of predefined content, keyframes etc. Because rigs can be posed in any way, you'll always have an alternative to fall back on when MUVIZU doesn't have the predefined action or pose you need.

It would be very easy to take a screen shot of your MUVIZU characters and then rig them in Anime Studio, so your audience wouldn't even notice that you switched animation environments. By default, Anime Studio exports ONLY what's on the screen... so if you create a character animation and export it, you can now put it on a MUVIZU layer and it will blend in seamlessly with the rest of your project!
They frequently put this on sale, but even at full price $49 is money well spent for the solutions it brings to the table!

As time goes on, I will try to post links to Anime Studio rigs I've created from the stock characters in MUVIZU. Or maybe some sample video that incorporates snippets from both programs

$30 USD for MUVIZU plus $50 USD for Anime Studio Debut puts a whole lot of animating power in your hands for less than $100 USD! Consider the fact that other animation products like ToonBoom Studio cost much more
2015/8/24 23:02:50
Copying and pasting character movements If you look at MUVIZU as one part of an integrated system that includes standalone audio and video editing programs, then new possibilities become evident. Every component of a system having multiple parts has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Instead of waiting for one of the components (MUVIZU) to provide solutions for every need, consider the fact that most video editing programs are really good at all sorts of effects like mirroring.

I'd guess that most people already use MUVIZU to make small scenes that get edited in another software product. Take that same idea to the next level by putting a green background behind one dancer, choreograph his/her dance, then import that one dance scene into multiple tracks in your video editor, mirroring or transforming there as needed.

If you don't want exactly the same dancer, you can make copies of the MUVIZU project once the dance scene is choreographed, and change clothes on the dancer and regenerate the scene with exactly the same moves, almost no extra work.

Lots of ways to skin a cat. (figuratively speaking. No cats were actually skinned in the making of this post) ;-)
2015/8/24 2:21:00
New user with ideas that are probably old news... Hi...
New but very excited user here! Although I'm new to this software, I have lots of experience with other software that uses time lines, animation and audio editing. After using this wonderful program for just a few days, I would love to see the following feature:
The added ability to edit directly from the time line without having to insert actions in real time.

It looks to me as though all of these actions are already pre-packaged, and inserted via the interface... it should be fairly simple for the programmers to create a way for the same pre-packaged actions to be added directly to the time line, something like this:

set time marker on time line > right click on the appropriate lane > insert > dropdown menu would be populated with the most recently used director function > pick action from list box > enter

even easier would be to add a button to either the PREPARE or DIRECT dialog.

Another thing I notice is that any movements I have to control with the mouse while recording tend to be choppy because the computer is multi tasking and not watching the mouse 100% of the time. The ability to create smooth precise interpolated movements with keyframes would let me grow back some of the hair I pulled out this weekend. ;-)

But really...if you never changed anything on this software, I would continue loving it for the rest of my miserable little life! I just discovered it from a post on a FaceBook group named Amateur Animators... can't believe I never heard of it until now! Kudos to everybody involved in creating this software!
2015/8/23 23:07:28
some character actions stopped working ! Hi,

I'm new to the software, but I've watched most of the tutorials and I have one short project completed already. I like this software... it makes sense to me!

But today in the middle of resuming my work, I find that some of the character actions are greyed out, and clicking on them won't do anything. Other actions that aren't greyed out can be added to the timeline as expected. Specifically Conversational1 and 2 just stopped working for me!

I closed the program and reopened it but the problem did not go away.

I'm running Windows 8.1 with 12 gigs of ram. Did not have this happen on the first project. Any ideas what's happening and specifically how to fix it? I had hoped to get this project finished this weekend, but now it's looking like that won't happen...

Apologies if there is already a thread about this. I did exercise due diligence by searching for a little over an hour, to no avail.
2015/8/23 22:46:36
Fade to Black since you mentioned Adobe Premiere, here's how you do audio/video fades:

if you're in TIME LINE ...

1) Right click on the last clip, and a floating menu should appear. Look for PROPERTIES

2) When you click FADE, you should see more options to FADE IN AUDIO, FADE IN VIDEO, FADE OUT AUDIO, FADE OUT VIDEO
(you have to select each one individually as needed)

If you're in SCENE LINE ...

1) right click on the final scene, and from the floating menu select PROPERTIES

2) depending on the state of this option the last time it was used, you may also have to select EDIT PROPERTIES

3) One of the properties is OPACITY... it will let you fade video in and out

one or both of these methods gives you draggable nodes that let you set exactly where the fade begins and ends. Very handy.
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