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2015/12/28 5:55:28
Failed to load object from file I had a small project to finish before Christmas, and because of this bug, I wanted to stop everything and throw this software.
But once I located this, I completed my project without any destruction of files.

I have checked, and I confirm what I said earlier:

This bug is located precisely around the time-line on the "head movements".
A file without "head movements" for characters has no problem.
If you adds some "head movements" without touching the time-line, you can save the file, it will be good.
If you slightly adjust the position of "head movements" on the timeline, the saved file is dead, will no longer open.
If you remove the line "movement of the head" in time-line, and if you save the file, it remains healthy.

I have communicated this information to the support, and they assure me.
"An update is planned before the end of the year."

MarkWaldo wrote:
Did you purchase the key frames option? If so, did you use it in your video? I have not had problems after head movement but have had the problem after using keyframes.

No, I do not have the Key frame option, and it is possible that it does not improve things, as key frame can change the time (but this must be check).

Although this forum remains for users, The support answer every time. What is unfortunate is that this information is not reported at the time downloading the software. And new users may be surprised or disappointed.
2015/12/20 9:23:35
Failed to load object from file Small further clarification:

The .set file deteriorates with action "head movement" on characters.
It is systematic, if you move the head, and move a little parts on the timline, and save after this.
With a timeline not modifided (the line named "head"), I have no problem.

I have not tested all the characters, but this is more precise.

To be continued...
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2015/12/20 6:52:11
Failed to load object from file This is a continuation of my previous speech:

It seems that the bug also has a relationship with the head movement of the characters.
Now I can reproduce easily.

Here are the details of my new finding:

I recall the situation:
- It is impossible to open some files with the error "Failed to load object from file"
- It is impossible for me to return to version 2015.09.22.01R because my favorite characters, created with the latest version, are no longer compatible.

Here is how I proceed to reproduce the bug:
- I open two empty windows of Muvizu. One to create a scene, another to check if the file is not damaged.
- In the window 1, I add objects, settings, characters, images, music etc. And I record this scene, the first time.
- Then I go to the window 2. I try to open the first file. It opens easily.
- I'm still in the window 1. I add, cameras, dialogs, and I save under a new name.
- Window 2, I open my new file, it is still good.
- Back window 1, I'm moving the eyes and the head of my characters, and I record.
- Window 2, I note that this last file is rotten.
- Window 1, I just removes the movements of the head, and I keep everything else (eyes, moving, etc.).
- Window 2, my file, without movement of the head, opens again (MIRACLE).

On my other scenes, I remembered that the files are damaged after add of the heads movements.
As a previous version of Muvizu has a problem with the movements of the head, I wanted to look in that direction.

Friends developers of Muvizu , maybe I teach you nothing. You may have already corrected that.
But for us, it's good to know such details before we click to save.

Now I see two possible solutions:
1 - I record my scenes without movement of the head, and I create movements at the last moment, just before publishing.
2 - Someone give me a solution to make my favorite characters, compatible with 2015.09.22.01R release. I tried to replace the header in .fav file (in hexdecimal), but I have not succeeded.

That's all for this morning.

I trust you to fix this quickly.
Bravo for Muvizu.

In french now (i prefer)
Ceci est la suite de mon intervention précédente :

Il semble que le bug ait aussi un rapport avec le mouvement de la tête des personnages.
Maintenant j'arrive à le reproduire facilement.

Voici les détails de mes nouvelles constatations :

Je rappelle la situation :
- Il est impossible d'ouvrir certains fichiers avec l'erreur "Failed to load object from file".
- Il est impossible pour moi de revenir à la version 2015.09.22.01R, parce que mes personnages favoris, créés avec la dernière version, ne sont plus compatibles.

Voici comment je procède pour reproduire le bug :
- J'ouvre deux fenêtres de Muvizu vides. Une pour créer la scène, une autre pour vérifier si le fichier n'est pas endommagé.
- Dans la fenêtre 1, j'ajoute des objets, des décors, des personnages, des images, des musiques etc. Et j'enregistre cette scène, une première fois.
- Ensuite je passe sur la fenêtre 2. J'essaye d'ouvrir ce premier fichier. Il s'ouvre sans problème.
- Je continue dans la fenêtre 1. J'ajoute, des caméras, des déplacements des dialogues, et je sauve sous un nouveau nom.
- Fenêtre 2, j'ouvre mon nouveau fichier, il est encore bon.
- Retour fenêtre 1, Je fais bouger les yeux et la tête de mes personnages, et j'enregistre.
- Fenêtre 2, je constate que ce dernier fichier est pourri.
- Fenêtre 1, je supprime juste les mouvements de la tête, et je garde tout le reste (yeux, déplacement, etc).
- Fenêtre 2, mon fichier, sans les mouvement de la tête, s'ouvre à nouveau (MIRACLE).

Sur mes autres scènes, je me suis rappelé que les fichiers se sont endommagés après avoir ajoutés les mouvements des têtes.
Comme une version précédente de Muvizu avait un problème avec les mouvements de la tête, j'ai voulu chercher dans cette direction.

Amis développeurs de Muvizu, je ne vous apprends peut-être rien. Vous avez peut-être déjà corrigé cela.
Mais c'est bien de connaitre ce genre de détail avant de cliquer sur enregistrer.

Maintenant, j'ai deux solutions possibles :
1 - J'enregistre mes scènes sans mouvement de la tête, et je crée des mouvements au dernier moment, juste avant de publier.
2 - On me donne une solution pour rendre mes personnages favoris, compatibles avec la version 2015.09.22.01R. J'ai déjà essayé de remplacer l'entête des fichiers .fav (en hexdécimal), mais j'ai pas réussi.

C'est tout pour ce matin.

Je vous fais confiance pour réparer cela rapidement.
Bravo pour Muvizu.
2015/12/19 6:59:11
Failed to load object from file Hello,

Last week I open a support ticket, to report this problem: "Failed to load object from file".
The support told me that this bug is known, and that the next release, scheduled for this weekend, should fix this bug.

As I was late, I restart my work with great care.
Today I am still stuck with this bug.
My job is unusable, and I feel like I'm wasting my time.

Here's what I found:

- My setup: Windows 10 (64), I5, 8GB, GTX750, Muvizu 2015.11.17.01R_x64.
- I restart with a new installation, and an empty stage.
- I add only the objects supplied with Muvizu (no imported objects of Sketchup).
- I have divided my work into smaller scenes.
- I make multiple backup of these little scenes.

Today, over 10 sets recorded in the week, there are only the first two, which can be opened.
The others are blocked with this error: "Failed to load object from file".

As you suggest in this post, I tried with earlier versions of Muvizu:

- The 2015.09.22.01R_x64 version does not open my files. Error: "This file was created with a newer version."
- The 2015.11.07.01R_x64 version does not open my files. Error: "Failed to load object from file").
- Tested with DirectX 11 and 9 (idem)
- I also tested with my lang (French) and in English (the result is the same).

I was planning a lot of project with this software, but am desperate.

Here are my ideas to improve Muvizu, you may be able to add this:
- Option to force the loading of a file, without loading the defective objects.
- Testing objects at the time to add them to the scene.
- I also have other ideas for improving the use, but I would speak in the corresponding post.

I'm listening to all good ideas that could save my defective files.

Thanks for your help (and sorry for this bad english by Google).
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