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2015/12/28 20:12:53
UI overview & basic us render layers User Interface
2015/12/24 2:19:03
windows media player won't play video I created. OK, I made a video in Muvizu, next I clicked on Make video button and selected 1280 x 720, and the program did it'a thing and developed a Muvizu file.

When I try to play it in windows media player it won't work. What I'm I doing wrong ?

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2015/12/18 20:41:58
Watermark on video Thank you for the reply - I got it!!!
2015/12/15 0:26:11
Watermark on video I made a 2 second video and after making it, I viewed it on my computer. in the lower left corner was the Muvizu logo. Then I uploaded it to
You Tube and it was still there.

I'm using Muvizu Plus. How do I remove the Muvizu Logo?

2015/12/13 20:54:57
3D modeling software Thanks everyone for all the reply's. I tried the autodesk 123D but my photos were not very good and the 3D model did not look good.
Before I closed the program, I checked the export choices and FBX was one of the choices.

If I could get a good 3D model in autodesk, could I export the FBX file directly to Muvizu?

2015/12/12 3:39:00
3D modeling software The tank to the left is what I want to convert to a 3D model..... I believe it called a Avatar.

2015/12/11 19:26:08
3D modeling software Hello - I want to make a 3D model from a picture and export it to Muvizu.

What is the best program to use that will do this?

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2015/12/10 20:32:59
Texture Thank you for your help - Dick
2015/12/10 11:48:58
Texture How do I change the texture and color of a backdrop - step by step?
2015/12/10 10:38:47
Photo to Muvizu I got it to work - Thank You!

2015/12/9 16:36:35
Photo to Muvizu Thanks for the reply.

I have photo is not a graphic. will this still work?
2015/12/9 16:09:28
Photo to Muvizu I have a photo of a product and I want to put it in Muvizu so I can do a product demonstration.

What do I have to do to make this happen?


2015/11/21 22:04:23
Audio When I finish recording my audio on Audio Track 1, and click the ok's, the Audio Track 1 has been renamed to
(Unnamed) and I can not rename it.

I'm I doing something wrong or is this a glitch in the software?

Running windows 10 on a HP Compaq 6000 Pro and a GTX 750ti GPU.
2015/11/12 0:31:17
Memory You have been very helpfull, I will look into the nvidia gtx 750ti - Thanks agin - Dick
2015/11/11 22:03:32
Memory Thanks for the reply, I will check to see if I can add a better graphics card. Dick
2015/11/11 20:42:28
Memory Graphic Processor - Integrated - Intel GMA X4500 Dynamic Video Memory Technology 5.0 - HP - Compaq 6000 Pro Microtower.

Thanks - Dick
2015/11/11 20:24:40
Memory When I try to move somthing, it takes up to 1 second or longer before the object moves. Is it because I have only 4 GB of memory or is there another problem. Is 4 GB of memory enough?


2015/9/10 22:06:31
Controls Do you have instructions on how to use the controls? I don't know how to use any of them...
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