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2015/12/13 7:20:57
My lastest animation, with shadows and everything Well-done! That shadows are great. Good Characters and scenery too
2015/11/29 20:01:31
Mama Moet Komen Nice integration of the character and background!
2015/11/29 19:54:19
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience Thanks all,

ziggy72 wrote:
The only thing I can really tell you, MovieGuyTed, is that you shouldn't try to put 134 characters into one set. Bloody stupid idea

That is some advice that I definitely plan to follow! Things were already starting to behave a bit glitchy with the 30 or so characters I was working with
2015/11/23 22:57:47
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience Thanks Danimal! I will keep the "random" action button in mind, although in this particular case it might have caused some problems as I had the crowd packed pretty close together - I ran into a number of instances where the hands of one character passed through the body of another, which I was trying to avoid
2015/11/23 8:37:53
Donald Trump Parody in front of audience

I customized his shirt to give him a Trump-like tie and of course the "Trump t-shirts" of his supporters as well.

The most time-consuming part was animating just about every member of the audience at various points. I'm not sure how many characters one can have in (or animated in) a scene at a time, but I had upwards of 30 present, most of whom performed actions at least several times.
2015/10/17 23:05:45
My first video - text to speech test

All of the voices in this video came from an open source text to speech program I am working on. I'm trying to generate reasonably high quality speech by the following:

  • Each word of each voice was spoken by an actual human.
  • There are multiple alternatives for many words - Depending on which alternative is selected a word can be spoken quickly, slowly, emphatically, and so on.
  • I've started to include some short phrases, which will eliminates the need in some cases for hunting around for a group of words that sound well together.

Although the quality is not as good as that from human voice actors, it is continuing to improve as I work on it, and I like it better than synthetic text to speech voices that I've heard.
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