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2011/5/5 10:05:40
Scriptwriting competition Danimal wrote:

Oh and please don't forget the most crucial element to this simple plot structure: the audience has to want to see the protagonist get what they want. If it's just some unlikeable slob doing random stuff to get something, no one cares and your audience is leaving..

my most perfect example of this is Paranormal Activity. I watched it. I wasn't at all scared. In fact, I was rooting for the demon. The guy was a total ar*ewipe dbag and the girl was smash-her-face-in annoying. I couldn't wait for them to die (SPOILERS!). I really had zero sympathy for either of them cheered the evil demon. And no, it's not just because I'm a little weird - I really, really disliked them. Excellent point Danimal.
2011/5/3 11:30:56
Terror at Littletown wabby - really love this clip! so good & very funny! 2 very enthusiastic thumbs up. can't wait to see what else you'll make!
2011/5/3 10:29:18
Pet ewok! zomg squeeee! it's so squishy but also looks like it'll bite your face off! totally adorable - i miss having pets congrats on your new addition!
2011/4/28 16:23:28
A tutorial vid from Dreeko dreeko! is it not up in the tutorials yet? tsk tsk
2011/4/28 14:53:25
A tutorial vid from Dreeko wonderful tutorial dreeko! love the opening scenes - i think it's def a keeper. love the dreeko signal.
2011/4/13 9:54:14
A tutorial vid from Dreeko toonarama wrote:

If - like me - you don't own photoshop there is an excellent free way toget seamless textures here

Just download the Genetica Viewer and the free texture packs you reqyuire

toonarama always has the best links to free software. heh. you guys should form a superhero animation duo type thing
2011/4/8 10:51:33
Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) yay! that's one of my favourites - totally loved it. really well made
2011/4/7 11:41:29
NEED HELP amit05 wrote:
How do i record and then upload videos?

hi amit05,
the best place to start is at the beginning and i highly recommend you check out our tutorials that go through each step of the animation process. They really are very helpful and the best jumping off point in learning how to use Muvizu.

Good luck!
2011/4/6 10:20:35
Garage Band Blues... toonarama wrote:

Perhaps this very useful aspect of the software needs to be made more "visible" somehow - a tutorial perhaps showing how easily things can be amended

Excellent point toonarama!
2011/4/5 10:13:19
Garage Band Blues... Mysto! I totally forgot I was watching a Muvizu clip it was that good - you know, when you take the lighting, animations, camera cuts for granted - to me a sign of a brilliant clip. Really amazing stuff! More please
2011/4/1 12:31:09
I am not Michael Caine waahaaaaay! it's very funny. you're on some crazy creative roll! i'm loving it
2011/4/1 12:08:31
I am not Michael Caine Dreeko wrote:
I did a search on google it appears that there is a cartoon strip and also a dog food called Michael Canine. So to keep me out of the courts and to allow me to do more of them I've uploaded it again with a slight change for copyright reasons

Thanks for all the previous comments folks!

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boo!! possible re-name? i never got to see it
2011/3/28 10:21:31
The Pick Up nice work! really well done. can't wait to see what else you do
2011/3/25 11:00:13
Sets/Objects - Works in progress that is a really brilliant tutorial! thanks dreeko - i've tweeted and fb'd that. you guys are seriously getting too clever for your own good

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2011/3/22 16:52:54
Sets/Objects - Works in progress Quoling wrote:
Dreeko wrote:
More secrets revealed...I'd never last in the magic circle!

Tis those sort of animation tricks we need tutorials on!

ahem.. yes please do! and upload it to the user tutorial (your hints and tips) section here
2011/3/17 17:01:31
Wrong english mcmillan-ra wrote:
Erm... I think you'll find that we are using proper English. England is after all a part of Britain. You should campaign to have "American English" adopt the correct usage.

I'm afraid that while we are looking at some localisation stuff, this is unlikely to happen in the near term. As Dreeko said in another thread our TODO list is longer than the Great Wall of China.

@mcmillan-ra derp!
2011/3/17 15:28:09
Sets/Objects - Works in progress what in tarnation? staundoon has gone all spaghetti western?!
2011/3/15 10:50:50
Break Up Stories:- Need a few Animators... really brilliantly made Ziggy! well done - i love how it was shot. i honestly forgot i was watching a muvizu clip (if you can believe that) - it was very documentary style. a lot of stuff made in muvizu is a bit silly (and rightly so!) so it's nice to see a quiet, subtle and kind of serious clip made in the software. it shows off the flexibility really well (if i say so myself).

really, really well done!
2011/3/9 16:41:49
Jim's last day good luck with everything jim!

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2011/3/9 15:28:41
Jim's last day IanS wrote:
in the words of The Highlander: There can be only 1 baldy!!! Wave

*cough cough* in our office??!?
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