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2010/9/3 11:43:27
Website and project collaboration Hi all,
As you more experienced Muvizu users know, we're very keen on getting the opinions and suggestions of our users. After all, we do all this for you - we want you to enjoy using Muvizu and being part of the community. A lot of you have already given feedback and suggestions for the application, and now we'd like to ask your advice on the website.

The point of the website, besides being a place to show off your skills and your Muvizu knowledge (you guys are getting scarily good at it!), is to also provide a space for like-minded people to collaborate on projects. Whether this is providing audio, coming up with a clever script or just being exceptionally good at building sets *cough cough Than cough* - we want you to use the site to work together.

Currently, we offer a space in the forum for you to do just that We also offer an internal site messaging system. We are trying to keep it simple, but we'd really like your thoughts on what sort of tools you'd like for the site (with collaboration in mind) and what you think would be useful.

So please, give your two pence here and feel free to go crazy.


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2010/9/2 14:39:58
tutorials haha! @AdamVg thanks for that - am sure the guys will love to hear that compliment
2010/9/1 15:05:51
Hello 'Muvizu' World Hi frendor! thanks for your interest and enthusiasm for Muvizu. it's always nice to hear nice things - and it cheers the team up no end! we're looking forward to seeing what you produce and to seeing you around the forums more

have a great day
2010/9/1 11:38:36
Ooooooh! not quite there with the Dolly Zoom we're getting there - this is just release 1 for animated cameras and there's a whole plan afoot to allow more flexibility and smoothness. so it's always worth keeping muvizu updated when we do releases.
2010/9/1 11:34:20
New version Glad you're enjoying the new features hearing all the positive things from people is music to our ears and make us feel very happy indeed. Can't wait to see what you all make with the new stuff!
2010/9/1 11:31:37
New site Hermit wrote:
I suppose when it comes to creatng your own meshes, a guide on them would have to include a rough poly count.
But I'm also liking the new site Although a few more standard smilies than the main five would be handy. You've got loads of the weird ones, but there isn't even one for :lol: Whaaaaa?

Yep - a guide on importing static meshes can already be found on this site! It's available on the homepage under the '3D assets' tab in the mini gallery.
2010/8/31 14:51:02
New site can't wait to see them - if your sets are anything to go by....
2010/8/31 14:37:59
New site yep! this release will allow you to import static meshes into the application. but beware, it's not for the faint hearted & we will (as with everything to do with the site and the app) be looking for suggestions and direction from our users. glad you like the new site! we're very proud of it
2010/8/31 14:35:26
Stephen Fry i've retweeted and facebooked that - i think this totally has made everyone's day! Many thanks Mr Fry
2010/8/26 15:43:21
Top things we love about our users #6 frighteningly good at this Muvizu game. for serious! ducks to water etc. Thumbs Up
2010/8/26 15:01:49
Top things we love about our users As a response to the lovely Than's lovely post Top 10 things I like about Muvizu, we the folks at Muvizu would like to respond with our own thread - top things we love about our users.

I'll start with this:
  • forgiving and understanding that our software is still beta
2010/8/26 14:42:59
Top 10 things I like about Muvizu thanks for all the lovely words and compliments Than! I've sent this link around the office (just in case no one's seen it yet) so the guys could get a boost out of it. it's always good to hear positive feedback from people and makes all the tears and hair pulling worth it
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2010/8/25 14:31:33
free muvizu? can't wait to see it! it sounds ambitious - that's what we like

good luck with your project
2010/8/25 12:14:34
free muvizu? Hi Than,
There are no strict rules about this at the moment. The 'cut' is reviewed on a case by case basis - and this will be done via our MD Vince. But circumstances and the nature of the project are taken heavily into consideration.
2010/8/24 13:45:34
free muvizu? Our goal with Muvizu is to keep it as accessible as possible - so I wouldn't be worrying about the freemium paranoia that takes over with applications like these (i.e. tiered functionality based on payment). Keep on making Muvizu videos
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