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2010/9/9 2:00:34
The Truth- Moon Landing I found that somewhat amusing.

Good show!

2010/9/9 1:52:35
Unable to update Muvizu That may just be a bug that you're experiencing there bobbus74, a few of us have had a similar thing happen. Best thing I can suggest is to check what version you are running at the moment, the latest build is Version: MZASS-v0.12b -build: 2010.08.30.03R

You can see the build number after Muvizu starts, or if you miss that you can click on the 'About' tab.

Hope that helps.

2010/9/9 1:38:12
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Hope you don't mind me butting in here again!

The YV12 and RGB32 look exactly alike in Muvizu, its only when you play back your movie outside of Muvizu that you notice the difference, in YV12 the colours are correct, Red, Green and blue! However, in RGB32 the Blues are Red and the Reds are Blue!

RGB32 - Media Classic

2010/9/7 9:53:53
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Hello again,

Question now barrys is what do you use to convert the lossless JPEG edits made in Adobe Premiere to the final AVI's that are uploaded to Muvizu or Youtube? Personally I use TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress and I have to say I'm more then happy with what TMPGEnc 4.0 delivers, but it would be nice to do the whole job in one application!

I find Adobe throws a fit anytime the world AVI is mentioned. Not sure if there's a good plug in or not for Adobe, any advice is much appreciated!

2010/9/7 0:01:55
Motion JPEG (Don't overlook it!) Hi,

toonarama the codec pack you are after is 'K-Lite Codec Pack 6.3.0 Full' the link that barrys provided as a link on that page called 'Download K-Lite Codec Pack', this will take you to the download page, I'm not sure if you've missed it because its black text.

Anyway here's the link to the download page...

Or you could download the ffdshow codec...
that's the into page.
Download page...

Maybe its best to go the full hog and install 'K-lite full'. Either way once installed you will need to go to the 'VFW configuration' and set 'lossless JPEG' as your encoder! You will also find a bunch of other Codecs there to play with. Once selected set the codec in Muvizu as ffdshow video codec.

10 sec's of 'lossless JPEG' is around 125 MB.

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2010/9/5 11:31:34
Update Problems Hi,

I've just started Muvizu and was informed of a new update, but the update failed! Here's a screenshot of the error...(Clicky Thumb)

Looks like it could be related to the problem 'macmillan-ra' reported a few days ago here...

Thought i'd let you know anyway.

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2010/9/1 14:07:41
Hello 'Muvizu' World Hello,

Thought it was about time I popped in, said hello, and showed my appreciation. I've been using Muvizu for a couple of weeks now after seeing it on the BBC's click show, and I have to say I'm very much enjoying the experience.

3D animation is something I've always had an interest in but never actually gotten down do doing any serious animating, sure I've had a play around with a few programmes but that's about as far as its ever gone. Basically I'm an armchair fan, I love pretty much anything that Pixar studio produce whether I enjoy the story or not, and most of the time I do. And I'm a very big admirer of Rough Draft Studios, RDS have this nice feel, a style all of their own, I can't put my finger on what it is but its there! Funny enough Muvizu gave me the same feeling when I saw it, I'm not sure if there is a connection somewhere but I felt the force, funny enough RDS's website as a similar feel to this site, then again Pixar's site looks very much like RDS's, or vica versa. Its properly just my imagination.

Anyway, thanks for Muvizu, thanks for your time and thanks to the big Man/Women whoever they are that are behind all of this.


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