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2011/2/11 20:11:58
Intel HD graphics good enough? I'm no expert but as you have a fairly decent CPU and plenty of RAM I'd say give it a go.
2011/2/11 20:06:29
Sad old man Can't believe that's your first video, the camera cuts, animation and lighting are great. Well done mate.
2011/2/3 20:40:13
'Make Video' Problem Neil wrote:
Check your start and end times. The button greys out if your movie has zero duration. Hope that helps.

Thankyou so much, a bit of an oversight from me there I have to admit! Funny how a little thing can stop you in your tracks.
I'm rendering the video now as I type. Thanks again.
2011/2/2 21:49:09
'Make Video' Problem I've made a few Muvizu videos before without problems. I've just completed a new video and when I try to 'Make Video' nothing happens. The Make Video button doesn't even highlight. Here's what I mean..

Make Video button won't highlight or work

It does work on some of my sets though...

Make Video button highlighting correctly.

Any ideas why it works on some but not others? I'd really like to get my latest creation rendered but am stuck until I work this out. Thanks.
2010/12/4 22:20:26
Willy Wonka loses it... hugmyster wrote:
I'm sure Mr Wonka should have had a top hat, but then even Abe Licoln took his off from time to time...

True, he does have a top hat in the film but he doesn't wear it in this scene.
2010/9/15 14:11:34
new characters They would be great for MJ videos...
2010/9/15 12:01:01
Willy Wonka loses it... Made a little scene based on one of my favourite's from the original Willy Wonka film, hope you like it...

2010/9/9 22:34:38
My first little animation - David Brent How great is Movizu? So glad I've discovered it, I can see myself having plenty of fun with it.
So here's my first little animation. Not very long but I'm just getting the hang of it at the moment. Hope you like it anyway...

2010/9/9 19:31:23
Unable to update Muvizu Ah! Can't believe I didn't think of running it as admin, DOH! It now updates fine. Thanks for the help guys, I can go back to creating now.
2010/9/8 18:19:23
Unable to update Muvizu I'm having trouble updating the Muvizu components upon starting the program. The Muvizu Launcher begins and downloads various components for around 15 minutes. It then proceeds to show an error message saying 'Movizu could not be updated at this time.

The detailed error message that follows is seen below:

I've tried it a few times but it keeps happening. I can run the program without updating so at least I can still use it. Just wondered if there was anything I could do to get the update working though, Thanks.

(My spec if helps: Vista 32bit, Intel Quad, 3GB RAM & Geforce 9600)
2010/9/3 23:33:17
Grab tutorials for offline study - hope this is OK I've also downloaded a few of the tutorials. I sue Downloadhelper plugin for Firefox.
The tutorial videos are really helpful and well made by the way.
2010/8/30 11:51:08
Just discovered Muvizu Hi guys, I've just discovered Muvizu (via Webscape on BBC's Click website) and its captured my interest. After watching a couple of the tutorial videos I have to say the whole process of creating and animating looks pretty straightforward. Looks like you guys have created a great piece of software here and I'm looking forward to getting to grips with it.
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