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2010/9/17 22:00:12
Semi muvizu question for the creators Im on a animation and games design course at college and we get to choose what we can display at our end of year presentation. I would like to ask permission to use muvizu to create an animation as my presentation.


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2010/9/15 0:52:20
New character? Ah a Crypto lookalike would be cool Big Grin
2010/9/14 21:50:06
New character? Monsters Big Grin
2010/9/14 20:56:36
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? More zombie animations perhaps?

Im quite happy with the current library at the moment tho
2010/9/13 14:52:04
J.W Pepper Series glasgowjim wrote:
Hi Beretta,

Nice work - the first one is always the hardest.

Are they going to be linked together into a single story or are they going to stay as stand-alone clips?

I passed on a suggestion for "Cop" animations about a week ago, hopefully they will get put in and make things like your first clip a bit easier.

Take care,


Cop animations will make things a lot easier for me.

I may link them all together to make things a littler neater.
2010/9/10 22:00:25
J.W Pepper Series My first series of animations. Enjoy! Big Grin

Feedback welcome
2010/9/2 19:33:45
Youtube account problem Works now, Uploaded my first ever Muvizu! .

2010/9/2 16:28:30
Youtube account problem Hi,

The error appears after clicking "Allow" on youtube.
2010/9/1 21:14:33
Youtube account problem Hi,

When i try to link my Muvizu and youtube account i get this error

"Sorry, we were unable to associate your Muvizu and YouTube accounts."

Any help is welcome .
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