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2011/4/22 18:19:32
mp3's won't import Hi

I've had the same message in the past. To fix it I've just convert the file I'm working with to 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit.
If you look at your file, it will probably be 24bit or 32bit. For the file to work with the engine it needs to be 16bit.

Hope you fix it m8
2011/4/21 21:14:39
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) @ emily: LOL Papa Lazarou I remember him. Funny as hell Big Grin

@ jamie: I just write what ever fills my head using word pad and hope for the best Big Grin

@ everyone else: Thank you all for the kind words, I'm glad you liked it. It almost fried my brain try trying to direct that many characters at once.
2011/4/21 17:26:06
The Good Guys ( Jeremy Kyle special ) The good guys are back in town.
2011/4/21 16:59:41
Upload problem Thanks Ian. I removed some tags and it works now.

Thanks for the help. I'll keep this in mind if I see that message again in the future.
2011/4/21 16:08:40
Upload problem I keep getting this message when trying to upload today.

  • Sorry, a problem occurred. Please try again later.

  • Is their site maintenance taking place ?
    2011/4/21 10:02:47
    Life on Muvizu HAHA that was well funny Big Grin
    Deja Vu on the layout. Vince is still at the same desk spot I see Big Grin
    2011/4/19 11:38:43
    Uploaded sets and 3d assets Logo looks the same but he reversed the color order or mirrored the logo. I remember along time back their uses to be a short lived line of trainers with an upside down nike logo on them LOL. But it was that long ago I can't remember if they was sold in shops or was market knock offs.
    2011/4/18 19:31:06
    Uploaded sets and 3d assets Dreeko wrote:
    All this talk and still no new uploads
    Boo hiss!!!
    Maybe we"ll just have to be original!

    I will upload some bits and bobs soon m8.
    2011/4/12 18:32:01
    A tutorial vid from Dreeko Great tips. I love the way you start all your tutorials off with a quick skit. There really good.
    2011/4/11 12:51:45
    Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Love the voice acting too. Great video
    2011/4/9 23:56:15
    Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) @ziggy I have never used sketchup before so I wouldn't be much help with that im affraid.
    2011/4/9 12:42:55
    Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) It wasn't really a tutorial More of a quick demonstration because I felt showing visually would be more helpful than me trying to explaining in txt. If I get time next week I'll do a detailed tut with a voice over.

    UVs just lets you plan how the texture sits on the model. I'm sure there is some in depth tutorials on youtube for what ever program you use.

    To make a collision work you need to tag its name using UCX_

    example: UCX_mycollision

    Then select your object and collision and export selected objects as ASE format.

    In case you haven't seen it yet. Muvizu has a tutorial that explains about adding collisions
    2011/4/9 2:28:41
    Uploaded sets and 3d assets @tutor No problem
    @dreeko That looks excellent m8. Now all we need is shotguns to rob the gaff Big Grin
    2011/4/9 2:24:27
    Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) I made a quick video for you dreeko showing the process from start to finish. Its not a tutorial explaining how to, its more just to show u visually rather than trying to explain the process in writing. The rock that I made in this video didn't have any real thought put into it or time spent in perfecting the UVWs but it does outline the steps I use.

    Hope this is of some use to you m8

    I put it in fast forward so not to bore the **** out of you Big Grin

    It can be slowed down in VLC player with the + and - keys if needed.

    @Danimal Sounds like you didn't add UVs on your model. I show that process at super humsan speed in this video Big Grin
    2011/4/8 19:01:15
    Uploaded sets and 3d assets On the main page just above the latest videos section is a row of buttons. The first is Movies the next is Sets then scripts etc..

    Hope that helps
    2011/4/8 11:23:51
    Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) Thanks for the nice comments all.
    @Emily: LOL that lego one is brilliant Big Grin
    @Dreeko: I uploaded the set for u it should be visible later on
    2011/4/7 17:27:10
    Monty Python ( The Bridge of Death ) My new video hope you like it.
    2011/4/7 17:18:21
    Garage Band Blues... Superb music video Mysto. Your attention to detail is brilliant.
    2011/4/5 12:32:47
    That Sinking Feeling Another work around

    If you open your scene and the characters have sank through multiple set props there is an quick way to get them back to their original positions. Just go to make movie and press play and they all hop back into place.
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    2011/3/31 18:54:17
    I am not Michael Caine Voice was excellent. spot on
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