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2012/6/13 16:04:00
Muvizu needs you! I'd be interested in testing the Superheroes !

Unfortunately, I'm very busy during the week:

Hope, this will not be an exclusion criteria ?!
2012/6/13 15:56:34
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Nearly forgot to thank you for your answer ! Cool

Never heard of them but I love it and your 3rd part too ! Thumbs Up

Hope, you've got more material for the next episodes !?
2012/6/5 16:53:21
Mail problems Empire strikes back ? Whaaaaa?
2012/6/1 20:07:58
Festa della Repubblica Nice idea !
But shouldn't that be tomorrow ? hmm
2012/6/1 20:02:23
Funny Vid! This guy is way cool ! Cool

But I'm not sure about the dialekt:

There's even a 3D-Clay-Version:
2012/5/29 15:00:48
Introductions! Hi Mike,

Welcome to the forum ! 3 Stooges
2012/5/29 14:56:37
Even More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! You can get mine, after wiping 'em off ! naughty

Very funny clip ! Eat popcorn
Where do you get the voices ?
2012/5/24 17:00:21
Janni's Got Talent Aah and Ooh ! Very cool ! Cool
Did you notice what happened to him and the object !?

Keep your eyes peeled for more heavy hinting ...

Ohh, yes - I still miss the codes for the shark and the Art gallery ! Boogy Dance
2012/5/23 18:58:41
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Hi EEFilmz,
you have to first click on your movie in order to activate the "Effects" (left upper corner). Then click on "Load/Unload Plugins" and load your vdf-files:

I've added some vdf-Plugins (the internal VDubs plus some extra) for Download: here (1.9 MB)

But I can't guarantee that they all work !?
2012/5/21 19:00:38
Beautiful Video Really good choice ! Thumbs Up

Although I like a lot of Gotye songs more than this, the following video is also something for the heart:

2012/5/21 5:45:20
More Nick Danger than anyone asked for! Funny fifties style ! Cool

I like it !
2012/5/19 9:14:52
The scarf Great ! Cool
I love these bittersweet stories !
2012/5/18 13:01:34
The scarf Simply beautiful !
Remembers me of my own grandma who is in the same situation right now.
Have you ever heard "Ellworth" by the "Rascal Flatts":
2012/5/14 6:41:42
Stereoscopic 3d how to @bigwally,

its better to watch it with glasses, believe me !
Unfortunately, you can't change the 3D options outside of Youtube.
Hope, you feel better now ?


Sadly, you are right - the interest in a "fourth dimension" was not really big over the last 2 years. Nevertheless, I would love to see this explosion scene. With the new Muvizu character set you can probably produce your own Avenger films ! Nut Kick

P.S Thank you for the nice comment to my website ! Maybe my humor is sometimes.. let's say "strange". But in case of the Buffalo I was simply at the wrong time at the wrong place ! Goofus
2012/5/13 17:42:49
Anyone use AVS? quality lost from Muvizu to AVS... Hi EEFilmz,
if you still encounter problems with the AVS editor, try the VideoPad editor: Link
It's some kind of australian Windows Movie Maker: its only free for a while, but afterwards you only loose some unnecessary export formats (flv, swf.. - but not avi !) and keep all the nice functions.

It's capable of HD (and freely reloads all missing codecs), it has a video stabilizer, a subtitle function, a 2D to 3D converter, image sequence export, an overlay for text, image or video and beside the preloaded effects you can import all Virtualdub plugins, e.g. here: Link and another Link
I made a short modification test with the new Muvizu teaser: here
2012/5/13 17:20:01
Stereoscopic 3d how to Hi fman00,

first, I have to pay you a compliment for your very nice videos ! Cool

Nevertheless, I had to grin because it's a little bit like reinventing the wheel - have a look here:

2 years ago I already set a link to this 3D-set: here

In the meantime there are lots of 3D videos on youtube. I especially like this one:

By WLAN connection to youtube (or after download) these show especially advantage on your own TV:

See link above for more.

You can also easily produce 3D videos with the VideoPad editor: Link
Although not really expensive its completely free for testing for 2 to 4 weeks (I don't remember exactly). Afterwards you only loose certain export formats (like flv, swf..) but are still able to use all other export functions.

I made a short example using the new teaser from Muvizu for the 2D to 3D export function (2nd part) and the Cartoonizer plugin from Virtualdub (first part - you can import all vdf-plugins from Virtualdub!): Link

Maybe this could be your next project !?


P.S. Wouldn't it be nice to insert flash here in the forum ?
2012/1/20 13:17:37
Codecs again I wouldn't use them either.
I must admit that I haven't done a video with Muvizu 64-bit because I just switched to 64-bit from Vista 32.

Instead I would use the Lagarith lossless codec and afterwards another codec, e.g. ffdshow 32 bit.
But you have to install an older version (before 3670) of ffdshow, 'cause afterwards they removed the MPEG4 codecs.

Have a look here:

The encoders were removed, last version to have them seems to be around rev. 3670. Reasons were outdated, buggy and inferior encoders; you should use standalone encoders (x264vfw or x264 for h264 encodings, standalone XviD for xvids..).
More about the issue at doom9:
2012/1/20 6:20:39
Codecs again Did you install the 64-bit version ?
2011/12/9 16:04:49
arteria3d as source of props "Guten Abend" toonarama !

Hmmm, if i would be a little more active maybe i could switch this forum into German !? Owned

You're welcome !
Its nice to get your feedback !

best wishes
2011/12/8 20:07:14
arteria3d as source of props Hi toonarama,

great idea ! Cool
Shortly i've also purchased the ARTERIA membership and downloaded some packs.
This evening I checked some packs containing .ase files.

The ASE files from the (very lowpoly) Mobiledevice_medieval pack (rather greyish look), the Scifi- and the Horse pack (see picture right side) can directly be imported into Muvizu (note point 7 from toonarama !). ASE files from other packs (Shantytown2 & Medfarm) could for unknown reasons not be loaded.

Normally, Steve prepares his packs in a lot of different formats.
Therefore, using converters as described by Mick you can still get the desired ASE format.

Since Steve in many cases also saves in Millkshape format (MS3D) there's an easy way by using the ASE exporter in Milkshape that is also able to convert a lot of other formats (Shareware, but 1 month free - Link here) and then import into Muvizu as above (picture left side: Roman pack & Cartoon pack).

Hope, this helps !

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