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2016/3/7 19:25:16
Super Hero Man Thanks for the tip about the eyes... and no I'm not that tony james

ziggy72 wrote:
The black highlights showing up in the character's eyes at the end bit are caused by using Dark Lights with the Distance set too far (so it hits the character). Best to turn them down until they don't show, or avoid them altogether and start with a completely dark, unlit set and add lights until it looks good. Good first attempt though.

PS You're not that Tony James are you, the one from Sigue Sigue Sputnik and Sisters Of Mercy? Wouldn't have thought so but I have to ask
2016/3/7 19:23:06
Super Hero Man Thanks for the kind words, I'm a voice over talent that loves animation, so I finally have a way to get this crazy
characters out of my head and bother someone else while I eat my lunch! I love the software and I'm glad the gletch
has been fixed. If I lose another file again I'm going to take a Sharpe and start drawing stick figures on my computer monitor.

PatMarrNC wrote:
Gotta love any video that ends with the phrase "There's only so many sardine sandwiches a man can eat"

I remember hearing once that there are only a handful of unique plots for stories, and they are categorized by the type of conflict. (Man vs man, man vs nature, man vs himself, etc)

A true super hero storyline would probably take the form of Man vs evil... but a bumbling superhero story might go the route of "man vs. himself" (trying to rise above his own incompetence)

One of the things I like about this product and this forum is watching how different people use this software to develop a story. It's inevitable that there will be recurring themes (like super heroes) ... but I find it fun and interesting to see how each person develops the theme.

Apparently you've chosen to make your hero not so heroic, which opens up a lot of potential for humor. I look forward to seeing more from Super Hero Man. Good luck on your series!
2016/3/7 14:41:01
Super Hero Man Just bout the software a while back and here is my first video it's called Super Hero Man I'm a voice over artist and thought this would be fun tell me what you think.

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