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2012/7/17 13:18:06
Goin in for 1st ever emergency hernia surgery this I hope all goes well. Hang in there.

The new version of Muvizu will be waiting for you when you get back and it will be the perfect distraction to help you recover.
My thoughts are with you. See you soon.

Take care,
2012/7/17 3:35:39
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
One other thing - any chance we can get the UV maps for the new characters? Pleeeeease?

Hey Z,

Have a look here

They should be working. The new character are listed last.

2012/7/17 3:32:30
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) Great news William

And don't worry about my time, I'm here to help
Anything else you need just let us know.

Thank you for your patience and enjoy Muvizu.

2012/7/17 3:30:47
Feedback Thread -v0.21b release (July 2012) ziggy72 wrote:
Sorry Marco, but it should be here already

First issue - Beefy's eyebrow location 'both lowered' option doesn't do much at all (although thankyou for finally giving us the 'Roger Moore school of acting' ability!)

Second issue - uh...too much awesomeness?

Will get on with the actions/movements later - working on my own little foray into superheroing, but it's all looking great - loving the new explosive effects too. Thumbs Up

No worries Ziggy. I have a good excuse, I'm in the holiday land at the moment
I'll make the thread sticky.

Thanks Z
2012/7/16 13:34:52
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) It seems to be an odd one.

Can you please send us the set file to so we can take a look?
I'll investigate the matter as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance,
2012/7/11 15:41:22
unreal engine 4 Looking very very good

2012/7/11 13:32:35
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) wdeprospo wrote:
Hi Again,

I downloaded the current version from the download page (64 bit) it is...

MZASS-v0.20b - build: 2012.05.10.01R (64bit) DX9.

This seems to be the current downloadable version.


Yep, that's is the most recent build available to the public, although a new one will be released soon.
Do you experience the same problems on the 2012.05.10.01R build?

2012/7/11 10:24:33
Why all the DLL Crashes (UE3Engile.dll) wdeprospo wrote:

I've been using muvizu for a little while. It's been going along ok until now.
I have a scene with 3 characters, 3 cameras, some objects and dialog.
There are lots of head movements, character movements, and actions etc.

I suddenly lost a character. Then the program abended.

Address=(multiple addresses) filename not found in
--- some other messages--- all basically the same

I recreated the character, and have had nothing but the above error since.
I can't even make a movie with what I have.

The PC has 6 meg, terabyte hd, intel i7-2600 @3.40Gh

Windows 64 bit Family, Service Pack 1

All Directx and other drivers are up to date......

Monitor is Samsung 24 inch 1920 x 1080

Any help is usually good help.


Good morning William,

I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with Muvizu.

Can you please tell us which version of Muvizu you are running? You can get this information on the help menu (top right of the screen, press the question mark and select about.)

The version information is on the bottom of the about window and it should look like MZASS-v0.21b - build: 2012.07.10.01 (64bit).

Thanks in advance,
2012/7/10 15:36:11
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! This trailer is amazing! It really shows the potential of the software and the creativity of the author!

Well done Dreeko

2012/7/9 11:06:38
Now I can legitimately be a crotchety old g... Congratulations Tim,

I'm very happy for you and your family.

Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing what's going on with you at the moment

I wish you all the very best.

2012/7/6 10:57:41
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... I like Ziggy's idea

Going to put an improvement report into the system with a link to this thread.
No promises though, I'm just a drop in the ocean with no decision making

But I can say thank you for taking the take to analyse and discuss this.

2012/7/5 16:33:26
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... It does to me

I will see if I can come up with an improvement for that, but it's a tough one.

2012/7/5 13:53:27
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... Since you can change the pose while directing we can't block those actions.

Lets imagine this. While recording..
You character is standing up, then sits down and performs a sitting action.
If that action was blocked because the character was standing up at the beginning, you guys couldn't use that animation, even if you changed the pose.

I hope it makes sense

2012/7/5 12:26:16
Random requests! I get amazed with the ways our users work around the software limitations.
Pure awesome creativity.

Well done

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2012/7/5 11:47:34
Why are Character Actions Grayed out sometimes... EEFilmz wrote:
Can't believe this hasn't been posted yet or maybe I missed it, but I noticed that sometimes when in Prepare mode and setting up character actions, that when I go to Direct, and I hit Record, that action is grayed out so I cannot perform the action. I just noticed it with the Themes Actions...and am wondering why this happens?
Anyone else have this happen?
edited by EEFilmz on 05/07/2012


Some actions are designed to work only if the character is on a certain pose. Like standing or sitting.
So if your character is sitting down the actions that can only be used while standing will be greyed out.

I hope this helps.
Let us know if you have more questions

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2012/7/4 17:08:01
O Muvizu precisa de si. Obrigado Renato,

Nas proximas 24h-48h lhe daremos acesso ao forum e a versao para testar

2012/7/4 15:31:16
Need a model or set made? Good luck Dylly
2012/7/4 15:10:03
Change the font Dreeko wrote:
I believe that the letters are objects which have been created and placed within Muvizu which are accessed by typing, rather than actually being created at the moment you type. So I think we are stuck with the font until the process is changed to the latter.

That's my understanding of it anyway!..


Dreeko is absolutely correct.

The letters are 3D objects there are placed on the set.
Their placement is directly related to the text you type on the text field.

If you want to use text, there are a few video editors that allow you to do that.
You can import the video you created with Muvizu and add text, then publish your video.

I hope this helps.

2012/7/2 12:37:07
Sony Vegas Bargain!!! Thanks for the tip, I ordered a copy

Let's see what this baby can do.

2012/7/2 10:59:59
Erro ao iniciar Muvizu Olá Fernando,

O problema que está a ter é devido a uma má instalação do programa. Isto provavelmente porque o ficheiro de instalação esta corrumpido.

Isto acontece quando existe um pequeno erro enquanto o download está a decorrer.
Aconselho você a usar um programa de downloads tipo GetRight para ter a certeza que o instalador não tem erros.

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