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2011/5/26 10:06:11
Download Mirrors Good Morning everyone,

Our external mirrors from which you can download Muvizu are being updated at the moment, so please refrain from using them.

I'll updated Jim's post once I get the new download links from them.


EDIT: 31st May 2011 Update
Both versions released on the 25th of May 2011 are now available on Filefront / Gamefront and Gamershell.

CNET is still hosting the November release.
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2011/5/24 13:51:40
Ciao a tutti(Hi everybody!) Hey Toonarama,

Indeed I saw it

He's reaching out to the community, specially to the Italian members.
I've sent him a link pointing out to our tutorials.

Since there isn't really a technical problem, I've decided not to intervene.

2011/5/24 10:41:34
Math Videos Hi GeoTheFish,

You guys are doing a good job. It's really cool to see Muvizu in action for educational purposes.

I wish I had Muvizu when I was teaching

Keep up the good work guys.

2011/5/23 0:37:18
Garage Band Trailer... Great trailer Mysto

Looking forward to watch the series. Rock on

2011/5/20 10:16:38
Using the kinect as a cheap motion capture system Very nice

Epic and Microsoft have a very solid partnership, so that's definitely a possibility.

2011/5/16 12:06:33
Help me please!! Hi MiOG,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems with Muvizu.
Hopefully we will find a way to turn things around.

Can you please try to uninstall Muvizu and then install it again, but while connected to the internet?
This is a known bug that will be fixed in the next release.

If you were connected to the internet, then you probably had a timeout issue.
Please let us know if you get this sorted.

2011/5/11 17:00:08
Download problem Glad to hear it Have fun with Muvizu.

2011/5/11 11:34:30
Deutschsprachiges Forum Hallo wirsch,

Für andere leute ihre audio-dateien zu sehen, bitte bearbeiten und drehen sie die privatsphäre-optionen die öffentlichen.
Wenn der private Option aktiviert ist, werden andere menschen nicht in der lage, dateien zu sehen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
2011/5/11 11:17:58
Deutschsprachiges Forum Wussten sie lade deine musik und sounds, um Ihre Muvizu account?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
2011/5/9 11:00:26
Download problem Hello XChazzie,

Welcome to Muvizu.

Can you please tell us which executable file are you trying to use to run Muvizu?
Try using the muvizu.exe file located in the "Binaries" folder. You can find the binaries folder inside the Muvizu folder, for example "C:\Muvizu\Binaries".

Let us know if the problem persists.
Thanks in advance.

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2011/5/5 10:04:22
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? wetdog2 wrote:
I would love a neutral emotional state for characters, with accompanying poses. When people listen to someone else talk in casual conversation, they rarely show emotion. This would also help in emotional transitions so characters aren't just cycling through angry, sad, happy and scared, which rarely happens in real life. Also, it's just weird to start a scene when characters all have very specific emotional states.

That said, I'm a newbie and I think it's a great product.

Hi wetdog2,

First of all, welcome to Muvizu. I hope you enjoy it and have lots of fun with it.

"Fresh eyes" feedback is always important in software development.
Thanks for sharing your ideas with us

2011/4/27 15:09:41
how long? penman wrote:
i looked for this question that might have been asked earlier ... but i didnt see it .. so i thought id ask ... about how long does it take for a video to show up that you have loaded to muvizu?
just wonderin ...

Hi penman,

If everything goes well, it takes around 24 hours.
Assuming that your video doesn't get block due to copyright issues.

I hope this helps.

2011/4/26 15:49:16
Easter Eggs Please don't waste hours looking for the Easter eggs, devote a few minutes each time, like when you are between scenes

The hunt is fun, but don't burn yourself out.

Not Found
2011/4/25 12:53:09
Easter Eggs I can give you a little tip.

Notice your surroundings!

Happy hunting

2011/4/21 9:33:54
Life on Muvizu Excellent work Dreeko Very funny and so real... hehehehe!
2011/4/20 9:20:42
Uploaded sets and 3d assets ziggy72 wrote:
Danimal wrote:

It's not a big deal and I understand. I can always make a new texture map. I'll use my favorite image editor: Michaelsoft Taint. Comes free with Binbows!

I couldn't get my copy of Taint to work with Michaelsoft Kista. I searched for it on Guggle but it didn't help.

You should send them a "bag" report!!!

'Allo 'Allo! anyone?
2011/4/12 16:47:27
A tutorial vid from Dreeko Another masterpiece Thanks for doing this Dreeko.

2011/4/12 13:28:56
Can't change sky and ground colour...plz help Hi Bear1992,

Indeed Danimal is right. Some of our community members had the same problem and it's related to their video cards.

Your video card doesn't support the Pixel Shader 3.0 feature that is required by Muvizu.
You can check the minimum requirements here :

Please let us know if you have further questions.

edited by Marco_D on 12/04/2011
2011/4/12 11:10:17
Can't change sky and ground colour...plz help Hi Bear1992,

I'm sorry to hear that are having problems with Muvizu.

Can you please tell us, what graphic card you are using?

2011/4/11 11:11:22
Adv of Nick Danger (Part Two) Good work Wally very entertaining. Looking forward to the next adventures.

Well done

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