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2012/10/9 20:20:07
Guns and Performance Thanks Marco_D,

By the way I didn't say he lied...I said he was joking that handling props would be available in 2014. And that's why I said it won't be so funny when his joke turns out to be the truth.

2012/10/9 1:24:10
Guns and Performance Hmmmmm, thanks I suppose...It's on the top of the table, but you "haven't made a decision on this yet." No offense, but that doesn't sound like it's on the top of the table in that case.

Muvizu keeps putting out releases and giving priority to other things (some interesting things, but still they other things). One of your employees joked in response to a similar post I made YEARS AGO now and said props would finally be integrated in 2014. Well, I hope that's not a joke that turns into the truth.....Or worse, a prediction that jumps the gun (ie. props actually appear in 2016).

You even created musical instruments, a type of prop...but no actual props. Previously, people suggested...why not just create everyday props in a similar way to the musical instruments and the response was that Muvizu doesn't want to create temporary or workaround fixes. Well, what was going on with Musical Instruments then? Was that an okay way to have instruments? Then why wouldn't it be an okay way to have props? Does the answer circle back to not wanting a workaround or a temporary fix? You can't have it both ways. It's either okay to have integrated musical instruments the way you did or not.

2012/10/4 23:23:52
Guns and Performance Muvizu,

What's the status of holding props or guns or flowers or several other objects?

2012/8/2 18:18:02
Dreeko's Tutorials Thank you very much Dreeko!
2012/7/16 19:57:02
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Thanks Dreeko, that is helpful. I would say, when it comes time to decide what kind of lighting. How about your kind of lighting? Meaning, picking out lighting setups from some of your flicks like the one featuring Heroes.

Low light setups usually with good color choices seems to be where you've done some nice work.
2012/7/12 18:18:30
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Thx Dreeko, glad the FX are all in Muvizu. And the lighting too! But that takes you to know what you're doing. Ever consider doing a brief tutorial on how you do your more stylized lighting? Cheers.
2012/7/10 19:08:18
Heroes and Villains trailer!!! Excellent trailer/movie!!

Looking forward to new Muvizu! By the way, where any parts enhanced with 3rd party software?

2012/6/21 3:24:37
Gun_in_Hand Great to hear about props!

I'll be so excited to see this in action. And likely non-Muvizu users will be excited too! They will certainly cease to use their current Machinima-related products and enthusiastically use Muvizu when the characters can hold props.

This is the last major puzzle piece before Muvizu becomes complete.

Sure there might be minor tweaking and innovative improvements, but Muvizu will have addressed all the necessities.
2012/5/29 21:10:05
2012/5/24 20:28:28
Gun_in_Hand I second the idea of giving a few props that are cuff attachments, then we can rotate them over and get them in the hand. After that we would just need some arm movements that simulate using a variety of props (and some hand poses with those arm movements).

This would keep Muvizuers happy for a while. Now I've heard in the past that you aren't crazy about temporary fixes, but if it's just a wrist accessory I think that's fair game and won't create compatibility issues for future of Muvizu since you can just leave them! Muvizu is cartoony anyway, how silly and fun is it to have a beer mug or a football on a wrist? Seriously it's high time these characters have been given something to hold other than a guitar. I mean too many times I've seen Muvizu movies where the author had to dance around the subject in their story and it sticks out like a sore thumb!
2012/4/3 8:14:24
Gun_in_Hand I do appreciate the thorough response. I get that it's not a straight forward response. I hope it transpires more smoothly than expected. Cheers.
2012/3/30 2:33:26
Gun_in_Hand Just following up with the Muvizu staff on this.

Where are you at with prop handling?
2012/3/15 21:25:02
Gun_in_Hand Great model and graphic Dylly! Thanks for sharing. Oh how I wish for prop handling in Muvizu.

Where are you at with this Muvizu? This is a sincere question. No jokes or youtube videos, please...just honesty back.

2012/1/9 19:28:47
Gun_in_Hand Honestly, guns are okay...but it's more important to have basic props. Like a pencil. One darned pencil would be nice. Maybe a genie lamp, but more so a pencil. I get that it's not necessarily straight forward, but we all know you can pick up and put down stuff in the Unreal Engine. There's plenty of games using Unreal that can do this.

And then the fact that you guys have had musical instruments for some odd months is a little off-putting and disheartening (despite the instruments being stuck-on).

Tell Vince to let real-life Muvizu employees start holding computer mice again! Not only that tell him to allow you all to pick up your coffee mugs and hopefully find the 'Prop Handling' post-it note! That will fix this "working on it" syndrome!
2012/1/8 4:31:22
Gun_in_Hand Well, the reason Muvizu doesn't have props/weapons is because the real-life Muvizu employees aren't allowed to hold a mouse while programming. They aren't even allowed to hand off or plug USB drives into their computers and share information. I'm not even sure if they can pick up their coffee mugs anymore. All they have are post-it notes on a board that they can nudge around with their noses. In fact, the post it- marked "Prop Handling" is stuck to the bottom of one of the coffee mugs. This slows the whole development process down a tad. I'm not sure why, but that's the case.
2011/12/22 22:02:19
Has he been yet ? Lol...I suppose that's awfully close. I still want one of pyrrho's droogs to mutter something soothing though.
2011/12/22 20:17:01
Has he been yet ? Would be nice if they said something regarding a missed target date. I get it, it happens...but it would be nice to hear a calm voice reminding us to be patient.
2011/10/24 17:51:29
Newbie.... Perhaps none of making an effective 3D storytelling program is easy, BUT some elements are necessary.

Muvizuers have to constantly innovate around touching, holding or nudging stuff with hands. Touching stuff happens ALL the time in movies. It's really weird not to have some ability to do this. And they started with Musical Instruments...but months ago now. Actually almost a year back, 10 Nov 2010 was when Musical instruments debuted.

Honestly, I wish they had started with a fork and a beer mug. But they didn't, so now it's almost a year later and there's no hint at when they wish to give us a few props to handle. Please Muvizu, just an honest idea as to when you intend to do this, and where this enhancements ranks on the priority list.

Why not say if it ranks 1st, 5th, or 10th on your list?
2011/10/18 21:18:49
Newbie.... Holding things would be so cool. So cool. Vital even. I think it's on everyone's mind. There are joke movies made about characters not being able to hold anything. But as movie makers, creatively working with this limitation will hold our interest only so long. I think it was pyrrho who said that Muvizu made Mustical instruments
because we thought that that was the best place to start, and musical animations and props have proved popular.

That's interesting, but it's also impossible to know if it was the best place to start. We can't compare that to anything, it's rhetorical.
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2011/7/21 21:22:59
What are these features? What do these features refer to exactly?

To stop the director escaping the sky dome
Wobbly walk stop
Look-at remaining applied when unwanted

Not sure what those are...thanks.

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