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2016/7/6 22:39:37
FBX strikes again! Thank you so much – this is a much cleaner technique than the one I'd hit on. That said, it's still weird that we have to flip the model 90 degrees, right? I mean it imports correctly into Muvizu - so it's been created on the right axis and everything. It just flips over after we move it around at all. So, are we all in agreement that this is a straight up Muvizu glitch?

2016/7/3 1:00:14
FBX strikes again! Well this seems to have come up for a few folks and in some cases it is never resolved - mine is such a case. So not to be defeated, I offer others a cheap work-around. Duplicate the object, rotate the duplicate 90 degrees, join it with the original and let Muvizu have its way with the original, and in so doing, position the duplicate where you want it. Then set the model in the ground, with the reduced collision allowing you to bury the original. Take that mysterious and dastardly algorithm!
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2016/7/2 20:26:57
FBX strikes again! Thanks, but I am indeed building in Blender.

I thought maybe the lights or camera could be having an impact, but I tried exporting selected (with my model and collision box) and same result as ever.

2016/7/2 19:38:56
FBX strikes again! Yup - stuff can pass right through the main object.
2016/7/2 19:17:07
FBX strikes again! I'm creating a little box and giving it the UCX_model name. So it doesn't seem like that's the issue.

The only time I'm able to eliminate the problem is when I add a new object above mine in Blender and export both, then let Muvizu define the collision, which of course makes the model unusable in Muvizu, because nothing can touch it.
2016/7/2 18:59:24
FBX strikes again! Okay - so madness is just moments away now. I have tried EVERYTHING. I've changed the direction the model is facing in Blender to compensate for the rotation after import into Muvizu. I've changed the shape in case Muvizu was rotating based on that. I've exported as FBX, reimported into Blender and exported again. It is as if Muvizu knows I'm trying to stop the model from facing the direction it's making it face and adapting the rules to thwart me, but that's insane. Right? Right?!

I just can not figure out any logical law that is governing the result. If it's not analyzing the axis or the shape, how the hell does it know to screw the orientation up the same way every time?

Please help!

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2016/7/1 19:08:38
FBX strikes again! Hm. Pretty sure I've tried that, but I'll try it again tonight. I also usually don't have the problem, but once it happens, it seems to stick around no matter what I do.

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2016/7/1 17:51:08
FBX strikes again! Indeed – but the positioning needed is pretty precise, and once stay upright is off, the models move in every direction, making positioning impossible.

The really annoying thing is that one of the models stopped having the problem for no reason, and when I imported it again, the problem returned.

2016/7/1 8:49:36
FBX strikes again! Thanks so much all! Urban Lamb, I went dark because I was fighting my way through dozens of small setbacks, but I have emerged triumphant - except with regard to this flipping over issue! I have watched that tutorial and followed your instructions and tried various other stuff, but every single time, boink! Model on its face.

Maybe I've interpreted your instrucs incorrectly?

You said: Snap cursor to center
No problem - found that under object "snap"

Then you said: set origin to center
Couldn't find this exactly, so I guessed it meant "set origin to center of mass"?

Then you said: snap to cursor which is now at the center of the scene
I assumed this meant "snap selection to cursor"? (There's regular and offset, I tried both, same result)

Finally you said: and then apply location rotation.
I think this means hit Control A and select location, then repeat and select rotation?

Hopefully, I got something wrong and this is an easy fix, 'cause it's driving me crazy!

Thanks so much,

2016/6/10 9:29:08
FBX strikes again! So the transparency part resolves itself if I save the file, close it and open it. But the flipping over thing's still haunting me!
2016/6/10 8:21:48
FBX strikes again! Hey there,

Another FBX challenge from me. I bought a couple models and when I import them, they're semi-transparent and they flip up on their sides. I've tried examining them in Blender for hours, but can't make any progress. Any help greatly appreciated!


2016/6/9 1:01:57
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Thank you sir! I'll check that out. I have figured out how to re-apply textures, but this model has 20+ layers and I don't know which material belongs to which, so hopefully that's not what's needed.

Look forward to showing y'all what I'm working on. It'll be months though. I'm just finishing building all my sets and then I'll be starting the script. Because I want to realize after I've written the script that my sets all need to change. Lol.

2016/6/8 20:12:26
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports I've been pretty happy with Blender except I can't figure out how to do anything

Speaking of which – I have an obj I've been trying to export as an FBX, but when I bring it into Muvizu, it seems to be lacking all textures. Anyone know if this is something simple that I'm missing, or have I bought a bad model?

Thanks again!

2016/6/7 8:04:00
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Scratch that! I realized I needed to combine all layers and name the collision mesh after the single remaining layer. (I started by naming it after the file. Doi.) In any event - I now have exactly what I need. Thank you thank you thank you again!

2016/6/7 6:33:15
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Hi all,

Thanks again for all the help. Sadly, my result has been no different. I added the cube, labeled it as instructed and exported, but once imported into Muvizu, nothing can pass through the model or even be created inside of it (shapes just bounce around and fly out). The only step I wasn't able to take was Clicking the Textured Solid tick box, as that isn't an option in my version of Blender. But that doesn't seem like it would effect my collision mesh. I also read somewhere that the mesh needed an empty material, so I tried that, but to no avail. Any further thoughts greatly appreciated!

If anyone is inclined to take a look at the model, here's a link to the Blender file (with no textures, etc, as I don't think those are needed): https://we.tl/LQy0OsSxNY

Thanks once more for any advice you have.

2016/6/6 21:41:29
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports You guys are amazing – this is my first experience with the forums and it's been incredibly helpful. I'm away from my system at the moment, but I'll report back with results later this evening. Thanks also for addressing the "Muvizu Jiggle" which I had assumed was just a fact of life

Deeply appreciate all the help,

2016/6/6 20:06:43
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Indeed - that is my hope, but I just need to follow the proper procedure to export a file to find out. Thanks again for the chat!

2016/6/6 19:31:13
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Honestly, I've gone through so many phases of finding an import pipeline that sort of works that I can't remember the specific issues I had with .ase's. But once I got working with Blender and saw .ase wasn't a default export option, I went to .fbx.

I see now that I could go and get a special script to export as .ase, then figure out the ziggy mesh exporter, etc. But it feels like I'm close to the finish line and starting with a new file format seems bound to raise new questions. Plus if the issue is solved by just adding a tiny cube and calling it "collision_node" then that seems like the thing to do. (But I don't understand the details of the process – where to put the cube, etc. Also, I'm not sure if Muvizu recognizes the term "collision_node" and knows what it means, as I got that from a Unity or Unreal Game Engine tutorial.)

Anyway, thanks again for bearing with me and the advice is greatly appreciated!

2016/6/6 18:53:37
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Thanks so much – yes, the models are fairly complex, but under the limit and I've been importing them without incident. In looking at all the layers in Blender, I don't see anything called "collision_node" so I'm guessing there isn't actually any collision in the model and Muvizu is creating it automatically.

The solution may be to go back to .ase files, as this seems to have been addressed with them. But .ase's gave me all sorts of problems on import, so I'm hoping not.

Thanks again and I'll keep a look out for a reply from Ziggy, et al.
2016/6/6 18:31:44
Minimizing collision on Blender FBX exports Hey folks – apologize for those of you seeing this on both the chat area and this forum, but I'm at the end of my rope. I've spent weeks trying to use some models I purchased. I managed to learn Blender well enough to edit the models a bit and get them into Muvizu, but they are enclosed spaces and the collision mesh is making it impossible to put anything in them, other than characters. Can someone share the process for creating a tiny collision mesh in Blender that allows stuff to pass through most of the model in Muvizu?
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