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2016/12/7 1:49:10
Long Dresses, No Slit I agree... please post them at the store, these are to great to let go, yahsome work, the best!
2016/12/6 17:25:55
Long Dresses, No Slit Absolutely perfect, beautiful work, this will work perfectly!
thank you, thank you!!
2016/12/5 17:19:56
Long Dresses, No Slit No problem, what ever you can do is awesome!!!
2016/12/5 4:17:14
Long Dresses, No Slit

something like this would be nice, this site has a lot of choices. Thank you so much, this is truly
2016/12/4 17:36:24
Long Dresses, No Slit That would be great!!! The characters are teachers that stand in one spot and don't move, other than arms, head, and eye's movement... the project is for young children and these characters just ask some questions at the end of an instructional video. If you post them on the muvizu store, I am willing to pay for your efforts. Thank you greatly
2016/12/4 13:35:07
Long Dresses, No Slit

clothing of the men and women like this would be great.... don't know if it's possible though.
thank you
2016/12/3 23:53:41
Long Dresses, No Slit I am in need of some long dresses for an early 1900's project where the women wore long dresses and bonnets... the headscarf will work for the bonnet, but I need to find some long dresses, or how I can make them, if it's possible. Thank you.
2016/9/6 1:19:19
Downloading Muvizu Is there a way to download the latest version of Muvizu Play+ outside of the program for an offline project computer?
2010/11/1 3:55:48
crash at start up... yep... that fixed it. directx and latest vid drivers.
thanks again, asaph
2010/10/31 3:12:22
crash at start up... new here, wonderful program... especially for teaching children! endless possibilities...
anyway, i get to "downloading remote manifest...Failed" then the program crashes... probably an easy fix,
right? i hope, thank you for your help
oh yeah, my system, vid card, etc is beffy enough for this program, it was working, but my system crapped its britches and i had to reinstall winxp, probably missing something, thanks again.
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