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2016/4/24 16:15:28
Recorded Audio Cannot Be Named It seems similar to this problem from 3 YEARS AGO ..


Anyhow, I recorded Audio for a scene from within Muvizu. But the file (WHERE DOES IT SAVE??) cannot be named and it is not recognized by other parts of the program as a ... (file?).

Anyhow, it has no name, and I can't seem to name it from within Muvizu.

As a result, the lip-sync feature cannot find it.

That previous post was from 2013, and it appears this "bug" is still here.

There was no resolution to that previous post either.

So, how to I name a recorded audio that I recorded from within Muvizu and have it recognized by the rest of the program?

Or, as a work-a-round, where is the file automatically saved to, maybe I could find it and rename it there. ?? What is the file extension?

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