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2013/11/25 12:38:33
Higher resolution and higher framerates? Would it be possible to add more framerate and resolution options? Currently it maxes out at 720p25, which is pretty low these days. I've been able to get 2k output, but it's a bit of a hassle so custom framerates and resolutions would be great.
2012/7/29 10:22:10
want to change my YouTube account I'm thinking about changing the YouTube account associated with my Muvizu account... If I remove my YouTube account by clicking "remove" on my profile, will it also remove the videos that I've uploaded, or will they still be connected to my account? Thanks.
2011/10/20 17:13:27
Tales from Pastor Von Those were pretty good little tales! Nice job.
2011/10/13 10:26:22
Video Card recommendations What's your budget? I used to use Muvizu on a 7900GTX, but it was very choppy when the scenes got complicated. I mean very complicated though, with lots of lights and stuff like on The Book. It was absolutely fine for more simple scenes. They're so old that you can probably get onboard graphics that outperform it now though!

I've recently had the pleasure of using Muvizu on a Nvidia GTX460, and it literally runs like a dream. I've not yet been able to make a scene that makes it even begin to slow down - even if there are loads of lights with realistic shadows, and lots of smoke effects everywhere etc. It's mad! Great for £80, if you want to spend that much.
2011/5/19 20:19:27
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Apologies for not replying straight away. xD I don't currently have the time to add them myself, so if you could do it that would be great. Big Grin
2011/1/10 13:48:34
best quality export for sony vegas editing Use the 720p 25 WMV export preset.
2010/12/22 16:15:43
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) You're welcome everyone! (:

wizplace wrote:
Question: Where did you get the Christmas tree? Mine won't log in so I don't have anything Christmasey Logic
Mood: Confused

They were given away in the Second Life machinima expo. I missed it myself, but a certain kind person let me have access to them, regardless.
2010/12/21 16:47:02
Matt's Sets (Merry Christmas everyone!) Hello fellow Muvizuers! I've decided to release the sets that I've made recently for everyone to use. I'd appreciate credit if you use them in any videos, but it's not necessary. Merry Christmas!

Front Room on Christmas Day -

Jesus in Manger -

Living Room -

Winter Moon -

Supermarket at Christmas -

Town Centre at Christmas -

Christmas Shop (WARNING: requires 4GB of RAM) -

Christmas Dinner -

Jesus Overturning Table at Temple (as a market) -

Hopefully some of you can learn some techniques from these sets, too. I'll probably keep adding to this thread, so keep an eye on it.
edited by Matt on 21/12/2010
2010/12/9 6:31:47
Movie in background You'll have to create a backdrop, and change the texture to an avi file. The avi file being the background you made in the different product.

I'm not sure which codec works best, but xvid has always been alright for me. Just make sure it's not HD.
2010/12/8 21:55:42
YouTube account unlinked! D: I was trying to upload a video to my Muvizu account, but the white 'upload box' thing remained... white. Nothing happened. So, I closed it and went to my profile again, but now all my videos are gone! Not from YouTube, mind. My account has been unlinked, somehow.

Is there any way I can link my old videos again? Surely there must be a way where I can just add a link?

Edit: I've re-linked my account again; I need to get this video uploaded. Hopefully this won't have hindered any attempt at recovery :S

I really hope I won't have to re-upload my old videos! My 'The Book' video had over 2k views.

Edit 2: Never mind! It must have been some kind of glitch. They're back now. *is happy*
edited by Matt on 08/12/2010
2010/11/12 16:48:37
Ragdoll mode? I was thinking about this a while ago. It would be similar to machinimas made in game based on the Half Life 2 engine. Big Grin Some very funny stuff indeed has been made with that.

Might be a bit complicated to implement inverse kinematics in Muvizu though.
2010/11/11 9:10:54
Multiple Versions of Muvizu on Computer Yep. All you have to do is choose a different folder during installation. I simply named mine 'program files/muvizu2'.
2010/11/9 20:58:11
Clothing Variations This is wishful thinking, but it would amazing if Muvizu someday had fabric physics... like in the Splinter Cell games. *sighs* Sooo... Coool...
2010/11/8 16:44:09
open the door help me :) Here's a quick tutorial on how you can do it using Anim8or.

2010/11/8 13:25:55
Parental Controls/Explicit Content Filters How about, instead of separating mild content from the main site, you could filter mature content into a different section which requires age to be above 15 to access? Perhaps it would also discourage the use of bad language and mature content, as people will ultimately want their videos to get more views.

When I first found out about Muvizu, I thought that it was aimed at children anyway. But, there's been quite a bit of mature content, which doesn't fit right if you ask me.

I've had a parent inquire about Muvizu for her kids to mess about with, and I had to warn her about letting her children browse through the videos by themselves, which put her off I think.
2010/11/8 13:11:21
Neutral mood? That's great! I eagerly anticipate its inclusion.
2010/11/8 11:53:27
Neutral mood? Just a suggestion here. Would it be possible to add a 'neutral' mood? It would be nice to have some characters who aren't extremely happy, angry, or sad.

Think boring maths teacher...
2010/10/24 15:17:40
How do I make the camera arc? Try click-dragging whilst you're moving the camera. Or, you could use the numberpad (though I find it more difficult).
2010/10/11 10:05:44
What codec do you use and why? I use huffyuv, because it's lossless so there's no quality loss when I edit it up in my video editor. Plus, it's very quick to edit with, which is a massive plus.
2010/10/11 10:03:45
Don't think I'll make it... Were we supposed to get an email saying to link it to their YT account? I didn't, and just did it anyway, lol. :P I hope they got my email though!

If anyone who works at Muvizu is reading this, it's called "The Book (by Matthew Perks)". I knoooow I'm probably worrying for nothing, but I put so much time in to it that I don't want anything to have gone wrong during submission, hehe.
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