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2012/1/9 17:04:57
Thanks for delaying new release! No really.

As a Mac user who runs a Win XP partition, I appreciate that you delayed the new release in order to ensure that it will run correctly on XP.

Still can't wait for it though...
2011/7/12 22:39:18
The bird that never flew
  • Fantastic lighting with atmospheric shadows.
  • Great overhead camera shots.
  • Catchy music.
You just need to be careful not to sit on the cast!
2011/1/15 13:53:00
Better processor or better graphics card glasgowjim wrote:
... the devs are looking at adding Anti-Aliasing (smoothing) which benefits a lot from more graphics memory, so it will make a big difference in the future.

Ooh, yes please. The thing I miss after moving over from Xtranormal are nice smooth edges in the final output. They just make the final result look more better.

One question though: Some users have problems with slow performance due to lack of memory. If Anti-Aliasing adds to the memory requirements it could slow down performance. Will it be made an option when creating the final output?
2011/1/7 12:31:33
xtranormal no longer free... Emily wrote:
Hi mos6507,

... we are currently updating the back end of things - the Unreal Engine 3 and the morpheme blending system.


I would love to know what improvements we end-users can expect to see when these updates have been made.

...just so that I know why I am so excited about them!
2011/1/1 17:38:37
New character? Two requests:

1. A (suit) jacket for men and women, so that they can dress smartly at the office. I notice that the current garments for the top of the body are both tight fitting. This would also be fine for a jacket if you could add lapels, cuffs and a tie. It should be possible to customise the colour of the cuffs and tie, please.

2. A police helmet as worn by English and Welsh bobbys. I guess that the current helmet is based on a Scottish or US police cap. The one I would like is the one below:
2011/1/1 17:23:19
What actions would Muvizuers like to have? Yes please, more subtle animations would be great.

I also second the handshake. Rather than create a complicated(?) two character action, why not make a single character handshake (moving the right hand up and down). Apply this animation to two characters then put them facing each other so that their shaking hands line up with each other. (Is this making sense?).

How about finger wags?
1. Front to back (Naughty, naughty!)
2. Side to side (I wouldn't do that if I were you)
2011/1/1 17:12:13
List of 3d object websites Here are a few more sites for 3D models, in case you ever exhaust Dreeko's list!
PS Happy New Year Muvizumers!
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